otp: tyra and landry


Landry: I don’t mean to step on your toes or anythin’ but you might want to try cutting those a little bit thinner because cucumber sandwiches are kind of delicate.
Tyra: Really?
Landry: Did I just lose a lot of man points for that?
Tyra: You know, I’m tryin’ not to keep count, but yeah, yeah you did.
Landry: Did I tell you that I’m-I’m in a band though?
Tyra: See there’s like 40,000 man points, see, so you’re in the black.


Landry: Can I tell you somethin’?  Most girls that look like you do, things are easy, they can just coast by on their good looks for the rest of their lives and not really have to, not really have to worry.  I mean, I know it sounds stupid, but I’m proud of how hard you’ve been workin’ for this.  It…I mean, it says somethin’…I think good things are gonna happen, you just gotta keeping goin’.
Tyra: Thank you.
Tyra: You still think I’m good lookin’ though right?
Landry: You’ve still…you’ve still got it, you know..yeah, I think you’re still okay.
Tyra: Okay? Thanks. Er!