otp: we've come a long way

We’ve come a long way and grown a lot together.
—  Poets Love Her

do you remember when we were crawling for any oumeno content

and then we got an i-don’t-care-about-you-but-im-worried-so-i’ll-say-some-mean-things-to-help-you-snap scene and even an “i love you” scene

and after that we figured out almost the whole japanese fandom has our back because they like them a lot and produce a LOT of fanart

and finally we began to find each other, to support us, and believe that we are not alone at all

and now we aren’t crawling but drowning on content


A look back at Mass Effect one.

Haikyuu!! will always have such a warm place in my heart. Whenever I watch an episode or read a chapter, I instantly get this indescribable inner feeling of home. Furudate and staff, thank you for creating such beautiful work every time without fail.


‘Zoe has fallen asleep and I’m not quite sure whether she ended her vlog or not, so I’m going to end it for her, just in case she hasn’t! Thank you for watching her day, hope you enjoyed it, if you have, please click the thumbs up button down below, let’s see how many we can get her…
She’s asleep tucked up here next to me, so she’s all sleepy, and asleep.’

-alfie ending zoe’s vlogmas