otp: tony&ziva

Fail-safe, chapter 1

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, 1400 words


Everyone always knew that Tony Stark would make a terrifying villain. When he joined forces with Steve Rogers, the world didn’t stand a chance.

(Or: Tony wakes from a coma, and something is wrong.)

Thanks for beta to @mrsbananers!

My first WIP ever! I’m very excited and slightly scared.

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Ziva and I can never be just friends. I wrote down a list of bullet points why Ziva and I should be together, and I’m going to find the perfect moment today and I am going to tell her. Number one: “Ziva, you and I are soup snakes.” The … and the reason is… because… in terms of the soup, we like to- that doesn’t make any sense. We’re soul mates. Ziva and I are soul mates.
—  Tony before Ziva boards the plane to leave

You know what’s my favorite trope/headcanon ???

Clingy as f u c k Bucky/Winter Solider

Like every time the Winter Solider comes out, he follows Tony everywhere and is constantly touching him. Maybe because the Winter Solider (and Bucky) are touch starved as HECK. And Tony doesn’t mind.

The team doesn’t know about it at first. When the Winter Solider was out and about, everyone stay clear of him. And Tony being Tony waltzes in and just burrows in the Solider’s chest because he’s warm and Tony is so tired.

And everyone is like “!!!!!!!!!!!” But the Solider doesn’t move Tony. In fact he envelopes Tony and whispers softly in his ear. And Tony s o a k s up the attention.

And the team is like “??????????”

And of course Steve ask Bucky if it bothers him. That he can talk to Tony and tell him to back off.

And Bucky almost snaps and says “If you ruin this for me, Rogers, I will beat your ass again and leave you in that river”

And Steve doesn’t ask again. Bucky absolutely loves having Tony sleeping on him. Or just chilling beside him.

10/10 love this concept

FrostIron #1

Since Loki’s a shapeshifter I am not saying he would talk with animals but be able to understand their body language really well so can you imagine Loki just looking at some snake and going ‘Oh my, poor thing’s exhausted’ and Tony just freaking out like whAT THE FUCK Loki you fucking PARSLETONGUE what is this straight up salazar bullshit fUcKING SLYTHERINS DAMMIT

How to flirt with Tony Stark; a guide by Steve Rogers:

1) .

2) Who knows

3) Certainly not me

4) Compliment his…robots?

5) ??? 

6) Blush a lot 

7) Splutter like a fool when Tony says anything even slightly inappropriate

8) !!!!???

9) Why is there not a manual for this

10) God I need to find Natasha she knows about this stuff right-