otp: they never gave us a chance

my otp: calls each other brother and sister to other people
my otp: has sexual tension at the breakfast table
my otp: lowkey hates each other
my otp: has a pact to tell each other about their love lives
my otp: thinks that pact consequents ‘moving on’
my otp: writes piano compositions about each other
my otp: star crossed lovers
my otp: actually romeo and juliet
my otp: excuse me miss would you like to see my bonsai tree?
my otp: a nice kitchen table over a tv?
my otp: outlaws
my otp: we don’t always get to have our one true love
my otp: falling in love with someone you can never be with
my otp: makes pinky promises on Christmas morning
my otp: for us to be together you have to give up everything
my otp: I gave up so much to be adopted
my otp: my hero
my otp: your eyes light up when you talk about him
my otp: what we feel happens once in a lifetime
my otp: I already know everything I need to know about you
my otp: you have the chance to be so much more. to be happy. to go out and shine in the world.
my otp: I just don’t want you to give up
my otp: I wish we could stay here forever and ever and ever
my otp: we never let each other give up on our dreams
my otp: of course YOU would throw gasoline on a fire

Gajeel Redfox

I’m so emotionally unstable right now. Mashima just killed me. Okay, so obviously I am a huge gajevy shipper and ever since Gajeel joined Fairy Tail he has always been my favorite character. His character development is (in my opinion) the best in all of the fairy tail series. We have a bad guy that beat the shit out of fairy tail. He wanted to kill them. He didn’t care about anyone. A man who was so filled with hate and evil turned into a strong man who learned how to love and protect those he found dear to him. He fell in love with a girl he had beaten and crucified. And she loved him back. 

Levy also had a great character development. She started off as a very small side character. She was weak but smart and stubborn. She was determined to prove herself to the world. She already was on a path to becoming a very strong wizard but when she accepted Gajeel as a ally and learned to trust him, his strength help increase that drive. She became as strong as Gajeel. Maybe not physically, but strong in heart. Together their strength could overcome all. I know Levy will struggle to get over this. But I feel that she will overcome her grief. She knows Gajeel would be upset if she gave up and just let life move on without her. Lily is also there for her and the guild. She isn’t alone and she never will.

We didn’t just lose a ship or an otp. We lost an amazing role model. A character that taught us that first impressions are not always what they seem. A character that taught us about second chances. Taught us about love, strength, believing in each other and yourself. Overcoming fears and standing up for those you care for. 

I really hope this isn’t the last time we see Gajeel. But, if it is, thank you Mashima for creating a character that could teach us so much. Gajeel was an important character in your story and if you feel he has done his time then he has.