otp: truth and ideals


“There’s just no escaping it. You can run from it all you want but your past will always follow you. Forever and ever and ever and ever. Do you wanna know why that is? Cause these are lonely things. A person’s past and their memories can be a very solitary burden. You see, I personally don’t believe in God. There’s no real proof that he exists. Everyone’s future has uncertainties but the past, that’s something concrete, granted our past may be colored by fallacies and delusions but if a person believes it to be true then the truth is what it becomes. Now if you succumb to this point of veiw and model your actions based on your own past well then your past itself becomes sort of godlike doesn’t it? 

 You’re guilt will become your past.”

-Izaya Orihara

*Sigh* After that ordeal, is it any wonder I’m sad when people undermine the value of the story and message of “Pokemon Black and White?” That the tolerance and acceptance of different ideas, opinions, and points of view, whether they be unambiguous truth or human ideals, is important and necessary for life in this world? Nothing of one’s individual character should be forced on others. “Do as I say/do and the world will be perfect” is just making an ass of yourself: it’s never a good thought for any regular human being to have. Ever. In fact, it’s dangerous. I mean, I’ll accept that way of thinking, messed up as it is, but if such people who held it actually tried to hold power over me and the rest of the world, I would not take that sitting down.

We all may be flawed and messed up, but dammit, we all have the right to think and do things our own ways from now ‘til the end of the world! 

Title: Lost and Found

Words: 3554

Prompt: Truth and Ideals

Summary:  (Thoughts, dreams, reunions, and a wide open future.)
Or, memories and fragments of new dreams, ideals, truths, and how N and Touko reunite three years after it all.

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Notes: The first thing I ever wrote for this ship over a year ago now. Hope everyone enjoys and has a great fwshipping week!

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