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OTP 30 Day Challenge

Day Nine: Hanging Out With Friends

This one has a special meaning to me. Back when I was in band, this was my favorite thing to do.

After the football game was over and everyone had been dismissed, we would usually split up into our groups of friends, jump into the nearest car, and head for either Waffle House or IHOP. It was close to 11 o'clock most nights when we invaded. Band members were in t-shirts and shorts, hair sticking up every which way. Guard girls were in half a costume, caked on makeup starting to melt. Everyone was a mess. No one judged you if you still had glitter on your face or mascara on your cheek. No one cared that you were sweaty and trying to mask the stench in perfume or cologne. For someone who constantly worries about where I am, what I’m wearing, how I’m moving, if I look dumb/stupid/embarrassing, the comfort I felt on these nights was incredibly refreshing.

Yeah, we’d get strange looks from a few patrons, but that was the best part; those looks were for everyone. The people that mattered shrugged it off without a problem. And after a while, so could I. 

I miss those nights where we talked about everything and nothing all at once. Those were the best nights of my life.

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I'm pretty sure I've reblogged 300+ things about Korrasami since the finale, with hardly any repetition, and my queue hasn't dipped below 65 in 3 days because I keep adding to it. I've never had an OTP with this much art and it makes me so happy.

from the little fanon ship that could with only one racing car scene to its name to here - the indisputable canon

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