otp: war and mischief

psychoticgirl sent Sif, always Sif to my ask box.. I believe for this prompt.

  • who wears the ugly christmas sweaters - Sif does. Loki doesn’t understand the ugly christmas sweater fad and enjoys his collection of scarves and long sleeved shirts for the winter.
  • who picks out the holiday movies and who makes the hot cocoa - Sif picks the movies (Die Hard, The Ref, Home Alone). Loki makes the hot cocoa with a cinnamon stick added in after.
  • who starts the snowball fight - Loki hits Sif with a snowball when she isn’t looking  and then pretends it isn’t him. Sif isn’t fooled for one moment.
  • who drags the other under the mistletoe - Sif drags Loki under the mistletoe since Loki typically avoids mistletoe after the Balder mishap.
  • who decorates the house - Loki & Sif decorate the house together and end up tangled in garland by the end of the night.
  • who hangs up the ornaments on the tree- They do it together. Loki can reach the top of the tree and Sif hands the ornaments. Loki lets Sif put the star on the top of the tree and catches her when she falls off the ladder.
  • who cooks christmas dinner - Loki cooks chistmas dinner by making something simple, usually baked beans with hot dogs in a crock pot that they can much on all day.
  • who invites the other to sing a christmas duet - Sif will drag Loki over to the piano to play something Christmas-sy for her and then she’ll ask him to sing along after one or two songs.
  • if they have any holiday traditions - Loki makes cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and Sif will put his presents under the tree while he’s in the kitchen. She gets him a couple small presents and then has one big present hiding for him after he’s unwrapped the gifts.
  • who would start a food fight during baking - Sif will come into the kitchen to make fun of Loki’s apron and get a face full of flour, Sif retaliates with cracking an egg over his head.
  • who would get drunk off of eggnog - Both of them try to outdrink the other and end up with headaches the next day.


“I want to reconcile the violence in your heart,

I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask,

I want to exorcise the demons from your past,

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart.”

Can a song fit Sifki better? if you know a better song for them, tell me, I’ll vid it probably xD

Well, I hope you like my new video:)

Suscribe, please: https://www.youtube.com/user/XeniteDeAmphipolis?feature=watch


I am ridiculously excited about what just came in.  It’s a bracelet by The Screaming North, with the phrase “War and Mischief” in old Norse craved into leather!  It’s amazing!  You can request a custom quote, and Heimdall will translate it for you.  

War and Mischief is of course in honor of Sif and Loki – my favorite couple.  I… may never take this off.


for you, dear | Loki&Sif

“For you dear, lose my tongue to talk

Dear, no whispers in the dark
Dear, for you I would

And if you, dear
Found my words were unclear
And my voice, you can’t hear

For you I would, write you a poem
Just to let you know
I would write you a poem, my love

And it’s true, dear
If your demons are near
And you’re drowning in tears”

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! I leave you a new Sifki video of mine and I hope you enjoy it:)

For me, this is another perfect song for them.


“ I’ll be your father,

I’ll be your mother,

I’ll be your lover,

I’ll be yours.”

My first vid of this couple<33