otp: we share the same dream

aimme-chun  asked:

Why do you love Rinharu?

Hello ^.^

Well, as simple as it may sound it actually took me a while to think of how to put why I love these two so much in to words.

First of all, the simple fact is that these two have such a huge influence on each others’ lives. They both inspire each other to do their best and help each other to grow. Literally in the first episode Rin inspires Haru to stop frittering his time away waiting to become ‘ordinary’, and later helps Haru to find inspiration and to find his own dreams. And Rin said so himself, without Haru he has nothing to aim for, he also needs Haru to be there as inspiration and motivation. I believe how much influence they obviously have over each other, the way they get under each other’s skin and shake each other’s emotions shows just how passionate they are, how deeply they are affected by the other.

All throughout the series the chemistry between them is incredible, they both react at just hearing the other’s name.  The amount of times Rin slightly blushes when it comes to things to do with Haru is ridiculous. They both respect each other immensely. Oh and don’t even get me started on the whole Australia trip because there is too much to say there. I could just screen-cap the whole episode but I’ll limit myself.

I couldn’t help but giggle a little when I found this while looking up about lilies;

“Greeks held the lily as a symbol of high eroticism and sexuality” 

All in all I love this ship because in canon their relationship is so dynamic, emotional and passionate, and their development is displayed almost the same any other romantic relationship (particularly if you compare the parallels between KyoAni’s works).  The last episode shows them together, sharing the same dream and living that dream together. Because of this, when I see fan art or read fanfics I believe its really no stretch of reality to actually picture Rin and Haru, both still in character, in a relationship that’s more than just friends. It seems like a natural development from what we are given in canon. Aaaaaaaaand that’s why I love Rinharu.