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Cleaning This Mess Up: What To Do Now that Donald Trump is President

UPDATE: I looked at the vote counts and there is a clear case of voter suppression happening. So the last few elections the voter turnout for the republican nominee has been roughly 59-60 million, and and the democratic turn out was usually 62+ million. This election about 6 million less people voted than usual, and those missing 6 million seemed to come almost exclusively from the democratic turn out. Trump got the expected 59 million votes, so I’m calling shenanigans. The good news is that the people who voted for Trump are the same 59 million zealots we’ve been dealing with for a while now, instead of a whole bunch more.

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*Please signal boost this. I feel like my writing is the only way I can help others right now. (Also forgive any typos; I wrote this on only three hours of sleep.)*

     I wrote this because I know that these words are needed. Some of what I say you may hear from everywhere, and some you might only hear from me. I felt that these words needed to be shared, and if this helps even one person then this was time well spent.

       This is bad, but it is not the worst thing that we have gone through. Hopefully we can turn this into the political upheaval needed to bring about real change. Despite whatever differences that we think divide us we need to stand together as not only a country, but a planet. We have gotten to this point through many hard fought battles, and one man, no matter how much backing he has, will not take that away. We must keep moving forward. We must dig in our heels and not give.

To Those Who are Scared:

       Don’t run. Stand firm. You don’t have to protest, or do anything much different from what you’re doing now. What you need to do is educate yourself on your state and local government, and vote for people who will be able to stave off Trump’s insanity. If you are not safe where you are now, any state that voted firmly for Clinton is a good place for now. They may not be permanent strongholds, but they will provide shelter. Try not to leave the country. If everyone who is against this madness leaves, the U.S. is already lost.

To Those Who Need to Leave:

       I understand that you must do what is best for you. Find safety where you can. Get your passports now if you don’t already have them. Wait until you are where you need to be before you worry about visas. Right now there are plenty of countries that you can go to on a U.S. passport without a visa. 

       If you think you may need to leave in the future, downsize your belongings, keep your records (medical, financial, academic, etc.) somewhere safe and accessible, and do your research. Other countries are going through political messes right now too, so “anywhere but here” may not be the best idea. Most importantly, save money. Keep your funds liquid (easily accessible) and buy gold and silver if you can.

To Those At Risk (for suicide, self harm, and depression):
       Don’t do it. This election is not worth your life, or mental or physical health. If you need help, get help. Talk to someone, even if its just a friend on your favorite blog. If you can talk better to a stranger, talk to me. I will always lend an ear and whatever advice I can give. I can’t lie and say that everything will be alright, but I can say that this is not the end.

To the Angry:

       Don’t explode. Don’t give those hateful people more ammunition. Stay calm. If you need to release anger, do it constructively. You need to act with purpose; not react mindlessly. If you don’t trust yourself to respond constructively to a situation, remove yourself from it. Stay safe.

To Other Countries:
       This affects the whole world. There will be people leaving the U.S. and there will probably be a few coming to where you live. You don’t have to do anything more than just treat others with human decency. You can help out by doing your best to make sure that your country stands for what you believe in. Don’t worry about immigrants from the U.S. or other countries; instead make sure that something like this doesn’t happen to your country. If it already has then stay strong; you can get through it as well.

To Students:
       Study hard. If it comes to the point where you may need to leave the U.S., you want to be viewed as an asset to another country. Many countries have grants and other forms of funding for international students. Work hard, and even if you don’t have the best test scores or grades, you will have a place almost anywhere. Even if you don’t need to leave, you can benefit from focusing on your studies. I know that mandatory classes are boring and sometimes hard, so try to connect them to your passions. If you like drawing, make charts and concept webs to help you illustrate the subject matters. If you like writing, lay out a study template for each section of your book that connects everything together. You can always ask for help.

To Those Under 18:
       I’m sorry. I cannot begin to understand how frustrated you feel. You have been dragged into this with no chance to voice your opinion. Don’t loose hope. Understand that, although these choices are being made by others for you, your future is ultimately your own. Do your best to shape it into the future you want.

To Pet Owners:
       Keep your animals healthy. Make sure they have their shots up to date and that you have current copies of their medical files. I know that its expensive, but if you need to relocate this will make the process much easier on you.

To Those With Privilege:
       If you aren’t scared right now, then you have privilege. I don’t resent you for this; you cannot help how you were born or what you have achieved. All I ask is that you take the opportunities that you have and instigate change. Don’t do it because you think you owe it to the disenfranchised, or because its the “responsible thing” to do. Do it because it is what you believe in. Whether you are a republican, a democrat, a member of the green party, or something else; you cannot be happy with the election. Otherwise you would not be reading this. Don’t feel guilty, just do what’s right.

To Those Who Did Not Vote:
       You messed up. Its too late to change things. Its not too late to fix it. Don’t be a spectator any more.

To Everyone:

       This is not the end. We can fix this as long as we stand strong and work together. I know that this will be hard. Remember that at worst this will last four years; at best far less. This will change the relationships that the U.S. has with other countries. This will change the global economy. This will change the flow of politics forever. We can make this a good change. We have to.

Educate yourself about your government. Vote for candidates that you believe in. We are not outnumbered; our voices just aren’t as loud, but that can be changed.

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1+ Supercat?

1. First kiss

“I’m not getting you another Bankers Box,” Cat tells her, not looking away from the night skyline.

Kara tugs at her dress in the balcony doorway, rolling her lips together to stop a smile as she watches Cat’s shoulders shift. “No need, Ms. Grant,” she says as she steps over the threshold.

It feels like she’s said goodbye already at the same time that it doesn’t. Kara wonders if it’s greedy to want two goodbyes, two moments with Cat when most people (read: people without a secret identity) would only get one. But when Cat braces her forearms on the ledge and turns to look at her, Kara can’t seem to care about shoulds. 

She’s not ready for Cat to leave.

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counting the stars behind the clouds

harry/louis | blind!harry and band au | 28k | t | by simplestardust

The problem wasn’t that Harry was blind. The problem was Harry himself.

or, in which Louis plays keyboard as part of touring singer Harry’s back-up band, and spends his time stuck between being oblivious and in denial, while Harry just wants to know how many stars there are in the night sky.

on ao3

My favourite destiel meme will always be
“Imagine your OTP trying to put furniture together from ikea”
Dean: damnit cas we can fix this
Cas: Dean it’s not broken

Let's right this ship folks

I know it’s painful. I know none of us are here for Whispertits, but if we want our show back to what the Exces envision -“their wish is to “return the fun” that was a hallmark of Season 1 - then we need to tune in. Live. Every. Single. Monday.

We need to trend the show. We need to show them how invested we are. We need to make as much noise as possible about Abbie, about Frank and Jenny, about the Crane/Abbie dynamic. We need to raise hell over Katrina’s uselessness and existence. 

Are you with me?!

You’ve been inside me. And I don’t mean sex I mean inside my head, inside my heart, inside me. And now you’re gone. Forever. How am I supposed to just live with that. You handled me better than I handle myself. You know every little thing about me. All my secrets and all my habits. Nobody else could replace you. You mean the world to me I love you so much.

Something important

So I’ve been watching azstuck for a few months now, and I’m rather concerned with what I’ve seen;it’s scary to be frank. Instead if walking away and giving up, I know we can fix this problem. I know we can put petty grudges aside to solve some of the serious issues at hand.

I know that there are a lot of people angry at others in this community, and some of those reasons are pretty serious. I’m not invalidating those. I recognize that some very problematic incidents have occurred between some people; I’m not here to talk about those.

I’d like to build a better community. One where everyone can be respected. I’d like to see a future community where everyone can feel welcome. That’s what a community is after all. If we build a better community, we can change our image to other fandoms, and perhaps, be respected again. Wouldn’t everyone like to not be ostracized at cons because you like homestuck?

All of that being said, some friends and I are planning a panel at PCC about community building, and how to improve ones maturity in a community. ( more details when they are available)

At any rate, I know this community can come together and set aside our problems in order to repair some of the damage that divisiveness has caused. I’m looking forward to a better azstuck conmunity