otp: there's a war going on

we’ve all heard of the fake dating trope… but have u considered.. fake exes trope…..

  • ‘my new romance-obsessed friend asked me who my last date was with and i was too embarrassed to say i’ve never been on a date so i blurted your name and it turns out they know you’ au
  • ‘i didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? okay’ au
  • ‘a mutual friend tried to introduce us, but we already knew each other from LARPing but we’re both too embarrassed to admit that so i jokingly said we used to date and oh god now our friend wont stop interrogating us about it’ au
  • ‘im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ au
  • ‘my current partner is a huge asshole and i need a reason to break up with them so will you pretend to be my possessive and violent ex’ au
  • ‘we’re contestants on a reality show and we kind of hate each other so the producers told us to pretend to be warring exes for the ratings so now we keep inventing crazier and crazier things the other did while we were dating’ au

lgbtqa+ potter week // one marauders era ship - lily evans & marlene mckinnon 

they had an unspoken kind of love, full of accidental touches and truth and dare kisses. seven minutes in heaven was the only time they could really let their feelings show. they’d never admit that their trips to hogsmeade were really dates. they held hands in the hallways and slept in each others beds. they never could confess their love, but they never could let it go, because accidental love was better than nothing at all. 

In the words of Effie Trinket, “I’ve had a thought...”

For yesterday’s (4/1) bodyswap @mega-aulover needed a quote, I of course, grabbed my book that is rarely more than three feet away from me and easily flipped to the pages and put them down.  But as I was going, I noticed something in Mockingjay, about what Katniss thinks after she hears Gale and Peeta talk.  It’s at the beginning of Chapter 24.  I’ll put the whole paragraph here for reference, but pay attention to what is bolded.

A chill runs through me. Am I really that cold and calculating? Gale didn’t say, “Katniss will pick whoever it will break her heart to give up,” or even “whoever she can’t live without.” Those would have implied I was motivated by a kind of passion. But my best friend predicts I will choose the person who I think I “can’t survive without.” There’s not the least indication that love, or desire, or even compatibility will sway me. I’ll just conduct an unfeeling assessment of what my potential mates can offer me. As if in the end, it will be the question of whether a baker or a hunter will extend my longevity the most. It’s a horrible things for Gale to say, for Peeta not to refute. Especially when every emotion I have has been taken and exploited by the Capitol or the rebels. At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them. – pg. 330

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but the words chosen here are very specific. And this is all going below a cut because this is going to be long.  Read at your own risk.

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I’m getting real tired of this fandom’s ship wars
They’re irrelevant
Ship what you want:
Don’t cross-tag ships that have nothing to do with that ship.
Don’t make an anti-tags.
Don’t tell one group of shippers to stop bashing your ship then go tell someone their ship is stupid.
Because in the end;
No one is just gonna change their minds because you think their ship sucks
No one knows which ships are going to become canon
Watch the anime
Read the manga
Enjoy it
Don’t waste your time hating a ship when you can spend the time to love your otp

Disagree if you want
Sorry {not really}

  • Bucky: it's better and safer for you and everybody if I just go back to cryo until there's a way to fix my brain
  • Steve: Yeah, well, it sucks but if that's what you want...
  • Bucky: AREN'T YOU EVEN GONNA TRY TO TELL ME NOT TO???? unbelievable........ i had photos of YOU in my diary....... honestly offended.

ronthany  asked:

what do you think your ships are in bangtan? or do you really have any ships? (btw i love reading your tags. you're honestly so hilarious)

omg thanks for reading the tags hahahaahaha i am not a very eloquent human in them, im afraid…apologies for that.

As to BTS ships, jeeeeessssuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssssss wow

I am really not too picky when it comes to ships, so I just love…almost all of the dynamics haha But particularly:

  • VMon - Conventional smart brain x Chaotic smart brain, how can one say no to that <3. I also love how Namjoon sporadically gushes about V, and how V genuinely seems to look out for Namjoon’s approval because he’s the leader and idk it’s just super cute
  • VMin - Girlfriends. Like, I got your back, you got mine, but when we play i am going to win 1000% and theres no mercy bitch this is war. Jimin just turns into a real savage when it comes to rebutting Taehyung’s jokes so it’s absolutely hilarious to see. Also, I love that Jimin sells Taehyung out without hesitation when danger (in the form of Jhope) comes, but Tae still drifts back every time to play with him. Fuckin adorable.
  • YoonMin - Just so much fluff. Wow. This is like….classic romance, the real traditional nice and homey kind of otp. And when Jimin goes into his ‘I-HAVE-TO-BE-THE-CLOSEST-TO-THIS-PERSON-WHO-IS-THE-CENTRE-OF-ATTENTION’ mode, and that person turns out to be Yoongi, it just becomes really funny to see. Cute stuff.
  • JiKook - Fuckinnnnnnngggggggg hellllllll. This is great because Jungkook has this bipolar thing about Jimin where he either wants to make him laugh to the moon and back, or just drive him nuts. And it’s even greater because JM seems to have developed this 50m-high wall of tolerance when it comes to JK, so he doesn’t even react THAT strongly???? Also, intensely cute because JK looks at JM like JM is the dongsaeng, and that’s really funny to me
  • VMinHope - any combination with those three is deadly. Jhope is out to own both their asses.
  • JinKook - There a real sense of predatorship in this ship ha ha ha we’ve all heard of the maknae on top dynamic, but jesus this takes it to a whole new level because JK knows no fear, and balks in front of nothing. Other maknaes tend to keep it a little sneaky just because. But JK is a frank little soul with no concept of sublety and just conquers like a tiny savage with war paintings on his body and a spear made of stone - while Jin runs for his life (but somehow still seems to find that tiny savage very very cute for some reason). That snowball fight (oddly one-sided) was a sight to behold.
  • SugaKookie - I just love that one inside joke with the fucking lamb skewers why does it keep coming back

I probably missed a few others, but these are the ones that spring to mind hehe In general, I seem to find V, Jimin, JK very shippable.

Thank you so much for askingggg <333