otp: we have tons of chemistry

That [first] scene, we did talk about. There are two lines: “I don’t want to lose you” and then something like, “You’d better come and get me.” It’s like an open declaration of love, really, in whatever sense you want to take that. When we played it, it took us both completely by surprise, as did that very last scene in the motel room when he suddenly grabs me for a hug. I adore Alfonso [Herrera], and I adore working with him. It’s just the most fantastic working relationship. And we were both really choked up after shooting that last scene, because we thought this might be the last time that we have a scene together as these characters. And it also played into the scene. Both of us, we went into the room next door as we were shooting it, we were sobbing! [Laughs] Because it’s been a very intense working relationship.