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​Karamel Appreciation Week day 2: favorite quote(s)

This is going to be hard to pick. I have so many

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The Hi is just so cute and it was right before they were about kiss and just the way he said it was so amazing.

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She forgives him! This is such an important line for Karamel. kara forgiving Mon-El is everything. Kara wants him in her life.


On this week’s “Someone forgot to tell Stephen and Emily their characters are broken up”

Root’s Sighs Of Frustration...

…..When Shaw keeps denying & deflecting her true feelings for Root…

Poor Root! Awww…Shaw! Adorbs!

Interestingly, Samaritan’s Sim!Root is very patient with Shaw’s deflection. This is because its Sim!Root doesn’t know Shaw like real Root does. Real Root knows Shaw’s bullshit so she would’ve expressed her frustrations without any hesitation, instead.

In contrast, TM’s Sim!Root knows exactly how real Root behaves toward Shaw. That’s why Her Sim!Root confronts Shaw head-on when Shaw deflects her feelings, as usual. Just as real Root would. 

Brilliant juxtaposition between Samaritan & TM’s Sim!Root, innit? ;)

(Denise Thé is a GOD!)

That’s why I believe Root & Shaw’s journey doesn’t end but takes on another dimension when TM!Root 2.0 returns and phones Shaw in the closing scene.

“Maybe….it isn’t the end at all.”

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I didn't even realised how much I missed then till I saw that promo. Can you spell chemistry?! I missed Barry being in love with Iris, he's just so much better like that. It also highlights just how fake his relationship with Patty is...

I want to send Grant a gift basket, honestly, because his less-than-enthusiastic reactions to Patty have been single-handedly keeping Westallen alive this season. Not only is Grant & Candice’s chemistry naturally beautiful and a breath of fresh air, Grant has been purposely holding back with Shantel and no one can convince me otherwise. Even if I don’t think they “mesh well together,” as Cher would say, he could definitely look more into her. 

Most actors would just play what’s on the page for any given relationship, which is why fans feel like their OTP has been destroyed when they see one member totally in love with another person. That’s not really the case, it’s just the actor doing as they’re told in the moment, lol. But for some reason, Flash fans get this instead…



Olicity s4 💋 (thus far)

'To love another person is to see the face of God.'

I managed to keep it together right until the very end of ‘Les Miserables’, but then when the epilogue started and the Bishop appeared and this lyric came up - yeah, I was gone.

It’s just that this quote kind of sums up the entire point of the story. It’s about little people, outcasts and lowlifes whom society shuns. They are prostitutes, street urchins, rebels, convicts, and the law castigates them for it, condemning them and damning them.

But, despite - and because - of their social standing, they are capable of acts of extraordinary love and compassion. Fantine gives her life for her daughter; Eponine gives her life for Marius; Gavroche is killed for his cause; the revolutionaries all die defending their freedom, and Valjean spends twenty years in jail for trying to save his sister’s family.

This, at the end of the day, is what matters. It is humanity, justice and common decency that ultimately sees characters such as Valjean and Fantine find salvation. It is adherence to moral justice, not the law system, that ultimately sees them gain their freedom.

That is the beautiful thing about the story, I feel, and one of the reasons that it has struck such a chord with so many people. It is a story of humanity and how it can endure even in the darkest places, like the sewers of Paris or the slums of Saint Michele.

What it seems to really say is that the law is not always justice. Duty is not love. These things come from something much simpler and much smaller, a human instinct repressed and frowned upon by those in power, but that will always be there and always endure. And it matters.