otp: three years by my side



Look, I spent four years on the west side in a patrol car. That was my education.

i live for the little otp things

like when one side of my otp gets the shit beaten out of her and the other can barely listen despite the fact it’s his job and he has tears in his eyes and basically has to restrain himself from going in even though she’s saying she can take it.

For the Love of Oranges

This little fic came to mind when I added some commentary on @captainswanbookclub post on what non-coffee activity we all like our favorite OTP doing! And I thought I would venture into it more :) I don’t know what this is honestly. Feel free to criticize, cause I haven’t written anything for this fandom or any other in a long time, so my grasp for character point of views and grammar is awful at this point! IT’S LITERALLY BEEN THREE YEARS! AHHH! For @killiansbutt and @impossibleemmaswan. Hehehe ;)

Standing in the produce section of Storybrooke’s small but well-stocked grocery store, Emma silently stares at the giant pile of fruit bags sitting in their shopping cart. Looking up at her True Love, who’s on the other side of it weighing another bag of fruit on a scale with a look of deep concentration on his face, asks, “Are you sure we need all of this, Killian? It seems like a lot of fruit for two people…?” Killian hums in acknowledgement but doesn’t answer, Emma smiles and tries again, this time getting a response.

“Hmm…what? Oh! Of course we do, love!” Killian brings the bag of now weighed fruit to the cart and lays it neatly on top of the bags of mandarin oranges, grapefruit and other bags that fill the nearly overflowing cart.

Emma raises an eyebrow, “Killian, we can’t buy all of this fruit! Where would we put it all?! And who can possibly eat all of these oranges?!”, Emma points exasperated at the bags of fruit in their cart.

He looks at her with wide eyes and Emma swears she can see the formation of a pout starting on his lips, his eyebrows furrowing in that infamous way of his that always gets her riled up, “These are exemplary oranges, Swan! I would’ve gotten scurvy without them back in the day! There was this one bloke I knew who did die from it! He was a good rigger, one of the best men I ever had for the job…but then he died…that poor guy!”

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