otp: to protect the king


Clarus resents that ring in the same breath that one might praise it. For all the good it does it feels void because Clarus can see. He can see the way Regis’ back bends he can see the way his hair has gone from black to grey to silver as if kissed by starlight.

He can see the pain that pinches Regis’ eyes. and the council dont seem to think ’ we still have the old wall ’ one said  and yet what it takes to command it would be akin to putting a sword through Regis’ chest and sometimes Clarus wonders if that would be a mercy nights like that when he’s had too much to drink and he hurts because he can’t do anything to protect Regis from that pain.

Regis is alive but is he really living? When the pain is so much he can barely walk when he has to lean on Clarus to get to his meetings when he sits there white knuckled holding the table because Regis is so close to breaking and yet no one sees to notice or if they do they just dont care. Selfish they are selfish cowering behind the wall and letting it kill their king, will kill their prince, and his child, this damned war has made ruin out of them all.

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(24) Gladio’s pick-up lines.

Gladio: Morning! I was going to tell you how I’m feeling, but I’ve got priorities. *leans close to Ignis* So how is mine doing?
Ignis: I don’t know. *turns at a side* How are you, Noct?
Noctis: Fine?
Ignis: He’s fine.
Gladio: :’(

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What are your fave fic tropes?

modern aus! bed sharing!!! weddings!! jon is internally dramatic!! he’s jealous for like NO REASON and everyone but sansa knows that’s why he’s got that look on his face and they tease him mercilessly but poor sansa doesn’t know wtf’s going on (and then after a rather heated argument where sansa’s like “wtf????” and jon’s like “NOTHING EVERYTHING IS FINE” and she’s all ????? then jon just fuckin’ GOES FOR IT and KISSES HER)!!!! sneaking around!! stuck together (in an elevator or a house or a closet IDC)!! mutual pining!!!!! matchmaking!!!! jon wears glasses! that thing where sansa means to kiss jon’s cheek but then he shifts slightly (on accident or purpose) and then BAM unintentional makeout!!


|If you want something done well, do it yourself|

Sebastian Moran has been kidnapped and injured by some associates of the consulting criminal in the poor attempt of getting more power. What they don’t know, however, is how truly changeable Jim is.

I thought you didn’t like getting your hands dirty’

‘Oh you know me, Seb. I don’t like it when people touch what’s mine. I’m the only one allowed to play with my things.’

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A/N: The piece that Jim is whistling is a reference to M, by Fritz Lang (1931), where the murderer’s habit is to whistle the same melody when he feels the impulse of killing someone. I thought Jim might be the type who likes using these kind of references, especially if pissed off.