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Draw your chair up and hand me my violin, for the only problem we have still to solve is how to while away these bleak autumnal evenings.

Holmes taking care of his Watson in The Noble Bachelor

The story opens with Watson complaining that the weather was taking a toll on his health and preventing him from leaving the flat.  And here we have Holmes in the closing lines of the story seeking to help Watson pass the night in more comfort than the day.

Reigate Squires

Besides reading it with my own two eyeballs…do you want to know how I know that Reigate is one of the gayest most victorian husbands story in all of canon?

Because most of my reference books treat Reigate like it doesn’t exist.

Looking in FOUR location books it’s like…


Looking in the other reference books, it gets the BAREST mention…

Reigate is now one of my personal favorites.  Reading it with a new perspective changed my original opinion on it.  

At half-past seven next morning, in the first dim glimmer of daylight, I found him standing by my bedside in his dressing gown.

John Watson, speaking of Sherlock Holmes, in The Resident Patient

Notice that it doesn’t say that Watson was:

  • Appalled
  • Outraged
  • Shocked
  • Offended
  • Ashamed
  • Stunned
  • Dismayed

Simply that he found Holmes standing by his bed, in his dressing gown, and thought something along the lines of:  

“Eh, no big deal, when’s the cab arrive dear chap?”

Watson absolutely adores Holmes’s sex hair because it’s so unruly and out of place especially after a good, hard shag, and he strokes his hand through it and curls the strands around his fingers while Holmes just contentedly hums against his chest, and Watson’s chest aches with affection because he’s the only one that ever gets to see him that way, relaxed and unruly and absolutely gorgeous.

Granada Update

So from the comments I got on my previous post, Thursdays seem to be best for the majority of watchers as an alternative to Saturdays.

Unfortunately, kiddo has tball on Thursdays until the end of July. (Which is part of the reason I didn’t get this posted until now)

Shall we reconvene in August with a viewing of the Granada version of Hounds?

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Another Granada Update


Apparently my Saturdays have gone absolutely bananapants? And instead of disappointing everyone all the time (like I will have to again this week… :/) perhaps we should choose another night?

I can definitely do Fridays, but I know that’s a bad night for most. I’ll be running a watchalong for a different fandom (James Bond/00Q - if you’re interested, I’m posting notices for that on @timetospy) on Tuesdays in July, but Tuesday night is good for me otherwise for Granada… Summer is super busy for me in general, but things will be slowing down again in August, and I’ll have more evenings free then. 

Another option is to have our Saturday watchalongs like normal, but only once a month… 

I definitely don’t want to stop! I would miss all of you waaaaay too much! So, let me know what’s best for you, either by message or by replying here, and I’ll post the consensus next Thursday.


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