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royal arranged marriage gerita au where lud is the one who’s way calmer about the whole thing than feli. ludwig is just like “well it was bound to happen anyway that i’d get married off to someone because of Politics, at least this guy is…tolerable?” (he is more than tolerable; ludwig has, in fact, been pining for feli since…probably their first conversation.) meanwhile feli’s just like “ok i know this is for the good of the kingdom or whatever but could i at least have been married to someone i know??? who is this guy why does he like such weird stodgy food why is it so cold here” (feli learns the wonders of layering, ends up brokering a frankly incredible multinational deal to increase spice imports, and falls for lud pretty fast after he manages to separate the political deal from the person.)

maggiestein  asked:

Behind the scenes

Clair: Getting drunk isn’t going to make having sex with old men better. First Eddie, now you’re drawing me with Trager?

Aly: Just shut up and enjoy it girl it’s going to be great I promise grab another drink. At least Trager wont try to “rip the womb from your body” after he’s done. Keep that attitude up and I’ll make it a threesome, yo.

[8:49:40 PM] Taylor: muh

[8:50:37 PM] Alice: dont be a shitbaby

[8:50:43 PM] Taylor: mUH

[8:50:50 PM] Alice: you’ve devolved

[8:50:52 PM] Alice: from a pisschild

[8:51:14 PM] Taylor: MUH

[8:52:09 PM] Alice: tiny shitbaby

[8:52:15 PM] Taylor: frick off

[8:52:36 PM] Alice: how are you gonna make me with your tiny baby kicks

[8:53:09 PM] Taylor: ill kill u

[8:53:32 PM] Alice: you cant even hurt me with your tiny baby fists covered in shit