otp: we're brothers now

Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

I just realised something

The reason that Jace is surprised that Alec loves him the most is not because he knows/realises that Alec is in love with him. 

It’s because he can’t comprehend that anyone could love him that much.


twYou’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.

anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on scott and derek's relationship?

i love scott and derek’s relationship and the way it’s growing. when everything started, scott blamed derek for a lot of things, and derek was so used to blame and guilt that he took it (of course, not without a healthy dose of anger and manpain). but scott, and derek as well, are growing as people. they’re both working towards who they want to be. scott’s getting there faster than derek, but derek is on his heels, wanting to learn from scott and how he’s progressing.

which i fucking love. because in the beginning, it was all about derek teaching scott. (which, let’s be honest, derek was never overly good at. he did his solid best, though, and that does count for something.) part of that was because for a while there, derek was a bit of a know it all. he was a born werewolf, he should have all the answers. and he thought he did for a while, or at least, he acted like it. but now he’s gained more humility, and realized there’s no shame in not knowing; there’s no shame in asking for help.

so now, it’s a give and take. derek does know a lot. but he doesn’t know everything. and scott is helping him discover who he wants to be, and in return, derek’s contributing to scott figuring himself out. and they’re there for each other through all the rough shit. they’re more cohesive than they ever were in the beginning, when scott was angry and blamed derek for things he didn’t deserve to be blamed for, and when derek viewed scott as this idiot kid who needed him to survive. they recognize each other as strong individuals now, and they’re gaining more and more respect for each other.

that’s what’s made them brothers. not the fact that they’re both werewolves or the fact that they were both shoved into a shitstorm headfirst and forced to weather it together. it’s the fact that they pulled themselves together and grew and learned how to work together instead of claw and bite and argue and blame. they’re gaining more and more trust for each other, and they’re helping keep each other afloat. i feel like derek cares about scott so much because scott is so good. and derek recognizes that scott has held it together and done so much with what’s happened to him in a way that derek recognizes he never could.

and scott recognizes that derek makes do in his own way, and cares in his own way. he was rough around the edges and jaded, didn’t want to let people in, but scott eventually learned that he did really care. and maybe the way he was going about expressing that wasn’t exactly the proper way to do it in the beginning, but he’s getting there. he’s learning to slow down and keep himself in check and look at the bigger picture because of how much he cares, and scott appreciates that. he’s acknowledging what a big heart derek has beneath his jagged exterior.

tl;dr i fucking love scott and derek’s relationship and they’re the best and they give me life ok

imagine scott going to derek’s loft to ask him something about being an alpha or check up on him or whatever and finding it empty and there’s a note on the table that just says

don’t worry so much, you’re gonna be great

and scott has no idea where he went or if he’s ever coming back, just thinks that maybe derek was a crappy alpha but he made a pretty great brother in the end