otp: there's that smile

You were the sun,
I am the moon.
You were bright, bold,
And I, I was always in your shadow.

People loved you,
I am just something pretty to look at.
People worshipped you,
And I, I was always in your shadow.

I still am.

- Hamburrger (OTP: Smile More), by @hvmiltoon


Taek’s ‘proposal’.

When Athos rides out to meet Gallagher and wryly offers to accept his surrender, Gallagher says “I’ve heard a sense of humor can be a comfort when facing death.” It’s no wonder then that the banter between Aramis and Athos during the siege of the convent was some of the best of the season. And at the end, when they have two shots left and nowhere to run, Athos not only gives his friend a smile, but actually cracks a joke – a rare thing for Athos, and a welcome gesture to help steady Aramis before he pulls the trigger.

When I can use an Evak gif for every reaction in my relationship, you know that the acting for Even and Isak is fucking incredible and authentic. The emotion that shows on their faces never ceases to amaze me.


                                    are you the  b r u t a l  h e a r t  that i’ve been looking for
                                  cause if you’re looking for love, you can look for that door


“Tell me what you want. I’ll do everything I can to give it to you.”


Let’s give them a pitch they have to swing at.


chin ho kelly meme: otps [1/6]

       → chin/steve


Leo Fitz + Talking about Simmons


Jathea (this is what happiness looks like)


Gifmaker (not me), you’re an angel!