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he found his reason to run.


[IM3] Tony/Harley: All You Wanted (by LeahMarie624)


Caroline is not an early riser, to wake her up is like moving mountains, and only Klaus Mikaelson is really capable - because he had to move, mountains, to have a date with the beautiful blonde.

He has an arsenal: kissing, her neck, or in the hollow of her ankle (because her foot always leaves the warmth of the bed in the middle of the night), and he follows a trail up, gently, to taste the skin, here and there.

Or coffee, food, especially those famous croissants with Nutella inside (even if according to him, it’s a crime).

He loves to wake her up, especially now, because he knows the technique, and more importantly, he knows her, his Caroline. He loves listening to her little moans, seeing her rub her sleepy eyes, and her smile when she looks at him - “Hello,” she groans.

He puts the tray filled to the brim on her lap, with a breakfast too opulent; a cup of coffee with milk and sugar, pancakes, orange juice, and a red rose, perhaps a little too cliché, in a glass of water.

“Hello, sweetheart,” he kisses her forehead, as he does every morning, before putting a blond strand of hair behind her ear.

“You know how to treat women,” Caroline tries to compliment, a huge piece of pancake in her mouth, “your mistresses must be glad. ”

“They are, don’t worry about them,” he answers, a smirk on his face, a smile she sees every day and she loves to hate.

She punches his shoulder, pulling a laugh out of him, “it’s not funny,” Caroline says.

Klaus keeps laughing, and he bends to leave a kiss on her neck, “Caroline Forbes is a jealous woman. ”

“Yes, I am,” she lets her hand slide around his neck, pulling on the hair here.

He kisses her naked shoulder, leaving a lick before kissing her again. Caroline puts the tray on the floor, next to the bed, and spreads her legs, Klaus immediately presses against her.

He licks the wave of her collarbone, slowly, “Remember when you were talking incessantly about Henry Cavill in Superman? I didn’t like it that much.”

“He’s hot. And British. Clearly, I have a type. “Caroline kisses him with a smile on her lips.


Where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family show. No, no! We’re all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm heterosexist media emergency here! We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest fandom since Effie White sang circles around Deena fucking Jones! And when Snow squeezes her fat white ass down in that corner booth in Granny’s in two weeks, she’s gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the Enchanted Forest! (x), (x)

take a chance on me

fandom: tvd
pairing: klaroline
words: 1.7k
rating: G

thanks to @garglyswoof again, Kenny is amazing! I wouldn’t be writing without your help! 

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“There’s blood on your collar,” he’d told her.

Words that she’d perhaps given too much importance to; still, she had fled. It had felt too casual, too normal for her to think of them as simple words. He’d become a kiss when she woke up, a cup of coffee waiting for her, the smell of paint and a door already open.

It was unacceptable.

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a study of the soul - salem AU

Niklaus Mikaelson is a liability , he’s been floating around Caroline like a lost pup for quite some time, and even more so since he came back from his trip to the motherland.But she recognizes a darkness in him he’s not even trying to hide, and Caroline is intrigued. More than that, she can feel her cheeks blossom with red and warmth when she sees him, like a little girl. This infatuation is enough for her to smile back, inviting him to take the few steps separating them. She dismisses Damon with a jerk of her hand, and for once, he agrees, leaving her with a nod.

“Lady Saltzman.” Klaus greets, as Caroline flinches at the words. “Please, call me Caroline.” His eyes widen before he looks at the floor, licking his lips. “That would be improper,” he adds, teasing.


klaroline as hel and dyggvi

Dygve the Brave, the mighty king,
It is no hidden secret thing,
Has gone to meet a royal mate,
Riding upon the horse of Fate.
For Loke’s daughter in her house
Of Yngve’s race would have a spouse;
Therefore the fell-one snatched away
Brave Dygve from the light of day.

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SHALLURATT ANON HERE TO ENABLE YOUR ENTHUSIASM FOR OTHER SHIPS: What are the Klance and Klunk endings for Lance when Shalluratt becomes a trio finally?


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  • klance ending:
    • lance: i can’t believe allura gets two boyfriends and neither of them are me??
      pidge: [patting his shoulder consolingly] let’s be honest, lance, she’s too old for you
      hunk: i’m sure you’ll find a beautiful alien to love someday
      lance: yeah, but the only other aliens on the ship are coran and keith, and i am not dating coran
      keith: wait does that mean–
      lance: wait oh my god
    • it does mean
    • they smooch and it’s happy
  • klunk ending:
    • lance: i can’t believe allura gets two boyfriends?? some people have all the luck >:(
      pidge: would you like…actually want two boyfriends though?
      lance: uh, heck yes i would. who wouldn’t?
      pidge’s 14-year-old lesbian self: no idea.
      hunk: but what if your boyfriends didn’t like each other?
      lance: i’m pretty sure they do?
      keith: you…already picked who your boyfriends would be?
      lance: …um.
    • they do like each other. all of them do.
    • they smooch and it’s happy
  • both endings: they live happily ever after on a ranch
crawling underneath her skin

So, this is what happens when I should be studying and when I am listening to movies soundtracks, and also when @howeverlongs​ challenges me.

It’s the first time I write something like this, and I would love to hear some feedback. It’s quite short, and un-beta’ed!

and it’s painful.

hope you’ll like it! 

Their love story is quite simple, really. However, it takes place under terrible circumstances.

He’s holding her hand, so tightly he could crush her.

But her fingers are already cold, he has nothing to crush anymore, and the most broken of them is surely him.

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