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When you find someone who ships the same pairing
  • Stranger: Oh ya, I think those two look cute together.
  • Me: :O
  • Me: :O
  • Stranger: What?
  • Me: :O
  • Stranger: Why are you making that face?

The walls closed in—the ceiling dropped. I wanted to be crushed; I wanted to be snuffed out. Everything converged, squeezing inward, sucking out air. I couldn’t keep myself in my body—the walls were forcing me out of it. I was grasping for my body, but it hurt too much each time I tried to maintain the connection. All I had wanted—all I had dared want, was a life that was quiet, easy. Nothing more than that. Nothing extraordinary. But now … now …

I felt the ripple in the darkness without having to look up, and didn’t flinch at the soft footsteps that approached me. I didn’t bother hoping that it would be Tamlin. “Still weeping?”


I didn’t lower my hands from my face. The floor rose toward the lowering ceiling—I would soon be flattened. There was no color, no light here.

“You’ve just beaten her second task. Tears are unnecessary.”

I wept harder, and he laughed. The stones reverberated as he kneltbefore me, and though I tried to fight him, his grip was firm as he grasped my wrists and pried my hands from my face.

The walls weren’t moving, and the room was open—gaping. No colors, but shades of darkness, of night. Only those star-flecked violet eyes were bright, full of color and light. He gave me a lazy smile before he leaned forward.

 The first paragraph is beautifully written and I love that we got a lot of foreshadowing not only for Feyre’s depression arc in ACOMAF but also who helps free her from it. 

There’s just…So much contained in this part? Feyre breaking and knowing that it won’t be Tamlin who comes to her when she’s locked in the dark, terrified, losing her mind and starting to wish that she was dead. Instead it’s Rhys. Rhys who comes to her when she’s in darkness, devoid of colour, sure she’ll never escape, never paint again, never want to paint again. 

And it’s Rhys who kneels before her and prises her hands away. It’s Rhys who opens her eyes again and lets her find the light and the colour that are still in the world. The light and colour and hope that she finds in his eyes. It eases her claustrophobia and helps her calm down again. Rhys helps her see beyond the confines of her cell and the even more dangerous confines of her mind and it’s all foreshadowed in ACOTAR I’m going to go sit in a corner and weep now. Pray for me. 

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