otp: there was always something more

rivalry aus
  • the neighbourhood cats like me a whole lot better than you so stay away from them okay i’m the local cat whisperer king and you’re going to have to fight me for this
  • i see that you adore playing your loud ass trumpet at random moments in the middle of the night, well fyi i happen to be a master at the french horn so fuck u i challenge you to a brass off
  • so i see you’ve decided to open up a cake shop next to me ice cream shop huh?? and you’re having a 50% off everything day?? well guess whose going to have a 100% off everything day at the same time
  • so i see you like to write passive aggressive articles about me and my art club in the school paper well guess whose going to draw passive aggressive comic strips of your shitty journal club
  • you’re the more popular flight attendant cause you’ve got a nice face and you sweet talk to people but tbh im the only one on this airplane that can shut the babies up and deal with the old people so that employee of the month position is mine
  •  we’re rivals in the same sport team and we always have to out run/score/swim each other and each time the coach or captain has to literally force us to stop before we keel over but our records are still tied and i need to beat ur ass

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