otp: we only love when we can be loved back

OTP Tag / Verse Name Masterlist

The following is a list of 125+ OTP tag / verse name suggestions, all inspired by Sia’s last two albums, 1000 Forms of Fear (2014) and This Is Acting (2016). Credit goes to the respective lyricist(s). If you find this list to be helpful and would like to see more, feel free to message me anytime.

  • otp:  all the things you’ve taken
  • otp:  always had the upper hand
  • otp:  blunted thorns are soft on my skin
  • otp:  bring it on and bring it strong
  • otp:  bristling with desire
  • otp:  burn with me tonight
  • otp:  can’t get enough
  • otp:  can’t hide the pain
  • otp:  challenge me
  • otp:  come a little closer
  • otp:  danger is coming
  • otp:  disregard the mess
  • otp:  don’t give up
  • otp:  don’t leave me
  • otp:  don’t wait too long
  • otp:  don’t wanna fight anymore
  • otp:  don’t you wanna free us
  • otp:  falling through the cracks
  • otp:  feel the beat in your chest
  • otp:  feel the love
  • otp:  feeling every cell fall in love with you
  • otp:  feeling my temperature rise
  • otp:  fight this war
  • otp:  fill the void in my heart
  • otp:  fire meet gasoline
  • otp:  follow me like the darkest cloud
  • otp:  fought so hard for your heart
  • otp:  found solace in the strangest place
  • otp:  free the beast from its cage
  • otp:  give me a taste of you
  • otp:  give me all you got
  • otp:  going up in flames
  • otp:  held hostage by your love
  • otp:  held hostage by your touch
  • otp:  here by your side
  • otp:  here comes the shame
  • otp:  hold the flame alight
  • otp:  hold you in my arms
  • otp:  holding on for dear life
  • otp:  holding on for tonight
  • otp:  hungry for your loving
  • otp:  i ache for love
  • otp:  i am hot for you in every way
  • otp:  i had locked my heart
  • otp:  i wanna be your muse
  • otp:  i want whatever you’ve got
  • otp:  i was a broken thing
  • otp:  i was never in control
  • otp:  i was scared to let you into my heart
  • otp:  i’d take a million bullets for you
  • otp:  it all begins with just one kiss
  • otp:  it’s agony
  • otp:  it’s been a long time
  • otp:  it’s dangerous to fall in love
  • otp:  it’s lonely at the top
  • otp:  it’s never the right time
  • otp:  it’s the final chance
  • otp:  kill me with your loving
  • otp:  lacking courage
  • otp:  like a storm cloud
  • otp:  like smoke darkening the skies
  • otp:  like sugar and spice
  • otp:  live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
  • otp:  lost in doubt
  • otp:  love me to the beat of a drum
  • otp:  loving you to death
  • otp:  me and you against the world
  • otp:  midnight decisions
  • otp:  need you in every way
  • otp:  never played a fair game
  • otp:  never thought we’d meet again
  • otp:  no time for games
  • otp:  no time for love
  • otp:  nobody out there to catch your tears
  • otp:  one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
  • otp:  only two footprints in the sand
  • otp:  remember when we had it all?
  • otp:  right where we’re meant to be
  • otp:  ruin me
  • otp:  running out of breath
  • otp:  secret life of lovers who have others
  • otp:  see me fall apart
  • otp:  skating on thin ice
  • otp:  smile through the pain
  • otp:  so many red flags
  • otp:  soaking in all your love
  • otp:  standing on the edge
  • otp:  strike the match
  • otp:  such beautiful pain
  • otp:  take me for all i have
  • otp:  take your chances
  • otp:  tears fall to the beat
  • otp:  tell you what you want to hear
  • otp:  the line has been crossed
  • otp:  the pain of losing you
  • otp:  the pressure’s rising
  • otp:  the storm has broken
  • otp:  the war within
  • otp:  this secret burns
  • otp:  this too shall pass
  • otp:  thought i could save you from destruction
  • otp:  trust no one
  • otp:  twisted up like a slipknot
  • otp:  under the covers
  • otp:  we had love so strong my heart couldn’t take it
  • otp:  we might be moving too fast
  • otp:  we only have the memories
  • otp:  we were meant for one another
  • otp:  we’re a perfect match somehow
  • otp:  what i don’t know can’t hurt me
  • otp:  when the fire dies
  • otp:  why can i not conquer love?
  • otp:  won’t make it through tonight
  • otp:  won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?
  • otp:  you are my whole world
  • otp:  you bring me to life
  • otp:  you covered my heart in kisses
  • otp:  you did not break me
  • otp:  you draw me back in
  • otp:  you got too close
  • otp:  you let the light in
  • otp:  you started breaking down my walls
  • otp:  you terrify me
  • otp:  you were worth the wait
  • otp:  you’ll never get it
  • otp:  you’re locked inside my heart
  • otp:  your body’s poetry

under the cut you will find 370+ otp tags. these were all taken from various song lyrics and quotes, except one or other i made up myself. they are unsorted, ranging from anything since skinny love to soulmates to friends with benefits to toxic relationships, exes, forbidden loves and so forth. tw: nsfw, mentions of battle and religious references. likes or reblogs are appreciated. hope you enjoy it!!

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I think I am cursed with ships. Let me give you the run down.

Slexie - They both died before ever working things out and only admitted their love for each other as she laid crushed under a plane.

Elliot and Olivia - We just got the intense moments a lot towards the end but then he leaves and we get no closure. I’m still hoping he will make an appearance in the final season and we can finally see them acknowledge what their relationship was.

Jasam - My first OTP. They’re so beautiful and just when I thought their story ended, they recast Jason and he comes back even better if that’s even possible and what I love so much about them is potentially going to be ruined with Steve burton returning. If he’s not the real Jason, i’ll take this back but the odds are stacked against it right now.

Captain Swan - Season 6 ended perfectly for them, while we may be getting a CS baby, there will be no Emma. I’ve read the clone theory and that’s still not the same. There’s no CS unless they are both there. The littlest shred of something left is if we can see present day Killian with their possible child.

Spuffy - Though this isn’t as bad as the others because their story continued into the comics, the show ended with Buffy finally admitting she loved him and Spike replying “No you don’t but thanks for saying it” and then he dies. At least for 19 days lol. So while we can still enjoy them in the comics, damnit I wish I could have seen their progression onscreen more. Not to mention this is the ship you constantly have to catch shit for.

you think that if god ever loved anyone
it has never been you and it has never been him, either.
but for the longest time you were sure
god put the sun in his veins.

and maybe if you cut him open
he would bleed golden;
but later it became clear that
god did not put the sun in him.

because when he died
the sun did not fall from the sky,
and the world didn’t end either
(although yours may have.)

but you did not see him bleed
and you would have been glad not to.
because it was red and red and red,
and you do not ever remember seeing a sun like that.

(maybe it is red for something else,
maybe for his shaking hands and shaking voice,
maybe for wanting him and wanting too much,
maybe for something in the sky and something far away.)

and you were sure that god
did not put the sun in him.
but maybe he put another star
right there in his chest.

and later, later;
he tells you, not god —
but him, he tells you, that maybe
god put that same star in yours

—  observable universe / r.t.