otp: we both want the same thing

I’m just here thinking… like, I had to read that B3thyl is romantic because they looked at each other in a kitchen. That D@rsita is romantic because his hair was in a certain direction and it looked like he was looking at her. That D@rsus is romantic because… they were both in the same shot I guess. That C@rzekiel is the next OTP because he has a crush and “oh comics” even though it “will be completely different from comics”. Like, I really had to sit my ass in my bed and read this sort of thing. Many times.

And now, we have:
Emotional reunions and goodbyes
Carol opening up to Daryl
Daryl being incredibly protective and sweet with Carol
Carol trusting him
Daryl trusting her
Carol willing to leave with him
Daryl wanting to stay with her
Daryl being his reason for her to leave ASZ because she couldn’t lose him
Carol being Daryl’s reason in existing because he can’t lose her
Daryl being sense8 and feeling Carol’s presence in the most cliche way ever courtesy of @gimple
Carol hearing a knock on the door and ready to yell at anyone on the other side only to open and see Daryl’s there, and HUG HIM when she sent literally every other person away.
Daryl walking away and TURNING AROUND to hug her like those romantic movies from 1950.

Like, listen
I don’t care anymore
Y'all listen to me

Deal with it

Otp Criminal AUs

  • So somehow we keep running into each other as we steal jewels and honeslty you’re cute so maybe this can be our thing?
  • We both thought it was a good idea to hide a body in the same spot in the forest and now this is awkward, I’m still in my slippers
  • You hate that person too? Want to put a hit on them? Yeah? This is great! Let’s watch them suffer together
  • How come your always at the places I am robbing? You are really cute a distract me and oh- oh no- your parents own this place- oh I am so sorry!
  • You suck at being a criminal, your too nice, seriously dude, wth you doing in this business? Want some pointers?
  • So we got paired up to take down this rich person that someone put a hit on, and we were always rivals, but damn you’re cute covered in blood
  • You just stole your first vehicle and you some how thought it was appropriate to go to a drive thru?
Ian Cusick is so good and Paige Turco is so good and they’re so good together, and a lot of it is because they’re adversarial, you know?  We see sparks between them because there’s conflict in those scenes.  They’re both intelligent and … they’re both arguing for their perspectives all the time, and eventually that chemistry bleeds into the writing …  And so the answer to your question is, I really can’t remember when I decided that, yeah, that should happen, but I mean, I see the same thing that you see … It makes total sense, by the way.  They’re both awesome, and they’re both passionate and compassionate, and I think she’s really taught him how to be a better man.  That’s what we all want out of our significant others.
—  Jason Rothenberg answers my question about the origins of Kabby from today’s Meta Station interview

anonymous asked:

You should do holsom for that 31 questions thing like do all of them

here we fucking go,

1. Who in your OTP is the serial butt-slapper and who is constantly getting their beautiful butt slapped?

theyre equal opportunity bros…if ur bf gets a killer shot at beer pong or aces his chem exam you have to slap his butt it’s the Bro Code

2. Who wants to be immortal and who wants to die before they’re old?

they had a conversation about this at 2am and they both decided that they would pick the same option (“i never wanna live without you bro” “BRO”) however, holster has tried to get his poptart out of the toaster with a fork three different times so dying young seems likely

3. Who smokes and who pulls the cigarette from between their lips every time they try to light one?

i mean they’re college athletes so neither of them smoke but i bet holster tried it once freshman year and ransom had to run back to his dorm to find his inhaler

4. Who always has cold hands and who is always warming them up for them?

ransom’s hands are freezing and holster breathes on em and gives them kisses 2 keep them warm

5. Who plays candy crush in important meetings and who elbows them in the ribs to make them pay attention?

when they have a lecture together they just snapchat each other uglie badly-angled selfies

6. Who can fall asleep anywhere (and does) and who has to put them to bed?

ransom is forced to survive on three hours of sleep during finals so he passes out mid-conversation and holster sets an alarm and rolls him into bed so they can nap together

7. Who is the genius procrastinator who wings every test but still comes away with straight As, and who takes preparation and conscientious work very seriously?

justin “4.0 but never goes to class” oluransi, a beautiful coral reef, is a strange combination of both, holster has seen his textbooks maybe twice this semester and manages B’s

8. Who takes their coffee black and who likes it with milk and two sugars, getting called a pussy by Person A?

ransom gets his with like six sugars and holster has been drinking black coffee since he was 6

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Stop being an idiot!

It is exactly by this kind of person, that the fandom of couples in general of One Piece, has been judged.
Dude, that’s stupid!
Go in a questionnaire that has the method of calling several different opinions .. is you already enough giving a fuck up for it all.

No one forced you to tolerate any other shipp, but the same as you want the couple to have respect, we want the same.

For example: If I came to speak “ Luffy x Nami because the rest sucks, it will not happen. The otps Sana, Luhan etc. must die

Only the retarded want it! ”
I would be wrong anyway, even if other ignorant people like me were fond of my comment / opinion even if they used my comment to be their opinion, both me and them. We would be wrong.
In the same way that you love your dream couple, it is inspired by this couple, it’s things like that. WE ALSO, WHO HAVE THIS OTP LUNAMI, FEEL THE SAME. WHO HAVE THIS OTP LUHAN FEELS THE SAME .. ETC IN GENERAL.
Then stop (you do that) to act like assholes, and start giving constructive opinionsIs to accept other opinions, whether with animes, series, movies, take this to life. Do not be that boring person who cares only about himself.

Example below: Me and My Best Friend <3

aphylle  asked:

Hello, it's me again. I have a weird question : why do we like shipping ?? I mean,when I was younger, I tought it was because I wanted to have the same relation or something like that. But now, I have a boyfriend and I still like shipping : it is a sort of hobby thb. I like reading fanfic about my otp with some fluff and I laugh alone. And fun fact : sometimes, I am more into todo than my bf. Ps : tu es trop belle. Big up aux français qui aiment Todomomo. J'ai l'impression d'être la seule.

 Hello again! Welcome back! that’s so funny XD Actually I used to ask myself the same thing….but I came up with a few reasons for myself as to why personally I like shipping, and why it pertains to others as well probably: 

1. Do you like the romance genre? ‘cas if you do then that’s why you ship….you want romance to happen (and if you like two characters who happen to have moments together, you would most likely want to put them together??? ‘cas why not, they’re both great people!) If you enjoy romance in movies and in books, you’d want the same for manga 

2. I think shipping gives us a false sense of control when we make up stories and gives us an opportunity to let our imaginations run wild. For one thing, it makes me feel really relaxed when I can imagine scenarios for my otp…..fanfictions and hc…..everything! Especially because I don’t have a lot of control in my actual life, I feel that shipping characters makes me feel like I got the reins for awhile

3.We ship because we like to see our beloved characters in different scenarios. I mean we see them in the manga…fighting and talking to friends or what not, but when you ship, you can imagine ‘outside-the-panel’, so to speak. Like, omgosh do these two feel more than they really do? Or is it just friendship……wow the mystery! Its a HUGE sense of excitement to ship!

4. We root for love and anticipate for the chemistry…….and that in itself makes us zealous ‘cas noticing small details is where the fun comes from!

These are the main points…for me at least. I think being in a relationship is diff than shipping two other characters (so don’t feel bad or guilty if you’re more into a character than your bf). For instance, in a real relationship, you can sorta wheel it to whichever direction you want (wanna get married? propose….wanna break up? then do it) whereas for shipping, you don’t have control in the actual story so that makes it thrilling (omg what does the author have planned?! Are they gonna be in this arc together??? ahhhh who knows) 

TY for the ask and I hope I answered it to your satisfaction HAHA; Merci beaucoup, tu es tres gentil.  J’aime tes messages. Desole encore pour ma francais 

OTP (Swazz imagine)

| Requested by anon: Could you maybe do a Swazz imagine where y/n is his girlfriend and they’re at an event with Nate, like John has been recently, and everyones asking them about their relationship and saying they’re cute etc. And then when they’re chilling backstage Nate comes and says that he’s glad they’re finally together and Swazz pours his hear out to them both? Sorry that’s a lot but I really love your imagines! (MASTERLIST)

We were at Digi NYC (a/n: I am fully aware that NYC has already happened tho lol) and Swazz and I were walking around, just discovering the place a bit. It was so damn crowded and busy. A lot of fans came up to us, taking pictures and asking questions and stuff.

I loved talking to fans. Once they were in the all ‘oh you’re also a human’ vibe, they were really cool people. “You and John are cute as fuck.” This girl said. I blushed and smiled at her.

“Adopt me please!” I heard someone say in the back. It made laugh as I yelled a ‘sure’ back.

“How are you guys? Getting head aches from each other yet?” Another girl asked while laughing.

“You have no idea.” Swazz winked. I playfully hit his arm as he threw that same arm around me. “Kidding.” He said while kissing my head. I heard ‘aw’s’ in the crowd and I shook my head.

Our day basically went like that. I had so much fun and they were so nice and supportive about John and I.

After a couple of hours we finally got back and sat down backstage. Swazz was talking to a couple of friends, for a long ass time though, so I already went backstage since my heels were absolutely killing me. Jack and Jack were performing and I saw Nate getting some snacks before walking towards us and sighing. “What?” I asked him.

“You two.” He shook his head. I furrowed my brows and smiled. “You two should’ve been together a lot earlier.” He said while smiling at me.

I felt my cheeks burning up and I started laughing. “Thanks.” I said to Nate.

“Anytime. Couples disgust me, but except for you and Swazz. There’s something different about you two and I like it. Y’all don’t make me wanna throw up.

I laughed at his comment. “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about us.” Nate chuckled as he saw Swazz peeping.

“Hey, man.” Nate casually said. “Everything good, listening there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He yelled from the corner. We laughed at him as he approached us again. “Thanks for the nice words, Maloley. You made my heart melt.” John said dramatically as he laid his hand on his heart. Nate did the same and they both made weird ass faces.

I started laughing at them. “Seriously bro, thanks man.”

“Anytime. Gotta go see the Jack’s now. Good bye my I-don’t-get-disgusted-by-you OTP or something like that.” He winked at us. I giggled and laid my head on Swazz’ chest.

“That was the cutest thing someone ever said about us.” I told Swazz.

“I agree.”

“I want to sleep.” I said while closing my eyes. Today was exhausting.

“Then sleep.”


“Why not?”

“Too much noise.” I said whining.

“I’ll sing you to sleep, if I must.”

| LAST IMAGINE OF TODAY! I posted so much today omfg I’m so proud at myself

One Direction

I got a heart and I got a soul
Believe me i, lose them both
We made a start
Be it a false one, I know
Baby, I don’t want to feel alone

So kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks
A long way from the playground


I have loved you since we were 18

Long before we both thought the same thing
To be loved, to be in love
All I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you
I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18


We took a chance
God knows we tried
Yet all along, I knew we’d be fine
He told me a thing
Oh love, let’s keep the night wide open and we’ll see everything
We can live in love and some emotion, motion, motion

So kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks
A long way from the playground


I have loved you since we were 18
Long before we both thought the same thing
To be loved and to be in love
And all I can do is say that these arms are made for holding you, ooh
And I wanna love like you made me feel
When we were 18
When we were 18
Oh lord, when we were 18


Kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks
A long way from the playground

I have loved you since we were 18
Long before we both thought the same thing
To be loved and to be in love
And all I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you
I want a love like you made me feel
When we were 18
I want a love like you made me feel
When we were 18
I want a love like you made me feel
When we were 18


“Well, it’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here.”

“Wow. That kind of makes up for everything.”

This is the most romantic moment on the show. Because in this moment, we know that Maya wants to kiss Lucas, and Lucas wants to kiss Maya. They’re both feeling the same thing. And we know that’s rare for this show. For once neither of them is confused. They know what they want. And it’s each other.