otp: today is the day my life begins

Today is the Day My Life Begins

Traditionally, a woman’s wedding day was supposed to be the most important day of her life (only behind the birth of her children). Rachel had always known that she was going to be married; the only thing that was questionable was to who and when. To say that the who turned out to be Noah Puckerman, former resident ladies’ man of Tree Hill and the when was today, a good nine months before she turned eighteen, well … it was safe to say that she had never envisioned that. Yet, despite not planning for it (much), she was happy. So, so, so happy that she didn’t think there were enough ‘so’s in the world. Puck was the guy that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and after explaining that to her dads in a conversation that involved the sharing of information that she had never, ever wanted to share, she had received their blessings. Which was completely necessary for the marriage license considering her current underage status.

Despite things being rushed and not at all planned like she would have liked, it was a beautiful ceremony. The place Puck had told her about was beautiful (she’d never tell him she doubted him) and perfect and it was more than enough for her, her dads, her husband-to-be and the rabbi. While she was more than sure he was questioning their motives – and her dads’ sanity – he didn’t ask much questions as he did his duties. Which was good because they were paying him to be just a rabbi. The ceremony was very simple considering they didn’t even have guests to object or anything like that. They both had written their own vows and she was honestly touched by the things he said. As she looked at her dads once he was done, she was sure that if they hadn’t been sold on him then, they sure were after. During their wedding, they were learning what she had since they got together: the Puck that they knew was nowhere near the man she was marrying today.

Once everything was done, the rabbi went on his way and she knew that now was the time she’d part from her dads as well. They had offered to host a celebration dinner for them but she declined, wanting to spend her wedding night with her husband before school (and yes, it sucked that they couldn’t even have a real honeymoon locked up in his apartment because of educational obligations). Taking Puck’s hand, she waved to her dads, waited a few moments as they walked away and then looked up at him. At her husband. “Did that really happen?” she asked with a big grin, lifting up her left hand to examine the gold band that adorned her ring finger. It was such a simple piece of jewelry but it meant so much. “I love you so much.” She didn’t even have to ask if he knew that because he did; he married her and she married him and that was the ultimate sign of love if she ever saw one. “I can’t wait to get home,” she said, knowing that her nights spent at his apartment were going to be more frequent. “And, before you make some lewd comment, I don’t mean just for that,” though she totally had implied it. “I just want to be home with my husband take off these heels. It hurts having to be near your height.”