otp: they found each other

Soulmate AU where people have the half of a tattoo and when you meet your soulmate it gets complete.
Imagine Person A of your OTP thinks their soulmate is in another country because they haven’t found each other and starts to travel the world to find them. After 1 year A is home again and very sad and makes an appointment to cover their soulmate tattoo because they give up.
When the tattoo artist enters and wants to start covering the tattoo Person A sees that it’s complete and when they look up they see Person B. Their soulmate.


THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME ★ [1/] heartbreaking scenes
Emma & Neal (Once Upon A Time 3x15)

Gay Ships IRL part 2

I should probably mention that i live on an army base which means everything is SUPER close to each other. That also means that there is only one shopping place and the chances of seeing someone from school there is very high. So i went out christmas shopping and i stopped by Starbucks (i decided to unleash my inner white girl, and you will never believe who i saw, MY TWO GAY LITTLE DORKS WERE JUST SITTING THERE ON THE COUCH SIPPING HOT CHOCOLATE, LAUGHING , AND BLUSHING LIKE CRAZY! The nerd (his name is Jackson)  saw me and waved while blushing like crazy, and the punk (his name is Conner) was smiling his ass off WHILE LOOKING AT JACKSON and it was so fucking cute and gay. They went back to talking with each other AND THEIR FACES WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE THAT IT LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE ABOUT TO KISS BUT AT THAT MOMENT JACKSON PULLED AWAY AND HE WAS BLUSHING LIKE CRAZY AND ASDFGHJKL!!! KISS ALREADY WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE GAY FOR EACH OTHER!!!

Do i have better things to do than drawing these gays* being happy? Probably. Am i doing them? Absolutely not

They are younger or something, i was too lazy to draw Archie’s full grown beard.

(Its up to you if they are already a couple or just bros being guys in a very non-straight way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Can we talk about this moment? This scene is full of so many nuances, I just had to add this to the list.

Before the “We found ourselves in each other” line, they were still so scared. I FELT it.

Oliver then closes his eyes as he (we have since deduced) reaches for her hand and leans toward her. The peace and love reflected here by him is immeasurable. And his eyes remain closed.

For her part, Felicity takes her time and drinks him in as he leans. Her relief is evident with that slight exhale you can see through her nose, and the crinkle of her lips.

And then, before they kiss, he waits for her.

Just like the deleted kiss from 2x23:

I just LOVE that about them. And this new “normal” is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

from: @knight-of-youtube

I don’t think we talk about this enough
like we’re always on about how phil saved dan and helped him through his tough years during university and his many existential crises and how phil helped dan gain the confidence to start YouTube however, we don’t ever look at how dan helped phil when he was on YouTube. Back then, and even now, Phil and many other youtubers get hate comments and negative comments, and it’s probably better now, with so many fans (the whole phandom you go ) being able to support and encourage the youtubers, however back then, it was difficult because if you look through the comments of this video, you will see the amount of hate directed at phil and the little support he had when compared to the tsunami of hate comments. Dan, a fan of phil for a while then, encouraged phil despite the many hate comments. He helped phil through his difficult times as well. That’s what I love about their relationship, their ability to make each other’s lives that much better and being able to help them through difficult times when no one else can. They were there for each other when no one else was and even now, that’s what they are and that’s who they are to each other; best friends.