otp: two hearts on fire


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 32/?

jaime/brienne week

day two: duty + favorite song day

bruce springsteen, this is your sword (½)

These are the few things I leave to thee
This sword of our fathers with lessons hard thought
This shield strong and sturdy from battles well-fought

This is your sword, this is your shield, this is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go, and give all the love that you have in your soul [x]

one of these days I’m gonna need raven to hug bellamy. her small arms wrapping around his middle and she just lays her head on his chest but doesn’t say anything. he immediately engulfs her his chin resting on top of her head. she lets out a deep sigh, like she finally gets to relax and just be for a moment with him. it’s soft, warm, and comforting and they’re home.

raven has shown bellamy nothing but trust and loyalty but yet blarkes somehow think klak is better for him when she shot at him and left his sister for dead twice. I’m not surprised that you guys don’t love bellamy bc if you TRULY did, you’d want him to find happiness and someone he can count on and guess who that is? raven reyes!

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even objectively, i think the writers look at the fact that bob and lindsey are the strongest actors on the show, and the two of them together could carry the show through another season

look every time they have scenes together they steal it bc they work so well together. they’re able to bring out the best in their characters and rly show that they have such a deep connection, you are totally right anon.

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THAT’S THE NUMBER ONE THING I LOVE ABOUT THEM THO. they’re just there for each other so much! the amount of loyalty and respect they have for one another is amazing, it’s the kind that keeps you going on the toughest days or when you’re doubting yourself. why do you think it’s so easy for bellamy to pick raven up when she’s down? it’s because she trusts and respects him 110%!! they have this unwavering faith in each other.

that’s why they’re so close because they understand each other so well, they’re on the same wavelength. this is what building a strong, healthy relationship looks like. people want blarke to become canon when they don’t have that foundation because klak has manipulated and abused bellamy so much it’s hard for him to trust her but with raven there’s never doubt about it. “you with me?” “ALWAYS.” like did he really have to ask??? of course she is! i really don’t understand why people are so against them!

gawd that braven sex scene still has me shook. the warm glow that’s surrounding them in bellamy’s tent, the way bell holds raven with gentle hands. her clinging to him trying to get even closer, the way he picks her up!! the way she kisses him! their beautiful brown bodies colliding together to become even more beautiful!!! so iconic I need that again

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Clarke: raven come on you can do this. Raven: NO I CANT IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH NO NO NO. Bellamy: raven we need you. Raven: I suddenly found the cure for cancer wow

look can i talk about that scene for a sec? pls? okay, raven is like freaking out because their lives are at stake and she can’t figure it out and she’s spiraling thinking that she won’t be able to save all of them and she starts doubting herself. and clarke tries to get through to her but it just goes through one ear and out the other and clarke just gives up. but bellamy? ooh no bellamy sits down next to her, comforting her, giving her that same look he gave her back in season one when he was trying to get her to stay. and he just tells her much she’s needed, how smart she is, and how much they need her and it triggers that spark back inside her and she’s back on her feet.

she’s so much stronger and smarter than alie and she just pops back up like it’s nothing! bellamy blake and his belief in raven never fails and i love how he’s always the one to just know what to say to her. he knows what she needs to hear and reminds her that is she wanted. omg and that little smile she gives herself because “omg i figured it out and it’s all thanks to bellamy.” gawd i’ve watched this scene like 100 times and i’m still not over it.

braven has

• trust
• teamwork
• communication
• friendship
• banter
• understanding
• caring
• compassion
• love
• security
• confidence
• would kill for each other (murphy anyone??)

and for the fun stuff
• had sex
• has kissed
• has hugged
• bellamy has carried her
• pinning
• jealousy
• teasing

this is the ultimate ship I mean what more could you ask for??? get with the winning team guys, be brave, be braven!

braven appreciation week ‘17 day one: the moment they became your otp

okay so i’m a little late on this but whatever i’m sure you guys don’t mind :)

Anyway, I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment I knew braven was my otp I just knew that after season one ended and I went back and watched all of their scenes together, I was scrolling through their tag endlessly trying to find people who were interested in them as much as I was becoming, literally trying to weed out the ones who shipped them for like one episode (y’all know The Calm). But I loved how at the end of season one it really showed their partnership forming and their relationship developing more than just that one night they had together. And when season two started I became more interested in them as a couple and hoping for more scenes with them and I guess what really sold the deal for me was the whole episode of where they were trying to save Finn, Bellamy was right there by Raven’s side backing her up and being the comfort that she needed and even catching her before she fell to the ground in tears; that’s when I knew I was hooked and ever since then, their relationship has developed even further to the point where Raven has promised to always be by his side and that is the biggest declaration she could give someone. That type of loyalty and respect they have for each other is truly what I think all relationships should be based off of. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in season five, I just hope they get the justice they deserve and they deserve to be happy.

I just love the way bellamy touches raven like it’s all with gentle, comforting hands. when she’s physically hurt he’s careful with her, trying to ease her pain as much as he can whispering “you’re gonna be okay”. when she’s emotionally hurt he’s there wrapping his arms all around her and holding her close to him because she needs it, she needs that close connection. and even when they’re vulnerable and together in the calm, the way he kisses her his fingers tangled in her hair, his hands holding her waist trying to get her as close to his soul as possible. bellamy’s hands may have done a lot of bad things but with raven they’re the most gentle part about him.