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Julia, hang in there. Whenever you get scared just remember the first time we kissed. At the Dome by Joe's house, at sunset, stars coming out. I can't wait to hold you there again. Love, Your Stray.

"He wants to meet face to face."
"How do you know that?"
"He proved it was him by signing it Your Stray. I called him that once.
The thing about the first kiss? Wrong place, wrong time, wrong weather."

role reversal au | doctor marcus kane, councillor and head of medical on the ark, is forced to send his daughter, clarke, down to an unstable earth after he discovers the ark is dying. councillor abigail griffin, head of the guard and the authority on the ark, is determined to keep him from spilling the secret of the ark’s fate. after all, she did float his husband, jake, for that very reason. when the earth turns out to be survivable for one hundred delinquent teens, however, the two must work together to keep the ark alive long enough for everyone to jump ship – or die trying. [as presented by @brittanias, @abigailkanes, and @kane-and-griffin during a late night group chat that got way out of hand]


jarbie appreciation week - day 7; mike/rachelle appreciation

  • “Do you think he (Mike) is hot?”

“I do think he’s hot, ‘cause I have eyes, and anyone who has eyes should think that he’s hot, cause he’s hot.”

  • @RachelleLefevre is even more beautiful in person y'all. She makes that cover photo sing….. @UnderTheDomeCBS #Underthedome

#costarlovefest ☺