otp: this is destiny


get to know me meme [27/50 relationships]: Summer Roberts & Seth Cohen

“Back then, you were just this fantasy. You were this little girl who when I would see you would either ignore me or make an obscene gesture and keep on walking. But now look at you - you fight for sea otters, you’ve befriended Taylor Townsend, you’re an incredible mom to that bunny. You’ve evolved. And over the last nine hundred and fifty days we’ve been dating - yes, I counted and yes I counted the Zach era because really who were we kidding? - I’ve watched you grow into this incredible woman. And that is who I love.” 


Because we do whatever it takes to s u r v i v e

                                                               isn’t that what a n i m a l s do, Seth?

“THIS IS ALL THAT’S LEFT TO LOOK AT” - @rvkiakuchiki

Here is the cover art of the awesome fic by @rvkiakuchiki for the Ichiruki BigBang, please check it out on ao3 ✨here

The rest of the art based on the fic will be posted later today and during the rest of the week since they contain spoilers ! It was a pleasure participating in this event @ichirukibigbang thank you so much for putting it together 💗

Special thanks to my partner who suffered with me all along, I had a blast and couldn’t have dreamed of a better IRBB partner 👏🏻💕