otp: unicorns

You know how Cas and Crowley have been working together these past few episodes? How they kind of have a love/hate partnership? Imagine if somehow, in one of the upcoming episodes, it’s let slip that Crowley killed Meg. Imagine the amount of rage from hell and heaven, Cas would unleash on him. Someone needs to write this! I miss Meg, and I miss Rachel Miner. I miss megstiel! 😭💔

Brain, Unicorns on the

A 10-year-old girl approached me at the desk.

Girl: “Do you have anything about unicorns?”

Me: “Yes, we do. Right this way.”

I showed her the section with fable animals. We looked through the books on unicorns.

Girl: “Why are there all these photos of rhinos and whales and stuff?”

Me: “A lot of people used to think that rhinos or other animals with horns were unicorns. See how the narwhal horn looks like a unicorn’s? When people found one of those, they thought it was from a unicorn.”

Girl: “That’s silly! I want to see photos of the unicorn, not all those other animals!”

Me [thinking quick]: “Well, you know, unicorns are very shy, so it’s nearly impossible to get a photo of them.”

Girl: “Oh. All right then. I’ll take these books.”

[I’m a children’s librarian, not the crusher of dreams.]