otp: we make a pretty good team


Wynonna Earp 1x12 // Supergirl 2x19

Bubbline and Korrasami comparison

I’m a trash person, which I can’t lie but Korrasami and Bubbline interactions are quite similar after re-watching Legend of Korra and Adventure Time. it actually giving me a lot of that Bubbline can actually show being cannon.

1. They both kiss the same boy

Marceline kisses Finn on the cheek

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Princess Bubblegum kisses Finn on the lip

Korra kisses Mako on the lip

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Asami kisses Mako on the lip 

2. They make a pretty good team together

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3. Korra and Princess Bubblegum called their gal pal grilfriend


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5. Blush

Asami made Korra blush

Marceline made Bon Bon blush 

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Bonnibel made Marcy blush

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6. Korra and Princess Bubblegum apologize to their bae and they both said that they don’t have to apologize to them. 

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Now all we need to complete this comparison is making Bubbline cannon <3

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im not gonna be the person whos like “these fake shippers, who dont care about canon,” because lol gross but also canon has latched its claws into me and now ive formed this very specific headcanon that works within the framework of blizzards writing because im insufferable and enjoy suffering apparently?? but anyway my overwatch ships as they stand r 

reaper76 where they used 2 be in love before their falling out 

mchanzo because they have a funny dynamic and i dont think mccrees particularly tied down by anything to not just hang around hanzo all the time

genyatta because SHOW HIM AROUND 

zarymei bc they flirt on the battlefield all the time and i feel like theyd be good fr each other..

SYMPHARAH my otp, kirk/spock dynamic 

unrequited pharmercy bc mercy worked w/ pharahs mom/is 5 years older so i imagine mercy sees pharah as a little sister while pharah would b completely enamored with her because she has a problem w/ idolizing people on the original overwatch team but like mercy is so, pretty, and “shes only a bit older than me maybe we could fall in LOVE and make it work..” 

widowtracer because i love the #drama 

reinhardt/torbjorn , torbjorn is a disapproving old gay, reinhardt loves his little angry fuzzy kitty 

i dont rly ship lucio with anyone although i do imagine him v casually flirting w/ a lot of the team because , hes gorgeous and has the cutest personality of course he would (maybe someday blizz will add a good partner fr him)

i also dont ship dva w/ anyone bc shes like 19 while the closest person to her is 26 lol and i dont feel comfortable with that at all 

junkrat and roadhog i flip flop on because while i like them roadhog is lit twice junkrats age so its pretty uncomfortable for me 

bastion is a robot and winston is a gorilla 

in conclusion, 


“Look at us. We’re that couple. With the yoga mats and the flirtatious bickering.”

“I know. It’s perfect.

everyonelikedbubbahotep  asked:

Oooh, the OTP meme you posted on the 18th (the one I did for you): ash/Annie.

  • Who’s the messiest one: Ash, without a question. Annie has her disorganized moments from time to time, but she’s usually pretty orderly and clean.
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: It’s not really a huge uncomfortable factor for either of them. They were both fairly open and affectionate people in previous relationships, so there isn’t much of a change there. 
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: Annie. She gets ranty and preachy about the most mundane things.
  • Who texts the most: Annie, usually to keep in touch with work contacts.
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Ash. He has a few Cyndi Lauper records hidden amongst his collection. Annie, on the other hand, is what some may call a music snob. She adores classical and 1920s jazz.
  • Who reads the most: Annie. Is that even a question?
  • Who’s better with kids: Neither are that good with them, to be honest. Ash can be too brusque while Annie is simply awkward.
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Ash.
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: Annie, if you call an obsession with long dead civilzations and their ancient funeral rights a hobby.
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: Take out rules their lives.