otp: unicorns


Bucky’s Bomb Yard welcomes Charmed Rock bombs to our shop! These bombs are all hand molded to look like rocks and stones, dusted with shimmery micas! But that’s not what makes these Charmed Rock bombs so special! Each Charmed Rock bomb comes with a special prize inside! We only offer two types of these Rock bombs for now but have plans of making many more themes for this line! Check out what we have available below:

Charmed Forest Rock -  will leave your water a vibrant forest green to accompany the scent of pine, wintergreen and a hint of jasmine!

Charmed Unicorn Rock - will leave your water a very glittery milky white to accompany a scent that is airy, whimsical and as magical as a unicorn!

Once these bombs dissolve in your bath they will release a capsule to float to the top! Inside of this sealed container, you will find a carefully hand crafted *forest/unicorn themed charms! Use these charms on your keychain, on a necklace, on a bracelet, etc! All charms and bombs are made by hand by yours truly, so each piece of truly one of a kind!

*Charm pictured above are a Fox Cupcake charm and an Unicorn Cupcake charm respectively, but charms will vary between bombs. There will be an updated list soon of the different types of charms you might find in the Charmed Rock bombs! 

Click the links listed above to purchase, or check out the full shop HERE for your bath bomb needs! We specialize in fandom and pop culture themed bombs!