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jude + tommy | sooner or later

I just finished my Instant Star rewatch. I forgot how AWFUL the finale was. TBH it was really shitty of The N network (Teen Nick) to pull funding from the show and then NOT allow them a movie to close up loose ends. The show literally ended with four different cliff hangers lol. 

I remember 8 years ago when it ended, i was sitting in my living room waiting for the finale and I was literally SCREAMING at the end ahaha. I’m pretty sure I like slung the remote across the room and started sobbing. Bless.  And it isn’t a show like Veronica Mars or even Chuck where it had a huge fan base that will crowdfund a movie. 

So basically headcanons and fanfiction is all I’ve got for “closure”. 

Kiss Me Fool

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Jude: So tired of falling for guys that don’t fall back. It hurts.

Tommy: Jude, I…

Jude: You all say the nicest things. You’re so great. You’re so nice. But none of you wanna date me. So you wanna help me Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong. Tell me why I’m so easy to give up and then maybe I can fix it.

Tommy: You are asking. the wrong. guy.

And then he kisses THE HOLY MESS out of her!