otp: troy and abed in the morning


Can we just take a moment to wish that Troy and Abed had their own show.  Like, a full length, once a week show.  Actually, make it a YouTube web series that I can watch everyday!  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Troy and Abed in the morning!

Trying to remember all the variations of this throughout Community’s three seasons.

“Troy and Abed in the morning!”
“Troy and Abed in the morning… nights!”
“Troy and Abed being normal”
“Troy and Abed’s new apartment!”
“Troy and Abed sewn together!”
“Troy and Abed shooting lava!”
“Troy and Abed and Annie in the morning!”
“Troy and Abed, off to dreamland, catching the train to sleepytown”
“Troy and Jeffrey and Annie and Britta and Shirley and Pierce and Abed and Jeffrey!”

Can anyone remember any others?