otp: we had the best of times

My parents are the best. Lately, we’ve all been watching Sherlock together and they really enjoy it. A couple days ago, we saw The Empty Hearse and when we got to the scene where Sherlock jumped through the glass window and kissed Molly, my dad stared at the screen in surprise. Mom, on the other hand, said “Whoa!” in a loud voice and had a big smile on her face. Dad even asked me to rewind to the kiss again so he could watch it one more time. I am proud to say that they both ship Sherlolly - actually, they shipped it before seeing TEH, but this is still great. You know life is beautiful when your parents share one of your otps.❤️

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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number five 

girl meets goodbye (3x21) 


“Hush said that when I saw your heart die, part of mine would die, too. He was right in a way. There has been only one woman who has really held my heart. I locked that part of myself away after my parents died. It was too hurt to risk exposing again. And yet, despite my best efforts, you broke in. You were the first to touch my heart and remind me I still had one. I don’t know if we could ever have more than we’ve already had. I don’t know, especially after this, if you’d want any more from me. Tonight I’m only sure of one thing. Whatever the future holds, wherever life takes me… I will love you always.”

  —Bruce Wayne, “Heart of Hush”

So like

When I was younger (before I watched Wonder Woman) I always thought I loved Chris Pine because he’s just freaking gorgeous and glorious.

But I’ve been rewatching a bunch of his movies, and I’ve realized that, while he is the best Chris in terms of physical appearance, he’s also the best actor I’ve ever seen.

In every scene, his face shows exactly what his character is thinking. His body language is spot on. There was a reason he broke my heart in Wonder Woman, and it wasn’t because of his pretty face.

He may be beautiful, but this man can act. For real.



Diana grew up among a community of strong and fierce women who live on a protected earthly paradise away from men called Themyscira. They are very skillful and live in harmony with nature.
But one day, the unscrupulous real estate company “Ares” claimed the lands,
tried to destroy the forest and push every inhabitants away in order to build luxurious hotels.
However it was without counting on an NGO for the protection of the environment of which Steve Trevor, a young member, was determined to defend this land.
Diana was intrigued by this brave man fighting for his convictions and the others while Steve was quickly fascinated by this unique woman. She was strong, kind, loving, stubborn, impressive and wonderful.
They fought together against Ares. It was not easy, but they made it.

After that, they have never been apart.

Finally they live on love alone; traveling, painting, sleeping under the stars, fighting for noble causes, making love, and swaying

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"#the last hours #not gonna lie #i want nothing to do with this series if matthew and james aren't canon" really? wtf?

yes, i said it.

first of all, james and matthew are very gay/bi/pan-coded in nothing but shadows, the book from shadowhunter academy where they meet and basically follow the classic enemies to friends to lovers trope that we all love so much. there are so many quotes that made myself as well as my best friend (we are obsessed with this otp together) believe that james and matthew were into each other in a non-straight/bro way. here are a few:

“That was when Matthew Fairchild said, “Sir,” and smiled.

James had forgotten about The Smile, even though it was often broken out to great effect at family parties. The Smile won Matthew extra time before bed, extra Christmas pudding, extra anything he wanted. Adults were helpless to resist The Smile.

Matthew gave his all to this particular smile. Butter melted. Birds sang. People slipped about dazed amid the butter and birdsong.”

okay sorry but does one really wax that fucking poetic about some guy they’re not attracted to? no.

then later, to further prove this point:

“Matthew glanced at him and smiled: it was The Smile, gradual and illuminating as sunrise, and James had the sinking feeling that he might not be immune after all.”

ha. not immune to The Smile. james refers to matthew’s smile as a proper fucking noun. that’s not gay at all, folks. also, referring to your bro’s smile as being akin to the sun, just bros being bros.

“I was jealous of you first. I was jealous of everything about you, and I still am.”

“Wait,” said Matthew. “Wait, wait, wait. You don’t like me because I am so very charming?”

He threw his head back and laughed. He kept laughing. He laughed so much that he had to come and sit beside James on the step, and then he laughed some more.

“Stop it, Matthew,” James grumbled. “Stop laughing. I am sharing my innermost feelings with you. This is very hurtful.”

“I’ve been in a bad mood this whole time,” said Matthew. “You think I’m charming now? You have no idea.”

James punched him in the arm. He could not help smiling. He saw Matthew noticing, and looking very pleased with himself.”


“He found Matthew looking at him. Matthew had known, all the time, exactly where he was.

“Jamie,” Matthew said, sounding unsettled but impressed. “That was terrifying.”

“It’s James, for the last time,” said James.

“No, I’m calling you Jamie for a little while, because you just displayed arcane power and calling you Jamie makes me feel better.”

James laughed, shakily, and that made Matthew smile. It did not occur to them until later that a student was dead, and the Shadowhunters feared and distrusted the demonic—that somebody would be blamed. James did not discover until the next day that his parents had been informed of everything that had transpired, and that he, James Herondale, was now officially expelled.”

to quote my best friend and roommate “when ur gonna be expelled but it’s chill bc ur crush smiled at u”

“Father, please,” James said in a quiet voice.

“Mr. Herondale, please!” said Matthew. “We cannot be parted.” James braced himself for the explanation about truth and beauty, but instead Matthew said, with devastating simplicity: “We are going to be parabatai.”

James stared.

Father said: “Oh, I see.”

Matthew nodded encouragingly, and smiled encouragingly.

“Then nobody should come between you,” said Father.

“Nobody.” Matthew shook his head as he said “nobody,” then nodded again. He looked seraphic. “Exactly.”


now here comes the gayest quote

“We don’t … have to be parabatai,” Matthew said, his voice quiet under the sound of the blast. “I said it to make your father take me with you, so I could execute my new plan, but we don’t … have to. I mean, unless you … maybe want to be.”

James had thought he wanted a friend like himself, a parabatai who was shy and quiet and would enter in on James’s feelings about the terror of parties. Instead here was Matthew, who was the life and soul of every party, who made dreadful hairbrush decisions, who was unexpectedly and terribly kind. Who had tried to be his friend and kept trying, even though James did not know what trying to be a friend looked like. Who could see James, even when he was a shadow.

“Yes,” James said simply.

“What?” said Matthew, who always knew what to say.

“I’d like that,” said James. He curled his hands, one around his father’s coat sleeve, and one around Matthew’s. He held on to them, all the way home.”


moving on to my actual points.

i feel like it’s important to take into account that so far, emma and julian are the only parabatai relationship that’s been canon. (unless you count michael and robert, but since they never acted on those feelings in canon, and it never actually came to fruition bc robert had his Big Gay Panic, i’m not counting it for the sake of this argument.) if cassie is really telling us that in her four main series, as well as her side novellas and miniseries, etc. the only parabatai relationship we get to actually see be together and fall in love is a cishet couple, i will fucking scream. that’s really homophobic and gross, considering. but honestly cassie has never been into qu**r-baiting, that’s not her style. and homophobia has never been her thing. which is why i have to believe that matthew and james will be canon.

also, matthew is obviously not straight. and i’m not going to search for the ask, but cassie was once asked about matthew’s sexuality specifically, and she was like “i would rather… wait… till the books come out… for you to know.” or something to that degree. like, fam she would never say that if matthew was straight. like i said, not a qu**r-baiter. matthew is obviously into james, and their relationship as i said before was gay/bi/pan-coded in nothing but shadows. BUT you say, MAYBE james is straight and matthew’s love for him is just one-sided! and then he just ends up with a random dude side character!! um, no. that’s the same thing that happened with alec-jace-magnus in the mortal instruments. it would be lazy af to run with that same storyline again, and i honestly would fucking lose my mind if i had to deal with another unrequited gay parabatai love story ever again.

next, and honestly this is REALLY important to me as someone who’s not straight. clary, tessa, and emma. the three /main/ characters of the last three series were fucking straight. they were written straight in the books. canonically straight. yes obviously we all headcanon them as lgbt bc why wouldn’t we, but the point is that the narrative painted them as straight. (disclaimer, i have not read lord of shadows yet, so if emma and christina somehow got together in that book, i take this statement back.)

with her fourth and possibly final (??) series coming out, how could she pass up the chance to make the main character lgbt? the world has changed since she started publishing her books ten fucking years ago in 2007. readers and publishers are much more open and willing to accept lgbt main characters and main relationships. she made alec gay back in 2007, which honestly seemed groundbreaking at the time, but having a side lgbt relationship in your novel is hardly groundbreaking in 2017. everyone’s doing that. but, she has a chance now, with all her popularity and money, and the fact that her books no matter what are instant bestsellers, to finally make her /MAIN/ main character non-straight. she can do anything she fucking wants. so!!! why!!! not!!! make!!! james!!! fucking!!! herondale!!! bisexuall???

and another thing, while i’m ranting like the crazy person that i am. yes, clearly james and cordelia get ~married and have kids or whatever the fuck according to that family tree we saw when clockwork princess came out. BUT keep in mind that at the time, cassie herself said that the family tree had purposeful inaccuracies and she left out the fairchild family line on purpose.

cordelia imo is obviously going to bi, pan, or a lesbian, and end up with anna. that’s just my two cents, and honestly i’m really happy about that because in all her fifty or so books, the amount of wlw is astoundingly low. obviously theres helen/aline, but they are background characters and a background relationship, and we didn’t even see them get together. so i’m glad there will be a wlw relationship in the core main group of the last hours. STILL though, still, that just means that cordelia and james got fake married so they could be with other people. but back to my original point: it makes more sense for that person to be matthew, rather than grace.

another thought to consider is that tlh and tda are meant to parallel each other in multiple ways. i know this seems obvious, but i have to believe that one of these parallels is the whole falling-in-love-with-your-parabatai-making-you-both-monsters drama that jem brought up. JEM, who had a very close relationship with his favorite nephew james and tried to comfort him when james thought he was ‘becoming a monster’ in nothing but shadows. i haven’t even read lord of shadows yet but idgaf bc this obviously still holds up.


tldr; obviously james and matthew should and can be together. and like i said in those tags, if they aren’t i have no interest in the book series.

It’s funny, all these years, all the things we’ve discussed…we’ve never really talked about war. What it means to fight. We don’t talk about the fear. I don’t mean the fear in the moment. Our lives, each in their own ways, have been about mastering that, being able to act without fear when needed. I mean the fear that comes before…the fear that becomes after. It’s not the fear of death for me. Not exactly, I should say. It’s fear of loss. Which I supposed one could argue is the same thing. Losing what we have. Losing what we love. Losing the potential of the future…Losing you, that’s what I’m trying to say. That terrifies me, Diana.
—  Steve Trevor Wonder Woman: Rebirth Vol. 3 The Truth
BTS Ships as Justin Bieber Lyrics

Note: There was soooo much love for the BTS Ships as Troye Sivan Lyrics that I had to do another! Added a few different BTS otps this time :)


Wanna argue all day, make love all night.”


You know you love me, I know you care/Just shout whenever and I’ll be there.”


We were best of friends since we were this high/So why do I get nervous every time you walk by?”


“Didn’t have a friend, didn’t know what it was/You taught me how to dream and how to love..”


In my head we’re already together/I’m good alone but with you I’m better.”


God sent an angel to help you out/He gave you direction.”


You’ve given me purpose.”

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Hi, sorry i was wondering if you have any suggestions for otp names? i love your blog is very helpful btw

i’ve never had a request like this but i’m super excited to answer it?? they’ll all probably be song lyrics ( some adapted to work better ) because i just find that easier and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse ( whichever you wish to call them ), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different ships and brotp’s: 

otp: thinking out loud, otp: wish you were here, otp: stay with me, otp: love me like you do, otp: as long as you love me, otp: where are you now that i need you, otp: never let you go, otp: nothing like us, otp: stuck in the moment, otp: die in your arms, otp: somebody to love, otp: catching feelings, otp: heart wants what it wants, otp: come and get it, otp: love will remember, otp: you belong with me, otp: i knew you were trouble, otp: back to december, otp: everything has changed, otp: bad bood, otp: our song, otp: i know places, otp: all you had to do was stay, otp: pictures to burn, otp: how you get the girl, otp: the story of us, otp: see you again, otp: when i look at you, otp: can’t be tamed, otp: 7 things, otp: someone else, otp: wherever you go, otp: give your heart a break, otp: gift of a friend, otp: fix a heart, otp: two worlds collide, otp: shouldn’t come back, otp: this is right where it begins, otp: promised myselfi wouldn’t let you complete me, otp: is there somewhere you can meet me, otp: didn’t mean to fall in love tonight, otp: could we pretend that we’re in love, otp: something that we’re not, otp: let’s cause a little trouble, otp: maybe you could devastate me. otp: we wrote a story in the fog, otp: thinking about the feelings that we hide, otp: would it really kill you if we kissed, otp: loving him was red, otp: losing him was blue, otp: no one has to know what we do, otp: swallowing my pride, otp: i realised i loved you in the fall, otp: i swear i’d love you right. otp: you’ll be mine and i’ll be yours. otp: your eyes look like coming home. otp: it used to be mad love. otp: bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. otp: they are the hunters, we are the foxes, otp: i’ll take care of you, otp: dealing with a heart i didn’t break, otp: best i ever had, otp: we’re running out of time, otp: set fire to the rain, otp: make you feel my love, otp: can’t make you love me, otp: is it too late now to say sorry? otp: missing more than just your body. otp: falling in and out of trust. otp: no one’s ever left my quite this sore, otp: once upon a time you were my everything, otp: you always be by my side, otp: knew that i’d love you to the day i die, otp: we’re a secret, can’t be exposed, otp: heartbreak girl, otp: beside you, otp: long way home, otp: english love affair, otp: what i like about you, otp: heartache on the big screen, otp: everything i didn’t say, otp: close as strangers, otp: wrapped around your finger, otp: the only reason, otp: love in the sky, otp: where you belong, otp: they don’t know about us, otp: midnight memories, otp: summer love, otp: last first kiss, otp: crazy in love, otp: drunk in love, otp: best thing i never had, otp: bed of lies, otp: right by my side, otp: one last time, otp: love me harder, otp: almost is never enough, otp: just a little bit of your heart, otp: best mistake, otp: break your heart right back. otp: be my baby, otp: next to you, otp: don’t be gone too long. otp: we found love, otp: love the way you lie. otp: hate that i love you. otp: better together, otp: everlasting love, otp: feels like vegas, otp: scars to your beautiful, otp: river of tears, otp: focus on me, otp: good for you, otp: girls like girls, otp: never forget you, otp: how deep is your love, otp: every time we touch, otp: all the small things, otp: here in your arms, otp: she will be loved, otp: teenage dream, otp: say my name, otp: since you’ve been gone, otp: this love is a sure thing, otp: the one that got away, otp: unconditionally, otp: thinking of you, otp: international smile, otp: not like the movies, otp: it takes two, otp: lay it all on me, otp: stand by you, otp: the trouble with us, otp: fire and the flood, otp: on my mind, otp: the girl is mine, otp: wildest dreams.

fluffy stevetony getting together

for “avengers vs the internet” square on my stony bingo card. more like, “tony vs extremis & social media”, but hey, it fits.

In retrospect, kissing Steve full on the mouth right after the fight ended might not have been the best idea.

Kissing Steve might not have been a good idea—though Steve was still to tell him, in what probably would be an apologetic manner, I’m sorry, Tony, I don’t think about you like that—but kissing him publicly was just stupid.

Tony was supposed to be a genius, for fuck’s sake.

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Opening sentence: "Why is there a rose in Marinette's mouth?"

“Why is there a rose in Marinette’s mouth?” Alya demanded, scaring her two friends who appeared to be mid-tango in the center of the school gymnasium. “And why are you two here after hours?”

Marinette paled and Adrien stiffened, almost dropping Marinette from the dip they were previously frozen in, shocked that their friend had stumbled upon their…practice.

“Mppph!” Marinette exclaimed, teeth tightly clenched around the stem of the crimson flower. The two teens awkwardly let go of each other’s hands and moved apart, avoiding Ayla’s penetrating glare. Adrien shoved his hands in his pockets and nervously played with the small balls of lint in the corners. Marinette slowly reached up and removed the rose from her lips, proceeding to twirl it behind her back with her nimble fingers. They both knew they were caught.

Adrien dared to steal a glance at Marinette, looking for assurance that she knew what to do. All she could do was send back an equally panicked expression.

“Hey there, Alya…” Adrien finally said, voice strained with discomfort. “I…uh…didn’t see you come in.”

“Me neither!” Marnette chimed in, stretching her cheeks in an attempted replica of Adrien’s “model smile.” She smiled so hard she felt her cheeks cramping, an inevitable consequence of her insincerity. “We were just..uh…”

“Dancing?” Alya offered, deadpan.

“Well, yes,” Adrien admitted, blush tickling his cheeks. “I was just helping Marinette learn to dance-”

“Because we’re friends!” Marinette cut in. “And helping friends by platonically dancing with them for the sake of education is very…uh…friend…ly.”

“I see,” Alya said. She looked utterly unconvinced. Marinette jerked her head back over to look at Adrien, eyes screaming “Abort Mission! Abort Mission!” The rhythmic and lively strums of dueling guitars filled the silence. The tinny music pouring out of the little speakers on Marinette’s phone killed all hope that the topic would be abandoned in favor of a less incriminating one.

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International Affairs: Part 2 • College Rivals AU (Set)(Series)

Diana and Steve end up working on a class project together, despite their classroom rivalry — or, more accurately, because of it. Both want to write about the impact of WWI on modern conceptions of war and peace and neither will back down to let the other have it. At least on the rugby pitch they are on opposite sides and can work out the stress of their incompatible working styles. The fact that this is touch rugby and yet, somehow, these two are prone more to lingering tackles leads to a lot of (very implausible) denial.

But denial only gets them so far. Oxford, from their point of view, is a romantically-charged hellscape full of sexy past times like archery and impossible-to-resist scenic boat rides. But it’s the library where their repressed feelings finally overcome them. Their first kiss happens in the stacks — right after a fight where they are arguing about how great the other is. Without them really knowing it, the long hours they’ve put in together have made them realize that, actually, their perspectives are not so incompatible. The simple truth they finally have to admit to themselves is that they make each other better. Once they admit that, the flood gates open. They become each other’s most vocal cheerleaders and best friends, giving the whole campus whiplash.

When the spring holidays come around, Steve and Diana set out to explore Europe on rail — with the Princess’s Amazonian security detail never far behind. Steve starts to think maybe the reason he never wanted to get to close to Diana was because he knew he’d fall in love with her and he knew she’d break his heart. What’s a European princess going to do with an Oklahoma boy in the long-run? Diana is much more present-thinking. She exudes love and infuses their every moment together with a sense of wonder. They stretch out their time to the end of the summer, but, inevitably, the program has to end. 

Both are devestated, wishing they had more time. They return to their respective universities. Steve is certain she’s going to wake up one morning and forget about him, but Diana never does. He tries to break up with her, but she fights for their happiness. They finish out their senior years, growing closer by the day no matter the distance. Upon graduation, they are both accepted into Master’s programs at Oxford — intending to spend the rest of their lives provoking and supporting each other into being their best selves.

under the cut you will find 370+ otp tags. these were all taken from various song lyrics and quotes, except one or other i made up myself. they are unsorted, ranging from anything since skinny love to soulmates to friends with benefits to toxic relationships, exes, forbidden loves and so forth. tw: nsfw, mentions of battle and religious references. likes or reblogs are appreciated. hope you enjoy it!!

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Stiles ~ Confessions

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 695

Warnings: None

Request: none

A/N: This is for my fren @danny-the-coolest , but it doesn’t specifically say her name. Everyone go wish her a happy birthday. I don’t care how late you are. Just send her a ton of them. If you’re reading this months from now, wish her a happy birthday. MAKE IT HER BIRTHDAY YEAR ROUND !!

Love you, Danny <3 Hope your day was great.


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a saphael shipper seriously and truly has NO reason or morality left to criticize for whatever reason rizzy shippers. Saphael is born out of dom-sub fantasies at its best. They tried to KILL each other several times but you dare to criticize someone else's OTP for being toxic? We got a fucking clean Izzy confessing her feelings for raphael, raphael denying it because it's too dangerous for both (THIS IS WHAT CARE LOOKS LIKE) and you dare to call them toxic? Seriously, look at your morals.

Haha okay let’s talk: “Saphael is based off of don fantasies” I don’t know what you were watching but I’m actually here for the chemistry between them.

“They tried to kill each other” Simon did what he had to to protect himself because at the time Raphael was seen as a threat to him. Raphael did what he did because he was under orders.

Okay let’s talk about Rizzy since you wanna go there: Isabelle went into Raphael’s home and killed his kind, but she was also following the orders of having to protect mundanes so I won’t that one of her. But then 1x13 she little could have killed him. I bet that’s what care looks like.

He offered help which she manipulated. But that’s what care looks like. She used valuable information against him, when she wasn’t high against him, but sure that’s what care looks like.

She only seeks Raphael out when she needs help but I’m sure that’s what care looks like.

You people make me sick.


So, I figured I would make a long list of people who have helped get me hear or have just kept me company! This is in no specific order:
@shitpost-no-kyojin - So, when I first made this tumblr not too long ago, I asked Ivana (that’s her name I’m only saying it because she has said it on her blog) for advice! Which helped tremendously! (Funfact she was my first follower) And she’s also quite a nice person and we’ve become great friends!
@definitely-not-normal / @hanjizoe-official - A great artist and my smbtf! Haha, many of you guys know her as we talk a lot over our blog, and some people (shipping anon-kun) even ship us XD Anyways, we talk a lot and she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet (also the majority of my trolls are on her) so Thankyou!
@how-to-lifu - (it’s 4pm here, ha!) Me and Blub (that’s her nickname I think I’m allowed to use that) talk a lot, and she’s both very friendly, and very evil >:D (I mean that in the best way possible). I’ve had much fun being evil with you!
@a-youngblood-killjoy heyo! So killjoy (I’ll just use that to shorten the name) is one of the first people I met on tumblr (along with the people listed above) and was such a friendly person! I’ve really enjoyed our (90% of the time very weird) talks! Even though we can’t talk too much because of a big gap in time zones, when we can it’s always really fun, so Thankyou!
@shingeki-no-dead-otp / @reblog-your-erwin / @my-cat-trastu - another person who I’ve been talking to since day one, I also asked them for any advice when I first got a tumblr! This helped very much and along with Ivana I credit them as part of the reason I got here! I’ve really enjoyed when we talk, so Thankyou!
@likeahbraus / @rolfthesonofashepard - my DADMOM! another one of the people who I started talking to very early on when I made this! She is an amazing person and has a great interpretation of Sasha from AoT and Rolf form Ed Edd and Eddy! She’s such a nice person and very funny, so thankyou!
@ackerme - my mom (but not literally)! - I started talking to her a little later than most of the people on this list, but I sure am happy I did start talking to her! BUT MESS UP AND SHE WILL SCOLD YOUR ASS BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID! XD All jokes aside, she has a heart of gold and is one of the best people you will ever meet, so thanks mom!
@mommakirschtein / @mikasita-ackerman / @fokal - My Momkasa! She is a super lovely person and the first RP blog I talked to (lol I remember I threw cookies at her with @definitely-not-normal)! She is such a sweet person and all her RPs are great, so I advise checking them out! Thank you Momkasa!
@teatimewithamz - although they are the most recently met person on this list, already a great (and terrible too but in the best way possible) friendship has blossomed between us! They are a very funny person and very fun and easy to talk to! Thankyou!
@daydream24-7 - A very friendly and considerate person (and a fellow member of the Mikasa support squad!). Although we haven’t had the chance to talk too much, when we have she has always been very friendly and supportive! So, thankyou!
@redcoaster - a fellow artist (and an amazing one at that)! We haven’t been able to talk too much, but when we have the conversations have always been very fun and interesting! She is a very friendly person and very nice to talk to! If you haven’t already I advise looking at her art, it is amazing! (My personally favorite is the female Titan)! Thankyou!
@hanji-freaking-zoe-official - such a nice and easy to talk to person! Thinking about it now, I don’t quite remember how we met, but I’m sure happy we did! When we have conversations (by conversations I really mean goofing off together) they never fail to keep me entertained! So, thankyou!
@h-a-n-j-i–z-o-e - I met them pretty recently, but they are such a nice person and a great RP blog! I’ve had fun goofing off with them RPing as Levi or Ymir, and they are so easy to have fun with! Thankyou!
@annie-leonhardts-ass - A fellow member of the butt brotherhood! They are such a sweet person and I’ve always enjoyed our chats very much! (We may or may not be a cult where we make sacrifices [only occasionally human] to attack on Titan characters butts). They play a great Annie and write very well! Also their responses will never make you fail to laugh (like seriously XD)! Thankyou!
@casually-not-fitting-in - one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We haven’t talked in a while because I’ve had finals, but I can’t wait to chat with them again! I’ve always loved our conversations and look forward to the ones ahead! Thankyou!
@bxtrxyed - another great RP blog! He is a very friendly person and we always have very enjoyable conversations! AND GUESS WHAT I WAS THAT ANON WHO SAID YOU WOULD BE SALT!!! SO, HA!! XD But all jokes aside, Thankyou!
@necrochet - Not an AoT blog, but still a hilarious person and such a fun person to talk to! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT ASK HIM TO SEND YOU PICTURES OF MUSCULAR TOAD!!!! Our conversations never fail to make me laugh! Thankyou!
@timid-warrior - another person who I met VERY recently, but nonetheless ( or should I say nichtsdestotrotz ;) ) I have very much enjoyed our conversations! They RP a fantastic Bertholdt, and they are such a nice person! AND THEY STILL WONT FREAKING TELL ME WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT MY ICON!! I have enjoyed our conversation so much! Thankyou!
So, now that the list is over I just want to give one more big thankyou to all these people! Whether they directly helped me with my blog or are the reason I enjoy doing this and stay on tumblr, they all have positively contributed to me in some way, and I have no doubt things wouldn’t be as enjoyable without each and everyone of them! Also… I’m probably forgetting someone, and as soon as I post this I’m gonna be all like,“What I talk to them literally daily how did I forget them!?”… if you’re one of those people I’m sorry! Please message me telling me, I promise you I won’t mind! Haha, I was kinda debating being a dick and leaving out people who I always talk to to deliberately annoy them, but I decided not to! Well, anyways, this is already long enough and I doubt anyone’s gonna read the whole thing, but I also want to say Thankyou to each and everyone of you who were weird enough to somehow like my trash content! So, thankyou to all of you guys!

As OUAT comes to an end as we know it, I just want to thank the fandom for making Swan Queen so beautiful. Thank you all for seeing the beauty and potential in those two strong women. Thank you for realizing that a more perfect love story doesn’t exist. In my heart and all of yours, the Queen and the Savior fell in love. Fated to hate each other, to destroy each other, they became best friends, allies, nearly died for each other, risked it all for each other. Time after time, they showed their love. The show didn’t decide to see that beauty the way we did. We’re saying goodbye to one half of our OTP tonight, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s worried about what will happen to Regina now that her family won’t be on the show. We had some beautiful moments for those two, from the pilot to the end. I will remain in the fandom as long as it is alive, which I hope is for a very long time.

Goodbye Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, Zelena Mills, Henry Mills, and Belle French. It’ll never be the same without you.

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ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon: What time did you tell Amy to be here?

Penny: Eight o’clock. (Sheldon checks pocket watch) Sheldon, that pocket watch is ridiculous.

Sheldon: Nonsense. I look like a train conductor. Under what pretext did you lure her here?

Penny: I said, hey, want to come over and hang out?

Sheldon: Good, good, if you had said something clever, she might’ve gotten suspicious.

Amy: Hey.

Penny: Hi.

Amy: What’s he doing here?

Penny: Okay, he wants to talk to you.

Amy: Well, I don’t want to talk to him. And I’m pretty disappointed in you, too. Although we both know that won’t last.

Penny: Sheldon, you’re up.

Sheldon: Thank you. Amy, I’d like to apologize. Your accomplishment was impressive. And I’m proud of you.

Amy: We both know that’s your koala face.

Sheldon: I told you.

Penny: Okay, look, he bought you this.

Amy: Jewellery? Seriously? Sheldon, you are the most shallow, self-centred person I have ever met. Do you really think another transparently manip..oh! It’s a tiara! A tiara! I have a tiara! Put it on me, put it on me, put it on me, put it on me, put it on me, put it on me, put it on me.

Penny: You look beautiful.

Amy: Of course I do, I’m a princess, and this is my tiara! (Amy kiss Sheldon on the mouth!)

Sheldon: You’re right, the tiara was too much.

S5 E12 – The Shiny Trinket Manoeuvre

Boss and Personal Assistant AUs

For @losthompson

  • I am literally the clumiest person ever and I am sO sOrRy I spilt coffee all over your suit that’s worth more than I am.
  • My friend hooked me up with this job and they didn’t mention that you were literally more attractive than a god/goddess/all-powerful being.
  • Alternitively, my friend is the one who works for you but they got sick so I took their place but they forgot to mention you were attractive.
  • You are the most stupid business owner of all time. You FoRGoT to come into work three times already! I’m really the one running this thing!
  • Bonus to the above: after you missed work for the fifth time, I went to your house to check on you. I didn’t expect you to open the door wet in just a towel.
  • I had an extremely important meeting, and everyone mistook me for the intern while you were thought to be the boss. Although the whole situation was slightly embarassing, we both enjoyed seeing each other flustered.
  • We were best friends and still are, so whenever we have any free time we annoy the whole office with our sarcasstic bickering.