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Today (11/30) is the 1st anniversary of Episode 9 of ‘Osomatsu-san’!

Happy 1st anniversary, Jyushimatsu Falls in Love!!

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Thank you for the sweetness and heartbreak, king-sized game-winning homerun!!!

Platonic NaruSaku headcanons

[Boruto era HCs]

- Hokage Naruto and head medic Sakura occasionally go out for some drinks to let out all some steam thanks to their stressful jobs.

- Naruto tries to cheer up Sakura after she has an unsuccessful operation / treatment.

- Sakura tries to cheer up Naruto after his Hokage Plans are not successfully executed.

- Whenever Hinata seems upset about anything (something specifically relating to Naruto) Sakura marches into the Hokage office and drags Naruto to Hinata to have him apologise to his wife (because Naruto is still a dweeb and messes up a lot of times)

- Sakura lectures Naruto every time he screws up (like when he’s late, or when he doesn’t do his job properly). 

- Himawari and Boruto being in awe of their Aunt Sakura (and we know how Sarada looks up to Hokage Uncle Naruto). Usually, Boruto pretends to get hurt in order to see his Aunt Sakura (and also to get his father’s attention lol)

- Naruto and Sakura constantly pester Kakashi for another bell test (because sometimes they like to act cocky and boast about how far they’ve come).

- Sakura wins every argument with Naruto by pulling the “I saved your dead ass” card countless number of times.

- Sakura constantly checking up on Naruto’s new arm because she’s really protective of it and doesn’t want him to screw it up or something.

- Naruto brings his family over to Sakura’s whenever she feels sad or lonely because they are her family as well.

- Most importantly, Naruto makes sure Sakura is in contact with Sasuke every once in a while.

- Naruto and Sakura always have each other’s backs.

Doctor Mechanic Fanfic Recs

or rather, a list of DocMech fics I find myself re-reading again and again and again 😊

modern AUs

How do I describe my girl?

 1) she’s beautiful

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2) she’s sweet and gentle

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3) sassy and rebellious 

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4) reckless and brave

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5) loyal and smart but most of all, she’s home.

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