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I just want to point out (again) how cute Daryl’s body language is here. Because he’s literally never gotten like this around anyone else.

This is one of the only instances in which Daryl has been so awkward and fidgety while carrying on a conversation. He’s shuffling his feet, gesturing haphazardly, kicking at the ground.

All of this alludes to the fact that he was nervous while giving this speech to Carol. It took a lot for him to work up the courage to say this to her - and his body language gave away that much - which means that saying this to her meant a lot to him.

It was extremely important to Daryl. He wanted her to start over - with her - so badly (and still does) and asking her to do this was difficult. Because Daryl seemed to feel that it was a huge thing to ask. It was something that mattered so much to him. And to ask Carol, who is the only person who gets him all awkward and fumbly.

Daryl was having some serious butterflies during this moment, and I’m sure that those emotions most likely led to this clumsy moment.

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Daryl Dixon becomes a clumsy awkward dork, only in the presence of Carol because he loves her and that’s what she does to him.

The Time Travel Story

(AKA: How Kyungsoo Fixed A Microwave Once, And Built A Time Machine In Time To Fix Kaixing’s Relationship)

Pairing: Kaixing (Main)

Genre: fluff, romance, au, sci-fi, smut(slight), mpreg(why not?)

Summary: Kaixing are at each others throats and Kyungsoo has had it. So, logically, the best thing to do is to send them to the future where he’s sure they’re happily married. Sehun isn’t convinced. After all, a time machine isn’t quit a microwave, and Kai and Lay don’t love each other, right?

A/N: I SHOULD NOT BE WRITING MORE RIGHT NOW BUT I AM. lmao. chapter one of a series that’s been in my drafts for, well, forever. Dedicated to @taylorgasmtpr @bickee @cokeie-monster @kailayuniversefeels @kaixing-thirst @twomoonsdancing and @musicalanime (Who is waiting on a pokemon fic from me, im so sorry im so late on that still) I will be trying to write more but I apologize for being so late to writing anything at all. 2017 is my year of fanfiction, so lets hope I get better at this. I know I have more to update on OTHER fics, but all in due time. Please comment and enjoy!

Time Stamp #1: How Kyungsoo Lost A Few Plates & Suho Got A Welt On His Head.

In the EXO dorms there are days, and then there are days. On those few, and highly amusing, token days it’s not unnatural to be presented with trauma so early in the morning. A simple knowledge that Sehun is all too familiar with as he escapes the fire of plates being hurled into the air. On days like these there is really only one or two people that could remedy the situation. But, with Suho unable, there was only one today. One person who could calm the storm in the kitchen. Hopefully for good. 

“Hyuuuuuung!” Kyungsoo heard their youngest screech through the hallway. “Hyung, where are you?!”

Said person in question rolled his eyes; all too familiar with the exact situation at play. He didn’t want to assume the worst, but that tone of desperation only meant one thing.

“I’m in the garage!” Kyungsoo yelled as loud as his lack of interest would allow. It was far too early to be putting his work aside for another squabble that Suho could handle. Sehun barreled in right after that; all but running into the door frame and breaking his neck in the process. “Hyung!” their youngest groaned; completely frazzled. His hair was sticking to all ends and his eyes showed he’d literally just woken up. “They’re at it again,” he frowned.

“It’s nine in the morning,” Kyungsoo sighed; placing his circuit board down and checking his watch. “What on Mother Earth could those two be trying to kill each other over at this hour? Their bacon and eggs?”

Sehun opened and closed his mouth - his expression changing from worry to shock. “How did you know that? Can you hear them arguing from in here?” the maknae asked as he knocked on the closest wall. “I thought these were sound proof?”

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, the beginning of a migraine creeping up behind them. “They are, but that’s not the point. Why isn’t Suho handling it?”

Sehun lifted his shoulders sheepishly. “Well he tried but…”

“But what?”

“Well,” the blonde looked away. “They threw a plate at him.”

Upon seeing his hyungs eyes go wide in surprise Sehun quickly shook his head and added, “Not on purpose! I think they were trying to hit each other but Suho stepped in. He’s getting ice strapped to his head by Xiumin hyung now.”

It was one thing to always be at each others throats - it was another thing entirely to be causing harm to others or the dorm itself. If Suho had to step in between fire, and they were still trying to commit murder, that could only mean it was much worse today.

Sehun tilted his head slightly and waved his hand at a very quiet Kyungsoo. “uh… Hyung?”

Kyungsoo cracked his neck before irritably walking past the maknae and out of the room. “I swear those two only do this when I’m in the middle of a breakthrough,” he seethed as he trudged through the dorm. Sehun walked quickly behind him; much more awake now than he had been. “And now they’ve probably given leader a giant welt and we leave in an hour for a broadcast.”

Kyungsoo watched as a plate was flung into the wall outside the kitchen; smashing into tiny pieces like fireworks at new years. On the wall opposite of that, sitting in the hall, was the rest of the group. Jongdae and Chanyeol were on the ground while Baekhyun, who’d clearly had a moment to prepare, sat on a kitchen chair. None of them looked very pleased. Jongdae spoke up when a piece of toast flew out of the kitchen.

“It’s really bad this time,” he sighed. “I think it’s pent up from last nights issue at rehearsal. Who knew eggs and bacon were a euphemism for ‘you’re just pissed I’m getting laid and you’re not’.”

“We made sausage too,” Baekhyun sulked from his seat. “But I didn’t even get to serve it yet before they started yelling at each other.”

Kyungsoo frowned. He could hear the half assed, but heatedly voiced, arguments being tossed around in the kitchen.

“How long?” he managed to ask as yet another plate came crashing out of the room. He hoped those weren’t the good one’s he’d purchased last week.

Jongdae shrugged. “I want to say it’s been about 15 minutes now. We didn’t want to get you unless it was really bad, but when plates started flying we decided to wake maknae and get you to shut them up.”

“This has got to stop,” Xiumin said from behind them; carefully helping Suho into the hallway. Said leader looked annoyed, but fine otherwise. “It’s only been getting worse since Kai’s dating scandal broke loose. At this rate they’re going to break something or someone.”

Jongdae chuckled dryly from his seat on the floor; eyes scanning the broken bits of plate all over the carpet. “Too late there hyung.”

Kyungsoo sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. God help them all if it wasn’t the damnedest thing that his assumptions over the years was right all along. “I think I know then what this is all about. But they’re so stubborn it’ll be next to impossible to get them to acknowledge it if I’m right.”

“Well what ever it takes do it,” Chanyeol said as he picked up a piece of ceramic from the floor. “Because I’m 100% sure these where the new set you got us last Tuesday.”

Kyungsoo took in a long breath - mostly for his sanity - before stepping forward and standing at the doorway. He fully intended to set both their dancers straight - figuratively of course. Before he could get a word in however, a piece of greasy sausage was flung in his direction. Had he not been totally surprised by the assault he might have moved away in time. Sadly, that was not the case. The lathered piece of meat hit his face with a ‘plop’ and the room went silent. Everyone, outside and in the kitchen, held their breath and watched as the breakfast food slid down slowly off their lead vocalists face - leaving behind a trail of grease on its trip to the floor.

“Oh shit.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Oh hell.”

“Kyungie hyung!”

“We’re so fucked.”

Completely ignoring all forms of profanity Kyungsoo lunged forward and grabbed both of their dancers by the collars of their shirts. Kai and Lay, Kim Jongin and Zhang Yixing, known for their sex appeal and charisma, both looked about ready to shit a brick. Literally. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off penguin. 

“Kyungie hyung,” Jongin tried sweetly; a half eye roll getting tossed his way by the other dancer in Kyungsoo’s grip. “Hey, how’s it going? So sorry about that sausage. I don’t know what got into Lay hyung.“

“Your ego,” Yixing supplied dramatically. “And I’m over it; that and your need to be such a damn suck up.” Kyungsoo would have been shocked at the Chinese male’s language had he not understood the tension between him and Jongin. “I really didn’t mean to hit you with that sausage Soo,” he finished in a much lighter tone. One that didn’t escape Jongin’s attention.

“Who’s the damn suck up now?” the taller male murmured crossly. “At least pick a damn personality you two-faced goody-two-shoes.”

Yixing growled. Literally. Fists balling up as Kyungsoo tightened his grip on them both. “If my lack of character around you is so damn irritating,” he seethed calmly. “It’s probably because you can’t go two seconds without opening your mouth for attention - more specifically to gloat about your girlfriend.”

Jongin smirked. “Still pissed I’m banging the girl of your dreams?”

“ENOUGH!!” Kyungsoo screamed; effectively silencing both troublesome -and ridiculously oblivious, in his opinion - dancers. The rest of EXO watched with bated breath from the doorway; hands gripping the edges like they were afraid to miss anything exciting. If Kyungsoo was this mad… There was no saving them.

The smaller of the three kitchen bound members took a long and strained breath - his shoulders rolling back to gain some sort of control. “The both of you are the biggest idiots this side of the moon and we are ALL done with it,” Kyungsoo bit out; both dancers in too much shock to do anything but stare. “I don’t give a FUCK what started it this time, because it’s the last time, so help me God, I will castrate you both with a butter knife and feed your balls to Chanyeol’s ferret.

Jongin’s eyes widened and Yixing simply swallowed hard. If they were scarred they were doing a piss poor job of hiding it.

“Now,” Kyungsoo smiled menacingly. “Because I can’t take either of your words at this point, I’m going to make sure this damn fix sticks for good. Got it?”

The rest of EXO watched dumbfounded as Kai and Lay nodded ‘yes’ before being dragged by their shirts out the kitchen and down the hall - following closely behind them.

“Good,” Kyungsoo smirked as they rounded the doorway into the garage: letting the dancers go so he could get his hands on the covered heap in the middle. “Not that you have much choice now that you’ve broken my good dishes anyway. I would love to let time work it’s magic and have you two figure it all out on your own, but I don’t have enough money for plates for that. Besides,” he paused as he removed the sheet from his latest contraption; everyone’s eyes going wide as saucers. “I’ve been meaning to have someone try this out.”

Jongin arched a brow at that. “Hyung,” he asked apprehensively; noting that Yixing had taken a step back unsure. “I say this mostly for the sake of my skin, because these types of things never end well, but…”

“What the hell is that?” Yixing finished; unconsciously shifting his body behind the taller dancer. If Jongin minded or noticed he didn’t show it, however he was hyper-aware of the others’ movements. It didn’t sit well with his stomach.

“This,” Kyungsoo said proudly. “Is my time machine. And you two love birds get to test it out first.”

“I’m sorry what?” Jongin supplied intelligently. “Say that again, I think I heard you wrong?”

“Nope,” the short singer grinned. “You heard me right. This is my time machine - and today,” He paused to point at both dancers. “you two are going to be the first ones to test it out.”

“You can’t be serious,” Yixing groaned; body still hidden behind Jongin. Jongin himself knew he should move away, but his body refused to do so upon hearing the worry in the Chinese males voice. “That thing looks like it’d kill us. You can’t honestly expect us to get in there?”

Kyungsoo laughed. “I am. It won’t. And if either of you have any hope of getting this stupid need to fight over and done with, you will get in this pod and let me send you into the future.”

“How do you even know it’ll work?” Yixing whined; his entire body language screaming that he would rather punt a baby than go along with Kyungsoo’s plan. “I know you’re smart and all, but you can’t honestly expect me to believe this is an actual time machine - much less one that works?”

“Actually he makes a good point,” Jongdae decided to add in; curiosity mirroring the rest of the group standing at the doorway. “scientists working on recreating the big bang in NYC don’t have the understanding yet to build a time machine. I know you fixed our microwave that one time, but this isn’t exactly a bad wire on a heating contraption this time around. How’d you even do it?”

A hand followed by a heavy sigh stopped the chatter among the members - Kai and Lay still frozen in place. Kyungsoo would argue that Jongin had actually moved closer to Yixing to calm the other somehow subconsciously - but that was best left for the time jump. “It’s simple really,” the small man began. “I won’t go into detail too much because it is rather complex, and more or less abstract, in thought at first, but I can sum it up in a sentence. Basically, you have to just think of time as relevant.”

“Uh..” Baekhyun droned. “You might need to elaborate on that a bit more.”

“Okay then,” Kyungsoo agreed; rolling his sleeves up. “Go at it like this, if time is man made - or rather - the measurement of time - then what’s to say that today isn’t still yesterday and tomorrow as well? Think that ‘time’ is  like a never ending factor - like a story without chapters. When you add humans into the mix - and our bodies have to age, no way around that - suddenly the factor seems to have chapters. Little pauses that determine day in and day out. When we look at time like this there’s no way of finding a point to jump to, because there aren’t stops  - no chapters to bookmark - to get us to a certain ‘time’.”

Yixing and Jongin both looked completely flabbergasted. So much so that Kyungsoo doubted Jongin had even noticed Yixing had decided to grip his arm as a means of feeling safe. There was no way he was wrong in his assumptions about those two. ‘Why you’re dating Krystal is beyond me Jonginnie,’ he thought to himself.

“So then,” Suho frowned. “how does time travel work is time isn’t as we understand it?”

“That’s were it gets tricky,” Kyungsoo sighed; finding it laughable that the rest of the band gave him a look that read ‘it wasn’t already?’. “You see, in order to travel in ‘time’, you have to travel to a point in your aged body, since that is really the only thing that changes. Time stays the same, it is always there. Only the wold and those who inhabit it are the ones that change constantly. So in order to travel to a past point or a future point in your body, you have to jump into a subconscious. If it’s just one person in the machine, you jump to a past point in their lives that they remember or a future point that their minds have conjured up for them. When more than one person is in the machine - I assume - the machine fabricates what those two people will be to each other based on their subconscious understanding of their relationship and desires of how it will grow.”

“So then,” Yixing stated slowly; hands still on Jongin. “It’s not really a ‘real’ future you’d be sending us to, right? You just said it’s fabricated.”

The rest of EXO seemed to have a light bulb moment at Yixing’s words; exchanging “ah-ha!” as if they’d suddenly gotten the punch line of some bad joke.

“You ever heard of the multiple universe theory?” Kyungsoo asked slyly; fully expecting Yixing of all of them to catch the ‘catch’ to the equation of his invention. 

“Sure,” This time it was Jongin who quipped in. “That’s the theory that for every ‘if’ in life, there is another universe that exists that takes the road you didn’t take. I remember you telling me about that.” Everyone looked at their younger dancer as if he’d suddenly grown two heads. Yixing managed to look impressed which almost made Kyungsoo laugh. Almost.

“Right you are Jonginnie,” the short vocalist agreed; hands busily tinkering with some switches on the machine. “This ‘time machine’ works in that same regard when it comes to sending people to a future. Our futures are ever changing. Your subconscious can’t be jumped forward - it’s borderline insane to try to do so - so I have designed this machine to pick up on your current ‘if’s’ and send you forward into the future you want the most - one that is achievable based on your decisions in life and inner most wishes. Almost like an alternate universe, but this one is one that very well could be your true reality.”

The room was silent then for a few moments - crickets could literally be heard outside if they thought about it long enough. Kyungsoo almost regretted trying to explain the method to the madness until Baekhyun decided to finally say something.

“Okay,” he said slowly; holding his hair back like he was in the middle of studying and about to bash his head on a desk. “So if I understand this, you want to send Jongin and Yixing to a theoretical future that’s based on their inner most desires, correct?”

Kyungsoo nodded. Kai and Lay simply stood and stared. 

“And you think this is going to fix their bat shit attitudes,” Sehun raised a brow; skeptically crossing his arms. “… because?”

“I know I can’t be the only one here who sees this for what it actually is,” the short male sighed; shaking his head. “Think about it. If the machine takes into account both people involved, and what they really want for one another, what do you think these two will see when they get to their ‘future’? It’s the one thing staring at us all in the face, and it explains their weird sudden tension since Jongin got a girlfriend.” The room was silent once again, and once again, Kyungsoo regretted trying to explain anything. Seriously - how could they not see it? 

Jongin and Yixing themselves looked thoroughly confused; Yixing even sort of looked like a fish out of water - mouth opening to talk then closing over and over as his mind tried to come up with an answer. 

Xiumin lifted an arm then, uncertainty written all over his face. “I’m going to go out on a limb here,” He spoke evenly. “- and say that you think their future will have them… together?”

Kyungsoo watched as all of his band members went wide eyed; a chorus of ‘EH???’ ringing loud and clear. 

“More specifically,” their baozi hyung clarified. “You think they’ll be in a relationship together. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“This is why you’re my favorite,” the small vocalist cheered. “That’s exactly why I want to send them into the future. Just look at them.” Everyone looked at their dancing duo, noting for the first time that they were practically embracing each other. “This entire time Yixing had been clutching at Jongin for dear life, and Jongin looks like he’d take a bat to the face for hyung. They weren’t like that 15 minutes ago.”

It was comical really - watching the two main dancers jump away from each other like they’d been burned; faces a deep red hue. Jongin cursed himself internally for not realizing how clingy Yixing had suddenly gotten - why did he not catch that? Yixing himself was dying, chanting over and over ‘oh my god what was that?’ in his head and clapping his hands on his cheeks to stop the mad blush he was sporting.

“I’m sending them into the future so they can realize that they’re in love with each other - and I can almost guarantee that their future will be them happily married.” Kyungsoo finished with a smile. Everyone stared at him - lifeless. Suho looked about ready to feint. Chanyeol had his mouth open and eyes furrowed - clearly still trying to figure out what the hell was being said. Baekhyun and Jongdae looked pleased - kind of. At least, they looked like they were on board. Xiumin didn’t have much to his face, it was almost like he didn’t care - or like he’d expected the outcome. Sehun still just looked skeptical, and Kai and Lay were gaping at each other as if to question ‘YOU WAN’T TO MARRY ME??’ with their eyes rather than through normal means of communication.

“Okay, I call bull shit,” Sehun scoffed with a raised hand in the back; his face clearly unamused. “It’s funny to a point Soo, but now it’s just a bad skit you see on TV and cringe so hard your face looks like you ate too many sour candies.”

“You mean you when you sneeze?” Baekhyun laughed; spell of shock momentarily broken in the room. Jongdae actually managed a laugh at that. Suho still only looked like he wanted to feint. Maybe the plate to the head hit him harder than originally thought?

“I’m being serious here,” Sehun frowned.

“As am I,” Kyungsoo said seriously. “My machine works, and I’m not wrong about what this (he pointed between Kai and Lay) actually is. I just can’t take them arguing anymore, they need a little push to get their heads out of their asses.”

“Soo,” Sehun tried again; stepping forward and placing a hand on Yixing’s shoulder. Jongin felt a sense of tension at the contact - one he’d felt before and didn’t want to admit to. “The microwave thing was great, and I have no doubt that your machine works, but-”

“But what?” the vocalist frowned.

Sehun sighed, “You can’t expect me to believe that these two are actually in love with each other. For real? Do they even talk? Like normal people? And I mean like, before Kai started dating Krystal? Need I remind you that they tried to crack plates over each others heads not 15 minutes ago?”

Everyone considered this for a moment.

“I don’t know,” Baekhyun added in. “now that I think about it, it does kind of make sense. I mean, they were really close before when we were all trainees. Remember when we had practice early one morning and Kai and Lay had stayed in the dance studio all night? We found them passed out, curled up to each other when we’d walked in, and that’s just one time. Another example was just a few weeks ago, Yixing was practically having a panic attack over texting Jongin or not about being careful of his waist injury.”

At that Jongin whipped his head back to the Chinese dancer. “You knew?” he asked surprised. Yixing ducked his head; not trusting himself to talk. A few weeks ago Jongin had reinjured his waist - not seriously, but enough that he had to stay home for a day. Yixing had been in China. Baekhyun always texted him though. Was he checking up on him? The thought sent heat to Jongins face. But, he never got the message, so Yixing must never have sent it.

“Oh!” Chanyeol suddenly pipped in; face full of smiles. “I can’t believe I didn’t see it before! Jongin was practically stalking Yixing during our ‘call be baby’ promotions after mentioning he found his co-star in a movie kind of attractive and ‘a shame’ she was already taken.” It was Yixing this time who whipped his head around to stare at Jongin incredulously. “I actually remember cracking jokes about him being jealous and he got upset, but I meant them as jealous of Xing hyung.. now I know he was jealous of his co-star! Oh my god!”

“Wait, no, that’s not,” Jongin tried to say; face deepening in shades of red and pink. “I can explain that, it’s not what you think!”

“Oh my god Jongin you do love Yixing,” Jongdae smiled widely; earning approving looks from Kyungsoo and Chanbaek - much to Kai’s dismay. Yixing’s face was heating up so much the blush was to his neck now. “You throw a fit every time someone says you two aren’t close. You almost cried when Yixing said it to you at his birthday fan-meet!” 

“I did not!” Jongin yelped; embarrassed. Yixing almost wanted to hold the poor boy - he seemed so distressed.

“And you,” Kyungsoo pointed at Yixing. “Don’t think for a second I don’t know the reason you were upset at the dating news. You can lie to anyone here, but not me. I saw how broken you where after SM staff released the news.”

Jongin looked at Yixing. Broken? I broke you when I did that? He didn’t know why, but the younger dancer wanted nothing more than to apologize, on his hands and knees if he had too, and make his hyung feel okay. 

“Yixing I -” Jongin fell short. He didn’t know quite what to say. Yixing wouldn’t look him in the eye. At that Sehun decided to speak up.

“Listen to you all,” the youngest admonished; arm still securely on Yixing. “You sound like our fans trying to ship us. We can’t force these two to like each other if hey don’t, and I still have yet to hear our leaders take on this. I for one would find it easier to believe Yixing and I would be in love, rather than these two what with all the bad blood between them lately.”

Something in Jongin wanted to walk over and rip Sehuns arm off Yixing. As much as he adored his maknae, he didn’t like the idea of Sehun and Yixing. And that scared the absolute shit out of him. 

“Well then,” Kyungsoo frowned slightly. “Why not let Suho say what he thinks should be done?”

The EXO members looked to their leader. Suho had been rather quiet throughout the discussion. It was a tad bit unnerving to see him straiten his expression to address his team. 

“Sehun,” He said seriously. “I would love to chalk this up to a simple misunderstanding. Something simple like Yixing being jealous of the girl he said was his ideal type getting taken by his band mate. In the perfect world it would be that simple.”

“See!” Sehun interrupted. “You get it. Yixing hyung probably just needs to talk it out with Jonginnie. Let them talk it out, it’s probably just some misunderstanding about a girl and -”

“But,” Suho stopped him. “I agree with Kyungsoo. These two have had something since before debut and if they don’t figure out what it is, eventually someone will end up with a concussion - or worse. If there is truly nothing between them then this will just be a happy way to get them to at least calm what ever shit storm they have going. I can only see the positives in this situation.”

“It’s settled then,” Kyungsoo smiled; content with the final word. “You two are going to work this out, and if we’re wrong at least it’ll serve as a lesson to talk it out among friends.”

Yixing looked from Kyungsoo to Jongin. He wanted to run in the other direction. He didn’t want to know what the future had for them. He had an awful feeling it was Jongin happily married to Krystal and he didn’t want to think about why it hurt him to think of that.

Jongin himself felt like puking. Legit puking. He wasn’t stupid. Sometimes he felt funny around his hyung and he’d fought tooth and nail to get rid of those feelings. They weren’t normal. He shouldn’t want to go rip Sehun away from Yixing. He shouldn’t think about how Lay had wanted to be with Krystal. He didn’t want to think about why that made dating her a much easier decision. It was why he let the words that followed come out of his mouth. 

“I think Sehun has a point with the whole, ‘misunderstanding about a girl’ thing,” He tried to sneer. Yixing just stared at him. Kyungsoo grimaced. “I think It’d be just better to let us handle it out with a few final punches so Yixing can accept to back off my girl. She is mine now, after all. He can’t stay mad at me for getting the first fuck.”

Everyone groaned as Yixing lunged forward; Sehun holding him back with much effort. “You absolute son of a bitch!” Yixing yelled. 

“Enough!” Suho roared. The room was silent and still at that. Their leader never yelled. never. “Jongin,” He growled. “you and Yixing are getting in that machine and no, you don’t get a say in it. I have had it. Kyungsoo, start the damn thing up and send them forward. If either of you so much as look at each other the wrong way until the jump is complete I will personally make sure neither of you promote with us for the next comeback. Is that understood?”

Yixing threw Sehun off of him, crossing his arms and nodding to his leader. Jongin simply scoffed but nodded as well when Suho glared at him.

“This is madness,” Sehun sighed. “Can we at least take bets? If Jongins last words didn’t convince you, can I at least earn some money from this? I say those two aren’t married in their futures.”

Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun for a moment - the smaller man urging him to keep his mouth shut. In the end the taller male sighed and took out his wallet. “I am with Sehun on this,” He said resolute. “I want to believe your theory Kyung, but these two just keep trying to borderline kill each other.” 

Xiumin was next to speak up as Kyungsoo set up the machine; his wallet also making its way to the center of a nearby table they decided was the money collection. “I say those two get married in the long run. I trust Soo’s judgement on this.” He said as he through a couple won down.

“Well,” Baekhyun chirped. “I say you assholes are wrong,” he looked at Sehun mostly. “I think Kaixing is a cute ship name.” More won were settled on the table. Jongdae was next, only he simply set his whole wallet down and gave a thumbs up to Kyungsoo. Suho (who was still glaring) set his black credit card on the table. 

“I’m with the winning team,” He said simply. Baekhyun groaned. 

“That’s unfiar.”

“You did’t take a plate to the face.”

“Fair enough.”

“Okay,” Kyungsoo let out a breath. “It’s ready.”

Jongin looked at Yixing, neither of them looked pleased but proceeded to enter the small contraption. It was a cozy fit - and by cozy he meant near claustrophobic - Jongin thought. Yixing and he were chest to chest. If he so much as tilted his chin he’d be face to face with his hyungs face. Yixing himself didn’t like that he could practically feel the younger dancers heartbeat through his chest. 

“So cute,” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes; handing them a small device. “Here,” He said. “this is how you get back. I have already programmed this tracker to get you back and hour from now in our current ‘time stamp’, that way you don’t miss the broadcast. You can literally spend as much time there as you want, to figure yourselves out. When you press this red button however, you will both be pulled back here just in time to leave with us.”

Kyungsoo paused to look at them sternly. “Don’t you dare come back before you figure this shit out. I don’t care what either of you say, I know better. You two are so far in love that you’re in denial - I just don’t know why.”

Both boys looked at each other - very aware of how close their faces where. If Yixing lifted to his toes he was sure he could kiss Jongin no problem - a thought he didn’t want in his head. 

“Okay you two,” Kyungsoo said as he closed the glass doors. “Good luck.”

-To be Continued- 


taehyung accidentally sneezing onto jeongguk and jeongguk retaliating 😂


                                                         y o u  s e t  m y  h e a r t
                                                                    o n  f i r e