otp: until tomorrow

warning: Quick drawing. I promise for now on I’ll put more work into my art…

Astrid and Hiccup couldn’t decide on whether or not they should go to the Gala together or with their significant other friend so they opted for choice 3 and decided to all go together.

Things are sure going to heat up tonight

I wish I knew what Eret looked like… I feel like drawing him and it’s so frustrating.

: cute :
  • Katie : Do you think love at first sight is a big lie?
  • Todd: *rubbed his hand across his jaw as if trying to hide a smile*
  • Christy: What's so funny?
  • Todd: All I can tell you, Katie, is that the first time I saw Christy I knew.
  • Katie: Knew what?
  • Todd: I knew that she was God's gift to me and I would never consider anyone else.

“Frequently” - Manual

It’s hard to imagine what you’re going to get out of an album until you’ve actually listened to it. I get lots of recommendations from various sources and I don’t like them all, but occasionally you do stumble across little gems that just catch you at the right time. Until Tomorrow seems to be a relatively understated album, but I really like it. It has multiple levels of soft sound, merging ambient, IDM and gentle glitch.


SOSH - Until Tomorrow

A seriously amazing piece of videography right here!!! Sosh has teamed up with one of my favs directors Thibaut Grevet & Thibault Dumoulin productions to create Until Tomorrow — a film that bridges BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding with the thrill of hitting the road less traveled. For one month, Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charvero, Sam Partaix, Anne-Flore Marxer and Remy Taveira venture throughout the West Coast of the U.S. LOVE!

Music: Son Lux / Lost It To Trying