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My Merlance Shipping Heart

One of my goals for HVFF Chicago was to meet Colin and Katie. My love for Merlance knows no bounds. I was super bummed they were not a photo op duo option. I did manage to get some autographs and I wanted to share my favorite. 

When I met with Colin and Katie, I asked them both to write down one word that came to mind when they thought of Laurel and Tommy’s love.

Exhibit A:

Colin gave me EPIC. Katie gave me PURE. And my Merlance shipping heart just about exploded with FEELS. 

Colin signed first, so when I showed Katie what he wrote down she smiled, said “of course he would” and I tried not to fangirl too hard. Lol. It was hard. It’s a happy accident that they signed on the other’s profile and not their own. 

I found Katie’s word choice particularly interesting. Mostly, because I am thinking of Laurel’s relationship with Tommy in comparison to the one she had with Oliver. From my perspective, given the history she had with Oliver I think their love was a bit tainted and weighed down with a lot of hardship. Laurel’s love with Tommy had more of an ease to it, a purity. It was genuine. Which is why it made me so happy when Katie wrote “pure” for her word. I couldn’t agree more. 

I shared with Colin how bummed I was that they didn’t get to resolve things and Colin said that he feels they did because Tommy loved Laurel. He was able to say it and show her just how much, by giving up his life for hers. He had already forgiven her. 

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(insert weeping here)

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To me, Laurel and Tommy will forever be an epic love story. Even though Laurel has never said it, I believe she loved Tommy. I just wish he had a chance to hear her say the words.

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Fitzsimmons Season 3

Ok here’s my theory :

1. Fitz is going to go rescue Jemma
2. She is going to be changed {again}
3. But he’s going to accept it like she accepted him
4. They’ll talk about their feelings and probably a deeper convo in the pod scene

Dark!Doctor AU//Those Three Little Words//Open

((Trigger warning: Anyone who responds to this thread should be prepared for gore and explicit violence.))

Rule Number One: The Doctor lies

He always told them this. It was amazing how they never seemed to catch on to it. They followed him without question. They trusted him. 

They adored him.

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Ah, that noise was so satisfying. Like the afterglow after a particularly good romp. Not that he indulged in that too often anymore nowadays. Why should he? This high was so much better.

The TARDIS could clean up after his mess, in all honesty, but he enjoyed cleaning up after his sessions. It felt more…personal that way.

He licked his lips idly as he wiped the red from one of his knives, walking over to the limp form that still lay strapped in a chair. Ah, the poor girl. Such a shame she fell for him so quickly. Not much of a challenge, really. He had hoped it’d take longer. It was always much more satisfying when he got his reward.

I want to be with you forever.

Doctor, I love you. I really do.

Doctor, do you love me?

Well, she finally got her answer. Likely not what she expected…but that didn’t matter. He got what he wanted…and that was to see the look of betrayal in her eyes, see her face twisted in pain, hear her screams as he whispered soothing words in her ear.

He glanced over the knife again, looking for any more stains. But it looked shiny and clean, just as he was hoping.

Well, that was everything. The TARDIS would take care of the body. She knew what he wanted done next, after all.

He would switch out his clothes, get some clean ones on. Take a shower and get thoroughly clean again. After all, he didn’t want to scare his next companion away.

Not until they couldn’t get away, at least. 

Not until he said those words.

Those words no one could ever recall him saying aloud, because anyone who ever did only did because they were strapped to that chair.

I love you.

Those Three Little Words || Kurt & Blaine

Kurt’s hands held the steering wheel in a death grip, body violently shaking as he drove to the park. He was going to do it. He was actually going to do it. He was going to sum up all the courage he could muster and say to Blaine those three little words he had been dying to say practically since they met. What Kurt was terrified of wasn’t uttering those words. That part would be easy. What he was terrified of was how Blaine would respond. Blaine had said Kurt couldn’t say anything that would make Blaine go away. But how would he react now? Would he stand there awkwardly because he didn’t love Kurt like Kurt loved him? Would he say them back? Would he break up with him and leave for good? Kurt couldn’t handle that thought. And as the scene pounded in his brain, his hands gripped the wheel even harder and he pulled up to the park.

The air was bitter cold with a crisp wind, which only make Kurt shake harder. He folded his arms across his chest, breath coming out in small puffs visible in the air as he tried to calm down. And then he spotted Blaine by the swings, and Kurt’s breath only became more ragged. Blaine had said he’d be here first, and here he was. He looked warm and comfortable and perfect and not freaking out like Kurt currently was. But it was now or never, he kept thinking to himself. So he mustered up only some of that courage, saving most of it for later. It was all he needed to stride over to where Blaine stood and greet him with a smile and a hopefully cheery “hello”.