otp: they kiss back


westallen + slow mo kisses

The White Queen 1940s AU: Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

Happy Birthday, dear Andrea!

Imagine Person A kissing Person B on the neck for the first time. Person B wasn’t expecting it and starts giggling because it tickles.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I have been hijacked by Serena Campbell and Berenice Wolfe, these two surgeons, equal in every way, that have fallen fully and irreparably in love with one another in a storyline so well crafted and beautifully nuanced that I am finding it difficult to breathe.  Bernie and Serena are deeply complex and the story arc of women in middle age discovering depth and possibility and passion in one another while continuing to remain true to themselves is utterly magnificent. Their concurrent journey of self-discovery, from war, marriage, sacrifice and career, painted against the backdrop of humour, forgiveness, understanding and eventually, heart-stopping need is so painfully perfect that I am currently unable to function except in the most general of ways. These women and the representation they offer along with their searing chemistry and undeniable love for one another have become all consuming.  They are so besotted with one another their love can be seen from space.  The chances that I will ever again be able to cope again with any kind of coherence are iffy at best and until Bernie Wolfe is back safe in Serena Campbell’s arms the most simple of tasks may be difficult to complete. For further instruction on my emotional state for approximately the next six weeks, please see visual aid below.

Creator of incredibly accurate visual aid below is the most excellent @thepurrbutton 😘