otp: we're gonna be okay

1) I’m so in love with you.

2) There is no one else I would rather fight for. No one else I would rather navigate through life with. Hell, I would move mountains for you if I knew it would help you. Hell I would move them even if you just asked me to. Let me help you. I’m here, I’m always here.

3) I hate that I hurt you. I’m so sorry I lost my way. I’m so sorry I left you in the dark. You once said that I’m the only person you can’t feel lonely when next to, I hope I haven’t ruined that. (I don’t deserve the way you still love and trust me. But I am eternally grateful that you still do.)

4) I refuse to let the dark win this time. He won’t win. You are so strong, and together we will figure this out.

5) I firmly believe that we are soulmates. And that we can get through anything.
You are my light. And I will be yours for as long as you need me. I will be here, right by your side for as long as you need me.

6) I am so very proud of you. You are the strongest person I’ve ever met. I don’t understand how you are able to remain so full of light and love despite everything. Not many people could go through even a fraction of what you’ve been through and remain as full of light as you are. 7) I am constantly in awe of how talented you are, and how you manage to excel at so many things, and still find the time to make me feel so special and so loved. (And bloody hell, you are stunning, honestly you leave me speechless. I don’t understand how it’s possible for someone to be so absolutely beautiful in every way.) 8) I owe so much of the goodness in me, the light, the joy and the strength to you. Without you, I would not be so comfortable with my sexuality. I wouldn’t be so comfortable with being my awkward and lame self. You inspire me. You gave me the confidence to be myself. You make me a better version of myself.

9) I don’t care how hard it gets. How many times we fall apart. I know we’ll be okay. And one day we will wake up next to each other. We will be home. Safe and sound.

10) But for now, I love you. And I’ve got you. Always. I’m am going to try and be everything you need. You deserve more than I can ever possibly give you, but I will do my best.

—  All of the things I want to say but haven’t been able to get right because I’m so clumsy with words and there’s so much I want to tell you. I’m sorry I sometimes say the wrong thing or something really dumb. I will tell you all of this as much as you want me to and for as long as you want me to.

i think we’re all over reacting with whats going to happen. the world isnt gonna end. sure, we have a shitty awful president, but everything will be okay. you guys overestimate the power the president is given.

i bet you anything, life will still pretty much be the same as we know it

role reversal au | doctor marcus kane, councillor and head of medical on the ark, is forced to send his daughter, clarke, down to an unstable earth after he discovers the ark is dying. councillor abigail griffin, head of the guard and the authority on the ark, is determined to keep him from spilling the secret of the ark’s fate. after all, she did float his husband, jake, for that very reason. when the earth turns out to be survivable for one hundred delinquent teens, however, the two must work together to keep the ark alive long enough for everyone to jump ship – or die trying. [as presented by @brittanias, @abigailkanes, and @kane-and-griffin during a late night group chat that got way out of hand]


Julia, hang in there. Whenever you get scared just remember the first time we kissed. At the Dome by Joe's house, at sunset, stars coming out. I can't wait to hold you there again. Love, Your Stray.

"He wants to meet face to face."
"How do you know that?"
"He proved it was him by signing it Your Stray. I called him that once.
The thing about the first kiss? Wrong place, wrong time, wrong weather."


These characters have what I always thought was a very unlikely love story that buds between them that is actually, in truth, rooted in a very likely love story. These characters have a lot in common; they are two people that are really idealizing this future that they could have with one another, which is really a result of their past, I think - the fact that they have this kind of fantasy of a ‘normal life,’ - finding themselves in another person, being able to live their life together. They have this one side of them that draws them, and this other side that is the kind of divine fate that is in store for them, and it’s a very complicated relationship that they have. A kind of impossible love. It seems unlikely but isn’t. -Scarlett Johansson (x)