otp: this is all that matters

he’s already regretting it. he’s a grow ass man, godmmaint! what the hell is he doing?

“making a freaking mixtape,” dean grumbles, walking through the aisles of the closest walmart still open. after searching for a walkman online, then deciding on going by himself. in person. even if, you know, technology is a thing and you can buy stuff from your own home. like it matters, anyway. is just a stupid gift. for his best friend. who’s away all the time now. it must get lonely in that crappie trunk. whatever. he doesn’t spend his evenings laying in bed listening to the same songs he’s planing on recording or thinking about how much he wishes for cas to come back. he doesn’t.

aren’t mixtapes done for your high school crush or something?

dean scoffs, “yeah, like 20 years ago”.

is not like is a romantic playlist. so yeah, led zeppelin has some chick-flick songs. doesn’t mean anything. lots of bands have them.

and obviously, the fact that his own father probably used most of those same songs to win his mom over, means nothing.

i mean, coincidences. the world is full of weird shit.

he touches every part of the tape with care and tentative fingers. he listens to it, to every step of the process, making sure is all good. he exhales and checks his phone for the hundred time that night. frustrated, waiting for his cas to come home.

maybe they can take some time off and listen to it together.

Summer House ~Chapter 7

Hello all! So I haven’t been updating because well my work life has been insane and, sometimes we all experience a bout of doubt. Today was fanfic appreciation day and actually it was a post from @scu11y22 that reminded me of something that I sometimes often forget. We all matter, no matter how small we are we all matter. So to my friend thank you, it’s because of you and a few other very special people that I’m going to work through my writers block. 

So without further ado… here it is… Chapter 7 with chapter 8 not too far behind…and yes this was posted on AO3 not that long ago…

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter 7: A change of Perspective

Night meant shadows, darkness and, most importantly secrets that in the cruel light of day often seemed far more devious then when shrouded by the cover of night. This night like so many others was meant to be more of the same. More time spent in a cramped front seat with the windows down as the summer breeze poured through the cold darkness of not just the car but the inhabitants soul. Yes tonight was just like all the others…

Or it was until the spy on the hill saw a face she’d spent two years praying would be found dead; all while knowing he never would. Her fingers curled around the steering wheel while the clouds of an approaching storm gathered in the distance. Her teeth grazed along her bottom lip gently when her attentions were diverted to her buzzing purse. She swept through her few belongings and, sighed when his brown eyes stared back at her. She glanced once more at the window. Her thoughts were frenzied but, her mission was clear. She quickly shifted the car into reverse as her purse continued to joylessly buzz…

The coffee shop was three blocks away from the darkened windows of the local B&B. The owner per the middle aged waitress was in another city visiting family. Like most the buildings in this quaint little town the outer walls were worn down bricks and, aging cement. Her fingers trailed along the broken down walls each time she found herself waiting in the red vinyl booth’s cracked seats. The oversized black and white clock boomed with each hour that seemed to slowly pass by…the bright red of the walls also seemed loud when compared to the dark, emptiness of the black ones around them. Sitting in the back booth with her fingers tapping over an empty table Laurel, gave her a shallow smile before pushing a crinkled five dollar bill toward her waiting fingers, “Will this cover it Trudy?” she asked kindly with no malice to her often icy tone.

The red headed, freckle faced woman with wrinkled eyes and a sweet smile gathered up the five dollar bill before her aging fingers drifted over Laurel’s outstretched knuckles. “It always does…” she coo’d comfortingly as she placed the scalding cup of black coffee on the vinyl covered tables.

Laurel slumped down the red, squeaky seats of the 50’s themed diner and sighed, “Will it be enough to cover another cup?”

Trudy patted the back of her hand reassuringly and spoke with gentle reassurment, “Expecting company that might not show?”

Laurel’s tired eyes drifted toward the oversized clock near the white subway tiles lining the back of the bar. She frowned quietly, “If she doesn’t trust me I won’t be the least bit surprised…”

“What if she does?” came a similar sounding voice from the back of the otherwise empty dining room. “What if despite everything she still believes that her former sister is worth saving?” she asked cautiously as her heels clicked over the black and white checkered flooring of the small diner.
Trudy left the second cup on the table and slowly began backing along the line of booths near the end of the restaurant’s dining space. Laurel simply bowed her head in silent gratitude while Sara’s scowling face came dangerously close.

“Did you have trouble finding the place?” Laurel breathed once she heard Sara sliding along the back of the booth opposite her.

“No, but then again we’ve been down this extremely well traveled road before now haven’t we?”

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The Utter Importance of Kaniel

Welcome back to my blog, everyone. This is the long-awaited post explaining (and fanning over) the ship Kaniel. I hope you’re excited because I am!

The ship Kaniel is a ship putting together Daniel Seavey and Kay (@seaveyslut). It all started when a friend of hers, which I wish I could remember the darling that started my OTP, got a video of Daniel saying these amazing words: “Hi, Kay what’s up! I love you so much and I wish you could be here!” (You can find the video here

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not everyone
not y o u

Isak is Even’s number one priority.

Can we talk about Even in the homophobic incident in his clip? 

This was his first reaction to the slur. This was his first reaction. He was visibly upset. Of course he was. This is upsetting. This isn’t something that you just brush off. Even has dealt with this before. Even knows that the world isn’t all wonderful and accepting as he wants it to be. Even is upset. This is important. This hurts. This sucks.

But right after that, do you know what he does? He checks on Isak. He checks on Isak because he knows that it hurt him, too. He knows that Isak is hurt by this. And he checks on him in a split of a second.

The guy calls them disgusting and Even is upset. He really is. But do you know what he does? He worries about Isak instead.

Even puts the fact that he was hurt aside and focuses on fixing Isak’s pain instead, on dissipating his anger instead, on calming him down instead, and on making him feel safe and loved and okay instead. Even’s number one priority is Isak. When it comes to Isak, Even has reached a level of selflessness that is foreign to anyone who hasn’t experienced love in its purest form. So he tucks his pain aside and takes on Isak’s.

He gets to him. He brings him back. He has to. It’s his birthday. Isak can’t be upset on his birthday. Even has to bring him back. Has to make him laugh. Has to bring back his smile. That’s all that matters right now. 

And you know what? He succeeds. He makes Isak smile and that makes him smile, too. Of course. They’re okay. They’re together. Of course they’re okay. And this. Nothing can ever compare to this.

Isak is Even’s number one priority.

Shipper Problem 103

I feel like every person has that one ship that they just keep going back to.

It doesn’t matter how long ago you watched the series, or how many other ships you’ve gotten into since then. All it takes is to just see one post relating to that ship and then you just fall right back into it.

Now that is a real OTP

A tribute to Demo

Over time Demo has become one of my favourite characters in this whole series. It’s very sad that he gets so little attention (from both the comic team and the fans it seems). That’s why I decided to make a small appreciation post about what I like about him.

Let’s start with chapter 1: Gray Mann took over Mann Co. and fired all mercs. Most of them went into hiding or just moved on with their lives:
Scout: Helped Soldier and then wanted to get his money from the bank before vanishing. Ended up in prison though.
Soldier: Was kicked out of his castle and then started working as a tourist guide.
Pyro: Apparently became the CEO of a freaking engineering company??
Heavy: Returned to his family in Siberia.
Engie: Disappeared and took care of the Administrator.
Medic: Started working for a different team.
Sniper: Went back home to Australia and then started looking for his birth parents.
Spy: Wanted to go underground for a while. Ended up in prison with Scout unfortunately.

But what does Demo do? Nothing. He is depressed and unable to move on with his life. This job was everything to him.

He seems to drink even more than usual and completely lets himself go, not caring for anything. 

And now look at him when Miss Pauling is giving him his job back.

Look at his face: He is so genuinely happy and blissful when he is offered to join the gang again. Totally changed from one second to the next! :D

Another thing to notice about Demo is that he doesn’t bear grudges against his friends, no matter how shitty they may treat him.

Sniper knocks him out and then wants to throw him into a shallow grave!

But who is the one who supports Sniper after he got shot by the TFC mercs? Demo. 

In Chapter 6 Medic joins his old comrades in battle again. 

Medic betrayed the team and got Sniper killed, but he brought him back to life later - and that’s all that matters to Demo. He also doesn’t really mind Medic cutting pieces of his brain out.

(Don’t forget, he also immediately forgave his liver for leaving him.
DemoxLiver = OTP lol)

Look how happy and enthused he is to be back in action and to blow things up. This guy loves his work!

Look how happy he is to be reunited with his team. This guy loves his friends!

He is the only one of the mercs who visibly cares for the others and is happy to work with them. And that’s why I love him. :)


I know how you feel about being seen without the leg, but when the fighting truly begins, all that matters is what makes for the greatest… advantage. 

The men… I have to manage how they see me. I understand that’s part of my job. But… 

Cute OTP prompts are nice...

But what about the bad days?

  • Who loses it first in a fight? Who starts yelling first?
  • Who puts their head down and just takes it, because they know the other just needs to get it out?
  • Who slams doors and yells and stomps away?
  • Or do they sigh and their shoulders slump, as they walk away, quietly shutting the door behind them? Because sometimes the silent disappointment is worse than any yelling
  • Who sleeps on the couch?
  • And who breaks the silent treatment first, apologising and begging for a hug?
  • Who breaks down into sobs, saying they aren’t worth it and why are you still here? And who is the one that hold the other, tells them they’re beautiful and that it’s going to be okay, because at the end of the day some stupid fight shouldn’t ruin years of smiles and happiness?
  • Is the makeup sex hard and rough and loud pinned up against the wall, biting and sucking marks into each other’s necks because this person is mine dammit
  • Or is soft kisses and apologies, gentle caresses and touches? Is it telling the other they’re beautiful and amazing and deserve to be loved?

Because lets be honest, relationships aren’t perfect, but what’s perfect is putting all that aside and loving each other no matter what

Can We Talk About The Fact That Every Version of Barry Wants Iris

It’s pretty much canon. Every version of Barry Allen wants Iris West

Earth 1 Barry Allen

Earth 2 Barry Bartholomew Allen

Earth 2 Barry is married to Earth 2 Iris West

Emo 2024 Barry Allen

Barry never got over her death. He spent his time in the ruins of Star Labs staring at a photo of them

Amnesia Barry Bart Allen

Barry without his memories 

Hell even evil Savitar Barry

This should not be romanticized. Savitar Barry was a psycho and a murderer who tried to kill Iris. He’s Barry at his worst. Despite all that there was still a part of him drawn to Iris. The way he instantly closes his eyes at Iris touch. The love he once felt for Iris was still there, buried and twisted beyond belief, but still present.


Earth 1 Barry Allen w Earth 2 Iris West

That I love you was real. 

Earth 1 Barry Allen w FlashPoint Iris

Earth 1 Barry Allen w Millie Floss

This wasn’t even a real Iris. For all intents, she was a dream Iris. Didn’t matter though, Barry still hated seeing her with another man lol

In conclusion, Barry Allen is drawn to Iris West like a moth to a flame ❤

Gif Credit

@westallengifs @westallenolicitygifs @justbarryallen 

As usual drop me a line if you see your gif and want credit