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Ziva and I can never be just friends. I wrote down a list of bullet points why Ziva and I should be together, and I’m going to find the perfect moment today and I am going to tell her. Number one: “Ziva, you and I are soup snakes.” The … and the reason is… because… in terms of the soup, we like to- that doesn’t make any sense. We’re soul mates. Ziva and I are soul mates.
—  Tony before Ziva boards the plane to leave


“you jeopardized your entire career! and for what?”

“for you.”


“Listen you can bag groceries for all I care, just come home. I just want you to come home with me. Listen, I know it’s hard and I know you want to change. I can change with you. I’m fighting for you Ziva”

I miss them so much. NCIS isn’t definitely the same without Tiva

He could see the beauty in everything except for mankind.
And this wasn’t the first time, no. He thought he would never see the end of this traumatic, fear that kept crawling back into his life.
But here he was, again. Sitting beside a hospital bed, the TV turned down to low buzz while a rhythm struck every few seconds to her heartbeat. The constant panic when the beat slowed, emptying out of his mouth into the trash can beside him.
He swore there was nothing worse than this wrenching feeling, driving a pit in his stomach that engulfed everything he ever was. He’d been through it before, six years ago when they rescued her from Somalia. Again, when they were in a crash on their way home from Berlin and the last thing he remembers was reaching out for her upon everything going pitch black.
It never became any easier.
This time though… This time was different.
She had never come home, at all. Not even to him, her actual home…her heart. Her gypsy ways kept her moving at a steady place around the world, hopping on and off of different trains, planes and cars. He even wondered if she had hitchhiked at some point.
The frantic calls from Schmeil, the man of steel around noon, four days ago. The elder man had heard she’d been in a plane crash around the peninsula of Yemen and knew Tony would be the first one to call.
Without question, Tony flew from the crime scene he was present at, not bothering to explain a word to his nosy coworkers and headed straight for the airport. When he got to Africa, he’d text McGee and explain, but at the moment there was only one person on his mind.
The flight over was hell, at least that’s where Tony thought he was flying to. He promised he would never return to the Horn of Africa, let alone think about that area of geography ever again. History repeats however, and none other than him flying to this land of hell to retrieve her again.
At least, that’s what he had in mind.
He didn’t know all the facts from Schmeil, who refused to tell him exactly what happened over the phone. He just knew that he was needed urgently and that Ziva would need him.
What he didn’t expect was the sight of her, lying still, twenty or more cords surrounding her on life support. No, that was never part of the plan.
He dropped to his knees, sobbing when the doctor explained that she was on her way to Somalia to rescue a group of Israeli school girls, abducted by pirates on a school trip. Along the way, weather disrupting the flight and causing their plane to go down. Something snapped inside his heart, breaking into tiny pieces that felt as if they floated down to clog his lungs; his breath not forming no matter how hard he tries to exhale. The bile rose quicker in his throat, spilling out when the doctor mumbled the words in a whisper that she was on life support and they didn’t see any hope for her circumstances.
Throwing all up all over the hospital floor in front of him, Tony held onto his head with both fists, curled and pulled at his hair. His whole world was shattering in this moment and he couldn’t do anything because he left Israel.
He left her.
She wouldn’t have been on her way to Somalia if he hadn’t left Israel in the first place. She could have been cooking them a homemade dinner in the corridors of her childhood home, basking in the orange grove, letting him explore her for dessert and stay content in the after bliss of their love making. Perhaps they could have been trying for a baby, or baby number two if the time were right.
He left her.
Unsafe, troubled from the emotions of her fathers haunting death and the never ending consequences of Mossad. He left. And it was such a stupid decision really, he wasn’t the one who was in need… She was.
Moment of impact, he was beside her hospital bed, bent over and kissing her face in small pants; hoping she’d awake to his familiar touch. No eye flutters, no flinch of her face,no glimmer of hope, nothing.
Still as a log, she lay there with the constant humming of her heartbeat coming from the machine next to her.
Tony quickly dragged a seat over next to her, wrapping his hand around hers, clasping her tightly in his own. His palm went to rest on her forehead, smoothing away the strands of hair that lay on the bloody bandage. His touch lightly traveling down her face, to her neck in order to feel her pulse.
“Zee-vah, what trouble did you get yourself into now?” He tried to joke, sniffling in the process. The nurse cleaning up his bile out of the corner of his eye. “You gotta wake up, sweet cheeks. This time I’m not taking no for an answer. I want you to come home with me and you will come home with me, I’ll make sure of it. I’ll even buy you a puppy.” He snickered, remembering her adoration for the black lab of a fallen navy seal, amidst a murder case. “Please, sweet cheeks.
Wake up for me. We’ve been apart for far too long and I can’t deal with it any longer. All your clothes you left have been living in my closet. Unfortunately, none of them will fit me. Not that your big or anything…you’re perfect. I just have a grizzly bear form, yeah, that’s it. An grizzly bear form because I’m the bear and you… Well, you’re the bears best friend. Come on, wake up. Please.” He begged, cupping her cheek with his hand and wincing at the bloody cuts along her face. “I said it before, couldn’t live with you then and I still can’t now. I love you,” He choked out, “I really do. I love you.” He sighed, tears falling from his hazel eyes when he listened to the heart monitor slow its pace.
“What’s happening?” Tony asked, frantic and pulling at Ziva’s hand while the doctor rushed in, checking her vitals.
“Her heart rate is decreasing. Code Red!” The doctor yelled, nurses colliding into each other as they surrounded Ziva, pushing Tony out of the way.
Tony buckled over in the back, his fist fitting tightly in his mouth while he cried, watching the metal machines be placed on Ziva’s bare chest. Her body bounced into the air, chest first and back down onto the bed.
Once again,
Schmeil stood outside, heart breaking for the man in his view. Sure, he knew how upset Ziva was when she found out he was seeing someone else from the scientist of her old DC team, but it was extremely clearly that this man loved her. He knew it that night he went out to dinner with both of them while visiting the lovey Zivaleh in Washington.

Coming home sounded nice, especially not taking a disgruntled no from her at the demand of his.
Coming home with your soulmate, that was the cherry on top.

She wasn’t herself. She was different; more free, if you could say that. He knew somewhere in the back of her mind that she was thinking about something, he just wasn’t aware of what.
She was awfully surprised when she woke up from emergency surgery, a gold band and diamond on her ring finger.
“Did you drug me to say yes?” She questioned, her eyebrow arching when she awoke to the sight of him.
“No… I just wanted to make sure when you were done being a sleepyhead that you knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Ever.” He replied, moving the hospital cot that he borrowed closer to her. His hands gathered in her hair, leaning down to give her a tender kiss.
“Why are you here?” She pulled away, looking around at where she was.
“You gonna ask me that every time you see me for as long as I live?” He joked, shaking his head at her and leaning down again to kiss her forehead.
“I just mean…” She gathered her words, head pounding from the bright lights in the room. “Why am I here? What happened? And how did you, all the- all the way back…home find out?”
“The man of steel knew to contact me, thankfully and I’m glad he did. You were in a plane crash, on your way to the Horn of Africa.” He paused, watching her make a face. “Thought we had a promise that you wouldn’t step foot near that shit hole again?”
Ziva nodded, biting her lip in a nervous gesture, “I was trying to help… To do some good in the world, yes?”
Tony nodded, interlocking his fingers with hers. “Mm, I think you’ve done plenty of good in this world. Number one was finding me.” He smirked, Ziva giving him a small nudge with the little energy she had.
“That is true…” She agreed in a whisper, moving her gaze to the rings on her finger and then out the window.
“What is it?” Tony asked, using his other hand to tilt her head back to him in order to look into her eyes.
“Did you… Did you only do this because I was hurt?” She pondered, glancing up at him with her foggy, chocolate orbs. The effects of all the pain medications waring on her.
“What?!” Tony scowled, “What would ever make you think that?”
“I just….” She shrugged, tearing her gaze away once more. “I just do not know that you would be doing this to me instead of her if I did not get hurt.”
“Her? Who told you about her?” Tony tensed.
“Abby, Gibbs…” She whispered, shrugging again when he tried to pull her closer to him.
Tony felt his heart drop again, for the millionth time that past week. “They had no right telling you anything. They don’t know what you and I have compared to what I - what I was like with her. I wasn’t myself, Ziva. I was lonely. She was nothing, but to pass the time. I swear. It’s always been you, no one else could take your place. God, when I heard you were hurt, I lost it. And then your heart stopped and you were on l-l-lif-life supp-p-p” He stopped, choking up and pulling away from her grip when she realized how much he was affected by everything that had happened. “Christ, Ziva. I’ve watched you die twice in front of me now. I can’t do it anymore. I need you to come home with me.”
He cried, grabbing onto her again while she brought her hand up around his neck, pulling him down to her.
“If it helps, McGee told me she was chunk and dunk.” She whispered and Tony let out a loud laugh, not even bothering to correct her.
“Stop running away from me and just come home. Please? You’re much safer when I have your six… As myself with you.” He looked at her, touching her collarbone softly.
“I will come home to you as soon as I can get out of here,” she nodded, kissing the stubble along his jaw where he hadn’t shaved in days from sitting alongside her in the hospital. “We will make a home together, yes?”
“Yes. A home, a future and some little DiNozzos along the way.” He smiled, connecting his lips to hers and swiping his tongue along her bottom lip.

The beauty of mankind is in the heart of the one you love, the one you call your home.


Goodbye my Lover || Tony&Ziva