otp: we belong to each other

not for nothing but im still not over Bucky telling Steve he didn’t know if he was worth all this, and then 20 minutes later Steve is dropping the shield and the captain america mantle and picking up Bucky like “yeah you’re worth all this, you’re worth everything to me, i won’t ever have you believe otherwise”

thoughts about the whole situation in skam’s season 4

i thought about it a lot and i guess i have to write my 1st post about skam because i love this fandom and i need to share my thoughts about this season with you guys

1st : i don’t have many blogs about skam in my dash so if you post/reblog posts about skam just like this post and i’ll follow you :)

2nd : english isn’t my native language so i’m sorry if i make mistakes i’ll try to be as clear as possible

so here we go

I) YOUSANA !!! while listening to i feel it coming bye

  • i have to admit that it is the very first otp i ship this hard. i loved jonas x eva, noora x william (i respect each of your opinions but i hate when you guys slander this otp and especially william but i may talk about it in an other post idk) and of course isak x even but these otps didn’t/doesn’t affect me the way yousana does and knowing that we’re only at ep 3 makes me wanna die because i know this isn’t the end of this WHOLE MESS surrounding these two puppies but anyway. i read a lot of your opinions about it and i kinda agree with what some ppl said : it’s obvious that they really like and appreciate each other idk we don’t even need to debate about it BUT now that we know that yousef isn’t a muslim we just can’t figure out what will happen in the future between these two since the decision belongs to sana and even if it’s a fact that her faith is really important to her we don’t know much about what she thinks about having a non-muslim boyfriend etc. i read a lot of posts written by muslims and it’s interesting that each of your beliefs differ, i literally love when muslims explain things and their lifestyles so that non-muslims ppl can have different point of views and can be educated about islam !!! anyway, i think we just have to wait for the next episodes to know what will happen while cheering for sana no matter what she chooses for herself and yousef (i still hope these two will have twelve child tho)

II) this noora x yousef x sana thing 

okay so i have 2 theories :

  • - noora really likes yousef and she just CAN’T KNOW that sana likes him too because she’s so quiet about her feelings and i’m in despair because i KNOW that noora wouldn’t do anything that could hurt sana so stop being mad about noora this girl deserves love and support even if we don’t always accept her character development yup
  • - noora knows™ (sorry sana) that yousef kinda likes sana thanks to the conversation they had during the party where the balloon boys join the girls squad or just because of the looks yousef could have give to sana during this mess party. idk if it’s a weird theory but whenever noora talks about yousef it seems like there’s something more than the fact that she liked him but i can be wrong

III) v..il..de….x…mag..nus

  • vilde is a lesbian and deserves her own season that’s all i have to say @ julie xx

IV) the girls squad

  • sana has always been kinda apart of the girls squad, tbh the girls squad’s relationships are all so weird like these girls just rarely talk about their feelings so they literally CANT understand each other and i’m so frustrated about it because i love them all. i’ve the feeling that sana, noora and vilde especially can’t manage to talk seriously about some of their feelings to the other girls  : 
  • - sana always has this boss ass bitch appearance yet when we all know that, even if she can be tough (and we all love this don’t we), she can be the softest human being. she ALWAYS defends her friends no matter what, especially vilde who isn’t even grateful smh (and this time where she literally jumps over iben to defend eva omg great times). nobody excepts noora knows sana’s soft side and i think it’s the saddest thing ever since sana is the friend everybody deserves + she’s complex and just so interesting in her own way 
  • - if noora talks more frequently than sana about her life and her feelings, the last episodes still prove that she’s kinda secret with the other girls. for example, she didn’t tell them she was in oslo during the trial when she clearly needed her friends to cheer up for her. she also didn’t tell ALL the truth about the fact that she left london, telling the other girls she came back because william worked too much blablabla. even if a lot of ppl are mad about the fact that sana’s season doesn’t really revolve about sana only (and i must admit i’m a lil bit better about it too), i hope noora’s character development will improve so that she becomes the noora we all loved in season 1
  • - vilde. vilde, vilde, vilde…this girl is so weird but i still love her. she’s annoying, noisy, most of the time idiot but i feel like this character has a lot of potential. when we think about it, the girls, and therefore us, don’t really know a lot about her if not her sexual life with magnus. i’ve the feeling that her personnal life (especially her family life) is a terrible mess that needs to be cleared up. it would be crazy if julie doesn’t increase this character, even a little bit since it’s sana’s season but i hugely need answers aND ALSO a great conversation between her and sana since their relationship isn’t that good (as a weird vilde x sana shipper after all, it would be a gift)
  • so what i’d like to have in this season is the girls taking care of sana for once, like sana took care of them when they were sad, disrespected or in danger

V) evak x mikael (+ balloon boys???)

  • i don’t really have theories about this storyline tbh but i’ve the feeling that it’s not that enormous like you know like i’ve said before sana is a loyal friend (remember this iconic line where she said that she’s not friend with the pepsi max girls because sara said that vilde was a slut in october 2015 like???? GIRL), she’s still in good terms with even as we saw in the 04x03 and she loves isak so much she couldn’t let him with someone who’s bad. to all my fellow evak shippers, don’t be scared. i’m pretty sure it’s not something who could break isak and even’s relationship 

VI) the russ bus storyline

  • so i’ve got a theory (i didn’t see nowhere btw) about the fact that skam is still talking about next year’s russ period even if we’ll see nothing (i’m crying while writting these lines). what if the sana and the rest of the girls just don’t participate ??? it’s kinda logical for me since i don’t see the point in talking about something we’ll never have the chance to witness you know ? the fact that they’re joining the pepsi max girls kinda consolidates this theory but idk

now, things that need to be appreciated during this season :

  • - sana’s healthy family relationships (i love mama bakkoush she’s so cute and fair with her daughter + elias and sana’s brother/sister bond is to die for)
  • - julie literally breaking all the stereotypes associated to islam
  • - sana’s yousef soft smile™ and dimples 
  • - the balloons boys squad serving some LOOKS in every scene 
  • - evak being the cutest puppies on earth
  • - evak x sana. we need more scenes btw
  • - sana praying, i need a full scene of her praying without being interrupted or disturbed (even by yousef okay)
  • - the SOUNDTRACK !!!!! (they’ve been amazing in every season tho)

Fleurmione - soulmates

“Know this, ‘Ermione. We will always find our way to each other whenever, wherever that may be. You’re the person at the end of my red string. Together, we belong.” - Fleur 

“An invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.” - An ancient Chinese belief 

 /\/\/\ ARTWORK BY: YUKI ONNA /\/\/\

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Listen wondertrev is the lord's work

wondertrev is good and pure

steve and diana are my parents

tbh wondertrev fans have gotten nothing for such a long time, were constantly ignored in comics and sidelined for other ships.

the great wondertrev depression

pre 52 comics barely had wondertrev, diana was with that one tresser dude or whatever his name was and steve was with etta for such a long time (i dont hate steve/etta tho). n52 introduced steve as her ex and diana and steve had such a icky relationship and steve was treated unfairly anyway and the A.R.G.U.S. comics were horrible imo and diana got fucking paired with clark, where’s the justice

but then,. then the wondertrev depression came to an end

  • smallville comics!!! in which we got tiny diana and tiny steve and got the beautiful meeting again when they’re older
  • wonder woman earth one which is a MESS but it has WONDETREV and black steve!
  • the legend of wonder woman!!!!!
  • DC boMBsHELLs!!!!
  • dc convergence had them again!!! (even if steve died lmao)
  • the DCEU!!!!!!!!
  • now that rebirth is here my wondertrev shipping heart is alive again

if he calls her “angel” in the movie i’ll be dead.

can we just talk about their beauty of the JLU episodes???? how beautiful it was? he called her angel??? they kissed???? they were so in love even if they only knew each other for such a short time? and then he aged and she didnt and she visited him years later when he was an old man and he immediately recognized her and called her “angel”???

can we talk about how in that brave and the bold episode steve kept bragging about diana in front of bruce who was all grumpy about it and then she saved steve, the damsel in distressTM and it was so fucking corny, she fucking caught him in the air, carrying him bridal style and he was like “now thats a wonder woman” or something like that???

can we talk about how despite them not being together in the comics sometimes they still supported each other? they had so many arguments and fights and yet there was always this connection, they didnt just blindly trust each other, they discussed, they had disagreements but they still so very much care for each other 

can we talk about fuckboy steve constantly getting saved by diana and how she fucking corrects his white boy ass and about the ww dcau movie and tbh every comic and 

can we talk about how that one love interest of diana, whatever is name was, agent tresser or smth clearly was just like steve trevor 2.0. but like a bland and washed out copy of him and dc wasnt even slick about it imo. diana and steve belong to each other and bc they were idiots and couldnt do it they gave diana a cheap copy of steve

can we talk about how in the dceu we’ll most likely get steggy’d and he’ll age and she wont and all our hearts are going to be broken??????? because boy, am i not prepared for it even though i’ve seen this coming years ago?

steve and diana are my parents

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Hi there! Could you please explain why JB fandom freaking out over Widow's Wail? I didn't read ASOIAF, but it has something to do with books, right?

Hi anon!

Sorry, I am typing this up more in a rush, I am extremely fangirling right now.

Why we are freaking out over Widow’s Wail…

Okay, the short reply that is shownly for the most part (so the very basic level) is that canonically, Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper are twin blades forged from the same greatsword (Ice – Ned Stark’s sword reforged upon orders by Tywin).

Now, what does that tell us?

A lot of things.

For one thing, this would mean that our favorite OTP would both come to wield one part of the sword Ice, would wield twin blades, two swords that inevitably are connected (as they are connected to, name has it, Ice, you know, the Song of Ice and Fire and all). So the implication is not just about JB forging important bonds between each other, but embeds this in the larger focus of the North.

So the metaphor of it is already very intriguing on a very basic level of reading this.

The idea being, the two who wield these swords together belong together, like the twin blades do.

Now, if we are taking book canon into account, this gets even more delicious for a number of reasons.

One of the primary reasons that instantly come to mind is:

Jaime’s Weirwood Dream.

For matters of a very brief summary: In the books, Jaime, after leaving Harrenhal without Brienne, has a dream whilst sleeping on a weirwood stump (which adds… a good amount of magic and hence prophetic significance to this dream, to be very brief here), wherein he dreams of being in some cave beneath Casterly Rock.

At first his family is there, holding torches, but all leave him, including Cersei (foreshadowing much), Tywin gives him a sword that starts to glow blue (very much like Brienne’s eyes… and so on), which gives Jaime some confidence.

Out of the water pops Brienne of Tarth, naked as on her namesday (like him… the sexual component of this dream is truly not subtle), wrapped in chains that he cuts with the sword, which “part like silk” (man, the sexual metaphooooors), she begs for a sword, and it appears beneath the water surface for her to pick up, and it takes flame as well. It’s the only source of light in the darkness, forming a little “island of light” in which Jaime appreciates her dream-like a bit more womanly (but not prettied-up, I insist on that) shape with the infamous line of: “In this light she could almost be a beauty, he thought. In this light she could almost be a knight”.

They hear strange noises (bear growling), a foreshadowing for what is to happen in the bear pit at Harrenhal later on.

Brienne offers him to climb on her shoulders to leave the cave, at first he is tempted, thinking about reuniting with Cersei (which gives him a boner… so many awkward boners for that guy, just like that awkward boner in the bathtub whilst seeing Brienne in her nudes, again, not subtle), but then his focus shifts back to Brienne and he decides against it.

Then ghostly figures riding on horses appear, folks like Rhaegar, folks who died, and blame Jaime for pretty much everything. Jaime wants to fight them, and is happy to have Brienne by his side, but then his sword loses flame, he passes out. We don’t know what the hell happens next, other than him waking up, drenched in sweat, fearing for his wench.

After that, he resolves to get his wench back and later on leaps into the bearpit.

Now, after that very brief and highly simplified summary of that dream, I hope the point becomes clear anyway: Two swords of magical properties, bringing forth light, are in the hands of those two characters.

The other thing on more general terms is plain as day symbolism. Swords are phallic, so yeah, they do stand for sex. Sex, sex everywhere. So when Jaime gave Brienne Oathkeeper, that also had these undercurrents other than this marriage-like vow to each other over that sword.

I would go into more detail now, but I think it would leave too far away, let’s just leave it at the more superficial level of: there are lots of metaphorical layers to this on sexual, marital, and even pregnancy levels in that dream and more episodes that make this truly marvelous in connection with Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper.

Now, Widow’s Wail is a fabulous thing for Jaime to bear because this establishes the link to Oathkeeper and Brienne through a sexually charged metaphor of phallic swords.

In that same context, it’s noteworthy that swords are important to marriage vows. In some cultures (I think actually in early Viking culture, which is specifically interesting in the ASoIaF context because GRRM heavily draws on Norse mythology in many cases), swords are exchanged instead of rings. If I remember correctly (which I don’t call authority to, I just remember having read that in an online article maybe a year ago, please correct me if I am wrong), the idea is that family swords are exchanged, which points to matters of legacy in my humble opinion.

So marriages, legacy, sex… all united in two twin blades. Isn’t that just marvelous? Especially since they come to be in the hands of our OTP?!

Widow’s Wail, within show-canon can become specifically interesting with regards to Jaime wearing the sword that formerly belonged to Tommen. After all, part of his season 6 arc was trying to protect/reconnecting with Tommen as far as that was possible, even if he failed. Jaime using it to dedicate himself to a certain cause, say, the team Brienne of Tarth favors, say, the North, say… anything but Cersei and her self-interested causes… is a huge step because he takes a sword that relates to his legacy, a sword that relates to his family (and that of the Starks) and he (potentially - we are speaking hypothetical terms here, obviously) dedicates that newly forged legacy to a new purpose (and likely will forge a new alliance/legacy with Brienne… I hope you see the potential of this metaphor).

Another thing, on a larger, more global scope, is obviously the idea that Jaime and Brienne (Lannister and Lannister-in-the-making LOL) dedicate their swords and hence may vow to the cause in the North, hence bringing Ice back to the North, if in a new form, and use it to e.g. fight against the White Walkers.

That is a huge deal because it shows a necessary shift in the environment, where those ancient swords are reused and reshaped to meet new purposes, given to new people, given over to a new forging of legacy reaching beyond the singular one of being the ancestral sword of House Stark. The Houses mix, the Houses align, form alliances, fight for a common cause instead of toying around with the Game of Thrones whilst the White Walkers are having their fun.

That is alliance making symbolized by swords, which is a fabulous thing.

So, in sum, what gets us so hyped about this is that this relates to Jaime becoming his own character, pointing at further disentangling/coming apart from an incestuous relationship that gives neither one room of development or future and embracing his family’s legacy but to his own new conditions, namely by choosing the alliance he wants to make rather than just sticking to the one he is supposed to forge, or is told so by other characters, uniting him with Brienne in a very physical, symbolically heavily charged way, to form an alliance not just (but very importantly) amongst themselves, but simultaneous embeds it into the larger focus of the threat in the North and the apparent need for new, vital alliances among the three remaining Great Houses (Lannister, Stark, Targaryen) and those associated with them.

I hope that answered your question somewhat, anon.


They belong together.


They, deserved to be happy and together because they are true soulmates, true love and they deserved a happy ending together no matter what anyone says this is real love right here and they deserved to be together in the end. Despite, everything all of their hangups, all of their problems they still were and would be happy together because they made each other happy. They, were never happy being apart, that’s the problem with the failnale. Sorry, but it’s true they really can’t be apart or they would be miserable. They, belonged together, to each other, and deserved a proper ending one that made sense to their characters and overall personality without taking the character development (or like I call it changing the characters personalities to fit the ending that was originally written in season 1) so no they didn’t deserve that ending but a more fitting one that fits with their personalities without breaking the couple who went through so much up.


Guess what I started to pick up and play again-
This beautiful gem, and I couldn’t have picked it up at a better time.

This part is really beautiful. It’s the most romantic part of the game, and also, the most important. SE staff calls this the ‘climax’ of the story themselves, and they go out of their way to protect the three secrets revealed within the sequence, even to this day.

When Cloud and Tifa first fall, I find it sort of symbolic. They’re drifting further and further apart, towards the same direction. I think it symbolizes how their story was. Always trying to find each other but ending up further apart for some reason. Cloud wanted to join SOLDIER because of his feelings for Tifa, he wanted her- more than ANYONE to notice him. Tifa waited and waited for him, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was SOLDIER or not, but from her perspective- he never returned to their home. He was too ashamed. He felt he had failed as her Hero by not fulfilling his part of the promise. 

Yet he saved her anyway, and in this scene we see how, and we know more about his feelings than ever before when it comes to Tifa. His mind is literally centered around her. Their promise, their shattered reunion, their broken home, that terrible day that Tifa and him fell- every important memory still locked in Cloud’s mind is centered around one person- Tifa. Tifa is the key to his memories, his past, and his heart.

Even though Jenova and Sephiroth would rather him think of himself as a puppet or an experiment with no past and no real memories, their power wasn’t strong enough to block out his memories of the promise- he remembered that night because it was important to him and Jenova and Sephiroth couldn’t touch that, they didn’t have the power. Sephiroth had to block Tifa’s voice out during the scene in Northern Crater. Even they are aware of the threat Tifa poses to their control over Cloud. 

'Only your opinion matters to me’

'We finally… meet again.’

Tifa will always be the one bringing Cloud back, she’ll always be the one he allowed into his heart and mind, and the one he was calling out for when he was lost and alone. Their hearts connected and they found each other, which is what the last picture symbolizes to me.

Now they’re finally together, their first official reunion. They’re going home, where they belong, together.


Day 8 - Favorite Anime Couple

Royai (Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye) in FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. God this couple is just so full on canon it’s too obvious! I enjoyed watching these two when I was watching the anime because of how much they care about each other and also the part which I know it wasn’t meant to be like romantic or anything like that but come on, everyone must’ve reacted the same way when they watched it too when Roy said that they even took his “queen” which was Riza and that just made me squeal like no other and of course we all can totally go nuts when Roy freaks out about Riza when she gets injured and that made us worry too. Still a great couple, OTP to the max!

(Gifs belong to their rightful owners!)

I want to be your wife, we belong to each other, but it can never be.
—  Cersei Lannister, A Storm of Swords

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jess why


1) the way Jensen looks at Jared with hearts in his eyes, as though he nothing bad can happen as long as Jared is by his side

2) the way Jared looks at Jensen as though he hadn’t seen the sun and suddenly his life was filled with light right then

3) the way Jared shrinks himself when he hugs Jensen and never fails to just bury his head in the crook of Jensen’s neck

4) how Jensen tries to act like a grumpy-grump when Jared is practically crawling all over him, but sometimes his composure breaks and he smiles so brilliantly <3

5) how Jensen has a smile that is just simply “Jared’s smile” :)

6) how they’ve been there for each other through absolutely everything

they’ve been there since day one of supernatural, through failed relationships, emotional episodes, personal issues, depression, marriages, the birth of both their kids, and that’s only the beginning really

7) how Jared helped Jensen become confident enough in himself that he went from the guy who wouldn’t sing in front of a crowd if you paid him to this:

8) how they are each other’s biggest fans and are constantly praising one another

9) how they never hesitate to say “I love you” to one another and sometimes get choked up about it because //crying//

10) how it’s so obvious to us all that they are best friends through-and-through and nothing, not time, not any other person, nothing, will ever come between them because that just doesn’t happen when two people love each other like these two do

Kay so… lets just… lets just focus on THAT for a second can we? Lets just ignore what else is happening, all the smut surrounding it and just focus on THAT. 


Look at how fucking content Phobos looks here, and how fucking soft Deimos seems to be being, this is meant to be for a kink meme yo, this isn’t kink, this is straight up vanilla love and it’s BEAUTIFUL

Anyone who thinks these two don’t belong together at least a little bit are wrong. These two are perfect for each other, all the bitching from Phobos and creepiness from Deimos included.

Look at theeeeemmm  

steve and bucky using a “real or not real” system as Bucky gets his memories back when he’s not sure if he’s remembering something right

“Steve, you used to draw me when i wasn’t looking, real or not real?” “Real, Buck.”

“You nearly died. The first winter after your ma, pneumonia nearly took you, real or not real?” “Real. Didn’t though, you told me if I did you’d drag my ass back from the afterlife just to kick it for not listening to you when you told me to take your scarf” “Yeah that sounds like me”

“Steve, before i left for basic, i said ‘Don’t do anything stupid until I get back’, real or not real?” “That’s real Buck.” “okay, i have memories of being told by one Peggy Carter, that you jumped onto a grenade…real or not real” “i would prefer not to answer that” “Steven” “…real” “you’re going to be the death of me i swear to god” “…not real?”

“Steve?” “Yeah Buck?” “Before the war…we were…you loved me? Real or not real?” “Oh, real Bucky, completely real.” “And now? You love me now, real or not real?” “Real. Always real Buck.”

So as many of you know the How I Met Your Mother finale was this week. In this finale they decided to kill my OTP. That did not make me very happy, but in light of that I have created my own ending in my head where Barney and Robin lived as most would say “Happily Ever After”. They have showed us time and time again why these two are absolutely perfect for each other and I will share when I fell in love them them. 

In the episode Sandcastles in the Sand from season three is when I realized that Barney did care about Robin. He always until this point seemed indifferent to Robin. Towards the end of this episode after Robin was just broken up with he just holds her as she cried on him and gives her a beautiful Barney speech. 

“I have watched your first Robin Sparkles video 1,000 times, and it’s not because I’m proud of you as a friend. It’s because you were totally, totally lame back then. But now, come on, Pa-cow! You’re the most awesome person I have ever know.”

And he truly believes every word he said to her. Of course later that night they shared a remarkable evening of watching her next Robin Sparkles video Sandcastles in the Sand which leads to them sleeping together. As I look back this is one reason I disliked the finale so much. They started the idea of Barney and Robin together all the way back in season three. (Don’t mess with my OTP people.)

After they dated for a few episodes in season 5 with it not working out, I still believed in them. They are literally perfect for each other. In season 7 Robin asks Barney, “Why do you even like me?" and he responds, with something that some would say is lame, but what I think is so profound for Barney, "I guess… ‘cause you’re almost as messed up as I am." 

People might think that this sounds rude but she knows it’s true. They are both terrible at relationships and truly want the same things. 

After Barney starts to go after Nora, Robin beings to notice how much she loves and wants to be with Barney and the second photo that I posted was one of the most painful scenes I watched, waiting for them to finally get back together. Barney and Robin dance at Ted’s friend Punchy’s wedding. Even though Barney is going after another girl, we know that deep down he still cares about Robin and loves her, but is assuming that the only reason that they can’t be together is because they already didn’t work out. Up until this point Robin’s feelings have fluctuated so much. Their dance was perfect and ended with so much heat until interrupted by a phone call from Nora. Barney asks for help talking to her and Robin speaks from the heart, what she really feels even though Barney is repeating what she says to Nora. 

”I know we didn’t work out the first time. And I know it doesn’t make any sense. But I can’t shake the feeling that we belong together. Is there any part of you that wants to try again?“

It is secure in our minds. Robin truly loves Barney and wants to be with him. The writers made us fall in love with them. Because they truly are perfect for each other. 

Even though they split them up in the finale, they will and always will be my OTP. They worked so much better than Robin and Ted and the beautiful character development that Barney went through was some of the best (until it was all shattered in the finale). 

He wants to make her happy. Constantly. He even VOWS to never lie to her, ever. Lying is what he does, and he changes for her. Just for her. 

Everything about Barney and Robin is perfect and always will be. Even though 'canon’ splits them up after 3 years of marriage, they are happily married in my head :)