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82/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


These characters have what I always thought was a very unlikely love story that buds between them that is actually, in truth, rooted in a very likely love story. These characters have a lot in common; they are two people that are really idealizing this future that they could have with one another, which is really a result of their past, I think - the fact that they have this kind of fantasy of a ‘normal life,’ - finding themselves in another person, being able to live their life together. They have this one side of them that draws them, and this other side that is the kind of divine fate that is in store for them, and it’s a very complicated relationship that they have. A kind of impossible love. It seems unlikely but isn’t. -Scarlett Johansson (x)

jarbie appreciation week - day 7; mike/rachelle appreciation

  • “Do you think he (Mike) is hot?”

“I do think he’s hot, ‘cause I have eyes, and anyone who has eyes should think that he’s hot, cause he’s hot.”

  • @RachelleLefevre is even more beautiful in person y'all. She makes that cover photo sing….. @UnderTheDomeCBS #Underthedome

#costarlovefest ☺

Day 02 of Brucenat: Cuddling Somewhere

(Set before the events of Age of Ultron)

Sometimes missions were hard, and today was no exception. After a grueling couple of hours trying to infiltrate one of HYDRA’s smaller bases, the team had had to retreat. Weary and with confidence waning, the Avengers team clambered back into the plane. Tony and Steve settled in at the controls, Tony actually using them while Steve talked potential tactics to the simmering scientist. Thor sat close by, his eyes closed and his hand clenched around his hammer. Clint was in one of the far corners, a finger in his left ear and a phone in his right. That left Natasha and Bruce to fend for themselves.

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