otp: we're survivors

We’re Survivors [F.U.B.A.R. Friday] : Wade & Sharon

The speech had been going fine. It had almost seemed like no problems would occur for the rest of the day- not when the sun was shining so pleasantly and the breeze was flitting away any heat from those in the audience. In hindsight, all those lovely factors should have almost promised Sharon that something bad would happen. 

The first shot sent Carter’s hair to stand on end, and she looked towards the initial sound of the gun as people began to scream in panic and stampede away from the gunman. Another shot rang out, this one in a different location than before, and she saw a secret service agent fall to the ground, clasping his shoulder in pain. 

When the woman next to her turned and appeared to draw on Sharon as well, she gritted her teeth and moved to clutch her wrist. Fury was making her actions faster than normal as she dodged one uppercut and then another, battling to get the knife out of reach and neutralize the threat. 

Her fight seemed to attract more agents around her, each closing in on Sharon to better attack her. With an angry grunt, Sharon shoved the woman back into her fellow agents and spun around, trying to count how many agents she was squaring off against. So long as the fight was focused on her and not the civilians escaping from the gunshots, she was more than happy to square off. “Well this is hardly a fair fight,” she called out, counting off the three men and knife wielder she just pushed back. “With only four of you against me, I would think you all know better than to bet on your chances.” She smirked and kicked her leg out to the man to her left, feeling her foot connect to flesh before spinning around to go fist to fist against another agent.