otp: underworld royalty

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“Ah, why hello and good day to all of you!.” The painter spoke as she smiled…of course she seem’s that she had a few flour dust on her apron and as well on her cheek, but decided to ignore it, anyways!, the painter gave a small curtsy.

“Ah…I do apologies for my current appearance…i was a bit busy doing something in the kitchen, but anyways!, my name is Cateline Dunois…and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

I better tell you guys more about myself:

My name is Yukiko Shirato (Yuki in short) and since I have been married it has been Yuki Kagamine (but I often keep Shirato) 

My family rule the Underworld, and years after my parents were killed my brother Eiichi and I have come back and reclaimed the kingdom, restoring it to its former glory. 

Everything else is very complicated so ^^“”“" 

I have four beautiful children - Tomoko and Shizuka (twins, 14), Hitomi (9) and Misaki (13). They, too, were born under different complex circumstances which I will not go into just yet. 

Sakura and I are very pleased to meet you all, please treat me kindly, O Tumblr Dwellers!