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“How do you feel going up against your old team?” 

 “C9 looks really really good right now. I’m still friends with almost everyone on the team so it’ll be a fun match. I’ve never had to go against them, yaknow, me and sneaky goin’ at it, outside of soloq so it should be fun. I’m never gonna stop ganking bot"“


“And I honestly love them all to pieces. I love being a dad.”

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Mercy coming home to find her SO in a stereotypical nurse costume.

Where did you get that? Why is it so short? Why are you so cute in it?!
She’s a professional, doctors work well under pressure. You look so cute though. Did you buy it? Why did you buy it? Stop looking so cute!


“Meet me in a my quarters in twenty minutes. With the uniform.”

warning: Quick drawing. I promise for now on I’ll put more work into my art…

Astrid and Hiccup couldn’t decide on whether or not they should go to the Gala together or with their significant other friend so they opted for choice 3 and decided to all go together.

Things are sure going to heat up tonight

I wish I knew what Eret looked like… I feel like drawing him and it’s so frustrating.