otp: we're a family

“Just let us do our job.”

“Yeah, this is your job. But him in there, that’s my life!”


The Nice Guys (2016) with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling

Aka: “I’m going to ship these two dorks until death do us part”

davey, jack and crutchie sharing davey’s tiny bed

jack and crutchie using davey as a pillow

crutchie making sure he always get the last kisses of the night

jack waking up first and looking over at davey and crutchie and his heart does the flutter thing

davey, jack and crutchie being unreasonably gay and in love


What did you do to her?!”

And this is why I can’t be mad at Schmidt.

Throughout Parking Spot, he is actively (and loudly) letting the two of them know his opinion on them, and how ill-advised he thinks he it is. But the second he sees Jess upset, he’s automatically, “fix it, dumb-ass!”

And now that they’re official, he’s still not happy with it. Because, yeah, it’s weird for him, and they all live together, and he has to hear them, and see them all the time – and Nick is his ‘go to’ person, his best friend, and he misses his attention, and needs him…

But see, Schmidt’s also the one who forced Jess out to, “get a rebound,” and babysat her on a one-night stand, so she wouldn’t be alone, who wanted them all to take her on a date (Fluffer) to help her out, and who (ridiculously) offered to give her sperm, because “that’s how much I love you.”

And so when he sees Nick doing something stupid (again) in regards to her, despite being weary of them together, he jumps in.

Because it’s not just Nick who is his best friend now ––

Jess is too.