otp: we're a masterpiece


i find it kinda funny that people use the seating arrangements in GMW in order to point out what ship will be endgame. People say Rucas won’t happen bc they don’t sit in the same seats as Cory and Topanga did. Well, i’m here to inform you that Cory and Topanga didn’t always sit right in front/back of each other. There was a time when they sat diagonally to each other as pictured above which is the same seats Riley and Lucas currently have. And Michael Jacobs even said that the reason they changed the seating from how it was in the Pilot was because of camera angles. Not to foreshadow a ship.

P.S. Can we all appreciate the parallel that is these two scenes I’ve posted? Cory and Topanga just broke up while still loving each other. Riley just found out something happened between Maya and Lucas and she accepted to go out with Charlie in front of Lucas while they both still have feelings for each other. Hit me right in the feels, man. 


Boy Meets World (5x14) // Girl Meets World (3x09)