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Hello! So I was at a party tonight, and this woman told me this great story about how she met her husband. She was the PR person for the local university. He was the sports editor for the local paper. He kept getting the school's mascot wrong in articles, and she would have to call him every time to correct it, growing increasingly frustrated every time. This was one of those moments when all I could think was LARRY AU, LARRY AU.

oh my god, thank you so much for sending me this message! It just made me so happy and I love it.  Like, I love these actually people you met and I love it as a larry au!!!!!! 

I feel like it works both ways so well for larry that I can’t even really pick one. example:

Louis as the university PR person, grumbling to Niall about the mistake the first time it happens.  Waving the sports sectionaround and stabbing a finger at the picture of their mascot at a basketball game.  “What the fuck!!! look at this photo of Ferdinand!?!!  Look at this caption!!! A hawk???? A hawk??” (they are the falcons) And then like, because in this version louis is immediately over-frustrated, instead of increasingly, he’d call up the paper in a big huff and then immediately be disarmed by Harry’s calm, deep voice and seal bark laugh once he finally got him on the phone.  Then he’d flirt-email him a link to an article about the differences between Hawks and Falcons as soon as he got off the phone, thrilling at his own daring as he did it! And after like the sixth time Harry got it wrong, they would go on a date and after they got married they’d always collected both stuffed hawks and stuffed falcons. 

oh my god how killer, because opposite way around, Harry the PR guy calling, he’d be immediately disarmed by Louis’s voice, too!!  Like all flustered, and then like he’d get blushy when louis teased him, but also tease back.  oh my god and then seven or eight calls in, Harry finally loses it and is like “you just don’t care about our sports teams because we’re not division one! Well, tough! you live in this city too, Louis, you should know our mascot is a turtledove by now god damn it!” and then louis would ask him out.  

i’m just smiling a lot.  like i can also imagine either of them as the sports editor, starting to get it wrong on purpose and feeling like “oh no, my journalistic integrity!” but also “i need to do this flirting very bad!!!!” 

okay sorry i rambled so much.   

send me a ship

1- Who is the most affectionate?
2-Big spoon/Little spoon?
3-Most common argument?
4-Favorite non-sexual activity?
5-Who is most likely to carry the other?
6-What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
7-What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?
8-Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
9-Who worries the most?
10-Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
11-Who tops?
12-Who initiates kisses?
13-Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
14-Who kisses the hardest?
15-Who wakes up first?
16-Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
17-Who says I love you first?
18-Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)
19-Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
20-What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
21-Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
22-Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
23-Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
24-Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
25-Who needs more assurance?
26-What would be their theme song?
27-Who would sing to their child back to sleep?
28-What do they do when they’re away from each other?
29-one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart.
30-one headcanon about this OTP that mends it.            

CommodoreCliche’s 30 Day Writing Challenge

Hey everyone! I know y'all were waiting to see the non-spoopy/non-October themed Writing Challenge, so here it is, as promised!! These aren’t tied to any specific dates or anything, they’re just to get you writing every day! 

These prompts include a mix of funny, serious, romantic, and weird. They can be as long or as short as you like (except for the one that gives specific length guidelines). They can include any characters you like - OC’s, existing characters from existing franchises, yourself, your friends, whatever you like!

1. Pick a line from your favorite book/movie/poem/show/song. This line is now the first line of your story.
2. Character A to Character B: “holy crap this is a terrible idea”
3. Your character has to fight something - the item closest to you is now your character’s only weapon.
4. Write the worst possible way your OTP could’ve met
5. Your character(s) get locked out of their car. Where are they when it happens and what do they do?
6. “I’m a barista in a coffee shop. You come in every day and always order ridiculously complicated coffees. But you’re pretty cute, so I never mind too much.”
7. Write about a specific, existing character without explicitly stating who it is - try to describe them well enough that your readers could figure out who it is!
8. Pick a song and write a drabble based on it. The catch is: you can only write for the duration of the song. If the song is 3 minutes, you write for 3 minutes.
9. Write about a color, but you can’t say the name of the color.
10. Put your characters in the weirdest AU you can imagine.
11. Write a ten word story.
12. Write a ten sentence story.
13. Write a story with a happy ending.
14. Write a story with an unhappy ending.
15. Write a story that doesn’t have an ending.
16. Write a short, handwritten story (a couple sentences should be fine unless you want to do more).
17. Character A of your OTP can’t figure out how to first say “I love you”. What do they try and how awkward is it?
18. Your character likes a really embarassing song.
19. Your character has an unusual or uncommon phobia.
20. A very simple, easy task goes horribly, horribly wrong.
21. “Um… Did you have that tattoo yesterday???”
22. Write about a character you feel like you relate to.
23. “We got drunk at the bar and I goaded you into singing karoake, but oh my god, your voice is actually really beautiful…”
24. Write about a fight or an argument.
25. Write a dancing scene (any kind of dance in any kind of setting, but try your best to create a visual of the dance).
26. “It’s pouring down rain, so let’s just share this cab so you don’t have to wait for another.”
27. Write your character losing something very important to them.
28. “You accidentally texted me as a wrong number. You apologized but we’re still talking, and you actually seem really cool…”
29. “If you don’t stop singing that annoying song, I swear to god I will [blank]……”
30. Writer’s Choice!! Have fun!

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When I saw this scene in b99, my brain immediately thought of Bogo, from Zootopia. 

At first I wanted to put “You and Clawhouser need to bone” ( since is one of my otp ), but then decided to stick to the original line. 

As you can see I suck at drawing the backgrounds =m=) and Nick ( damn it ). More will come in a few days. Stay tuned!


COMING HOME by charlesdk

Word Count: 40k+
Chapters: 11
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Moodboard Credit: @atticuos, the best cheerreader. ♡


“Steve, you don’t know a damn thing about that guy. The fact that you’re even considering keeping him in your house is crazy.”

“I don’t care.” Steve glanced over at the stranger, his face softening when he saw him sinking back into the couch cushions and gripping his backpack so tightly. “Sam, the guy looks like no one’s been nice to him for years. How am I supposed to be okay with just sending him off somewhere?”

Sam sighed heavily and looked heavenward. “I swear to God, if I come by tomorrow and find you dead in your bed, I’m gonna find a way to bring you back to life just to kill you again.”

OR – in which former army captain, current farmer Steve Rogers finds a bruised and battered and dirty stranger who remembers nothing and doesn’t speak in his barn. He takes him in, despite his friends’ advice not to, and helps him recover. It’s not easy. Especially not when, along the way, feelings get involved.

Read on AO3.

Another thing we need to talk about is Frank’s tone of voice when he says “Just this once? Wh…No, No, Red, That’s…That’s not how it works. It’s…You cross over to my side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.” Because damn.

Wherein Jason sucks at flirting and Tim sucks at reading between the lines

@tanekore sent me this post on 1950′s slang and it was most definitely an Imagine Your OTP


“Come on snake, let’s rattle,” Jason says to Tim, straightening his leather jacket, doing the whole eye-contact gig Roy told him is a necessary part of the ‘I freaking like you, okay?’ thing. 

Tim stares up at him, eyes wide with surprise until they’re not, until he’s frowning, until he doesn’t look like the kid that lugs around stacks of science books. He looks more like Kori when she gets a whistle, which, by some work of Pavlovian wonder, makes Jason think that maybe, just maybe, he’s too close.

By the time Tim decks him it’s too late to move; stars ripple out across a blackened universe, looking a lot like the cheapo string lights dangling around the dance floor. His jaw feels like it’s not connected to his skull anymore, and it takes him a minute to get out a frazzled, “You coulda just said no,” because who punches someone over some hoppin’ Bobby Darin tunes?

Of course I don’t want to fight you!” Tim’s voice is a thousand shades of anger which Jason finds annoying; at least until he thinks about what Tim’s said, and then it’s hilarious and he can’t help but laugh.

There’s a circle forming, and Jason thinks this is just his luck. He also thinks, offhandedly, as his cheek throbs and he smacks his lips, that Tim’s a lot stronger than he looks. Too bad Tim’s too slow to move.

Quick-like, Jason gets Tim by the collar of his steamed button up, presses his nose to Tim’s ear where he can smell some fancy perfume he probably ripped off his pop.

“I was asking you to dance, princess,” Jason says and doesn’t have to look to know Tim’s expression, ‘cause he feels it in Tim’s pulse, can read it in the quick puff of air that brushes his neck. Jason grins. “Maybe next time, hm?”

And with that he shoves Tim back, knowing the scene looks like a fight after all; he decides to remember the flush on Tim’s cheeks and the way he’s gone all straight, because Jason knows now - knows Tim’ll come find him, and knows, also, that next time they’ll definitely dance.


Prompt: “Imagine your otp proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food; and when the real proposal comes and they get free ice cream or something, person a is like ‘omg that was a really good one the whole speech was a nice touch where did you get this ring it looks so realistic omg’ and person b is just like ‘r u fucking kidding me’.”

As requested by the amazingly patient @ishipallthings <3 <3 <3

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Beast Boy Hitting on Raven... and Failing
  • <p> <b>BB:</b> Hey, Raven... *looks at hand* did it hurt<p/><b>Raven:</b> *looks up from book* what<p/><b>BB:</b> Y'know-- when you fell from heaven<p/><b>Raven:</b> I'm a demon. I lived in hell<p/><b>Raven:</b> I literally brought you there with me<p/><b>BB:</b> *struggles to come back* Um... even demons are just fallen angels?<p/><b>Raven:</b> <p/><b>Raven:</b> Okay then<p/></p>

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Hi Rin, sorry for bothering. i love your blog so much! guess it took a lot of patience to answers and explains. And i think that's a really cool of you. Anyway Rin, I have this thought about ships in general in korea. I mean for exp. Taekook, how popular are they and what is the parameter to know if a ship is popular, in korea? and what is the diff between k-shippers and int. shippers? wether it's the behaviour or etc. Sorry if this question annoys you hehe, but thank you in advance!

well, similar to when you like a group you’ll barely care about other groups, my otps are taekook and namjin so i mostly have those two on my timeline and don’t really pay attention to other pairings, even though i do follow people who ship other pairings (vmin, sope, yoonmin, jinkook etc). the pairings in maknae line are probably the most popular ones, although there isn’t a parameter of which pairing is the most popular, i have come across several accounts about these pairings with high followers number.

differences between kr shippers and int shippers hmh… i think i’m gonna have to list it out (but first of all i would like this ask not being screencapped or repost anywhere ty ;-;)

• the names for pairings. in the kr fandom, a pairing between 2 members has 2 different names depending on who’s top and who’s bottom. for example, taekook = kookv (top kook, bottom tae) or vkook (top tae, bottom kook). saying you ship kookv or vkook basically means saying you like bottom v top k or bottom k top v. it’s… quite important lol, especially when the kookv fandom and the vkook fandom clash quite often (don’t know why but it seems to be there already even before i join the fandom lol). btw i ship kookv but i’m fine with vkook either, i just don’t read bottom kook fics.

• still about the names for pairings, the common names for pairings in the kr fandom are sometimes different from the ones int fandom uses. namjin is more commonly referred to as “rapjin” (랩진) or “jinrap” (진랩) (again, depending on who’s top and bottom lmao). taekook is “kookv” (국뷔) or “vkook” (뷔국). yoonmin is “sujim” (슈짐) or […] (i don’t know i hardly see anyone who ships top jm bottom yg….). jikook is “kookmin” (국민) or “jikook” (i guess…? again most people i see ship top kook bottom jm). lots of people ship member x all (like all jin or all v), and some ship more than 1 pairing of a member but that member is bottom (like vottom for example, vottom = v bottom).

• kr fans whose twitter accounts mention pairings will have an “rps + name of pairing” in their bios. it’s like a pre-warning so people can know that they do talk about pairings and can choose to not follow if it makes them uncomfortable. this i think int fans do too, i don’t keep track with the int fandom activities so…

• kr fandom is normally extremely careful when talking about pairings on sns (or at least those i follow). they don’t reply to bts’ tweets when there’s a moment of their otp there. for example, that recent selfie of taekook after 186492648374 years, the replies in korean would be like “take care, don’t catch a cold” or “so cute” while the replies in english, well, you’ll easily see sth like “OMG BOYFRIENDS” or “YOU TWO ARE MARRIED”…

kr shippers use modificated versions of the members’ names to avoid having their tweets appearing in the search results in case bts search for their names (it’s called 써방 and i talked about this once) and the list of 써방 we can use is getting shorter because jimin and hoseok have used quite a lot of common 써방…

• the int fandom has fanfiction sites like ao3 or aff where you can find tons of fics in one place, while in the kr fandom, fics are posted separately in each writer’s blog or site, which makes it a little difficult to discover new fics but that’s okay because i only read kr fics from my fav writers lol

so far there’s only this much i can remember… a warning again that this might not apply to all ships because most of my timeline are kv and nj so lol

“Hey, man, you okay?”

Dean looks up, glancing distractedly in Sam’s direction.  He shifts, trying to make himself more comfortable in their cramped hiding spot. “Hmm?”

Sam nods to Dean’s hands. “When you’re nervous or scared or whatever, you always play with that. It used to have grooves in it, right? I think you’ve rubbed it smooth.” He chuckles softly, despite their situation.

Dean stills and lifts his left hand, eyeing the silver band on his ring finger. He knows Sam’s right. Whenever they’re in trouble, and Cas isn’t around, he can’t help himself. It makes him feel closer. He used to have a hand print, but after all these years, that has long since faded. Now he has a ring. His wedding ring. And when he finds himself desperately needing his husband, he grips it like a comfort blanket. He closes his eyes. “Yeah,” he says quietly.  “I’m okay.  We just gotta figure this shit out.” He jerks his head to the side, indicating what’s on the other side of the wall Sam’s leaning against. 

Sam looks away, glancing over his shoulder to check out their surroundings. He heaves a breath and shuffles the shotgun in his hands. “Honestly, we could use his help right about now.”

Dean leans his head back against the wall and squeezes his eyes shut. “Cas,” he whispers, his fingers gliding over the cool metal. Cas, baby, come on. We’re in a little trouble.  “We need you.”  I need you.

Behind them, through their heavy breaths and racing thoughts, they fail to hear the rustle of wings. A hand closes around Dean’s, and he opens his eyes to feel relief wash over him; to find himself staring up at that ocean of blue. “Cas,” he breathes. He allows himself a reprieve from the danger of their surroundings for just a brief moment to pull Cas into a kiss: it’s gentle and desperate. Conveying more than he can say in words: the gratitude, the relief, the love.

When Cas pulls back, he touches Dean’s cheek. “Are you hurt?” He glances at Sam. “Are either of you hurt?”

The boys shake their heads. “A few bumps and bruises. Nothing major. But we’re trapped,” Sam says.

Cas nods in understanding. “Hold on.” He settles a hand on both their shoulders, and they suddenly find themselves crowded against the trunk of the Impala.  

Sam takes a step back, but Dean grips Cas tight, pulls him closer.  “Thank you,” me murmurs, burying his face in the curve of Cas’s neck.  

“Of course, Dean.”  Cas wraps his arms around Dean and holds him tight.  “You know me.  I always come when you call.” 

Based on this beautiful text post from @collectionofdestiel​ .  The line about Dean praying to his husband to save him punched me right in the damn heart, so I wrote a little drabble.  Enjoy!

Trick the Past Again- An Akane Kurashiki Mix

“I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. That’s just the kind of person I am.”

Kidnapper, killer, time traveler, mastermind, scientist, conspiracy nut, cult leader, savior of humanity.  A mix for Akane Kurashiki.

1. A.A.A| Squalloscope//2. Uma Thurman| Fall Out Boy//3. Oh No!| Marina and the Diamonds//4. Cold War| Janelle Monae//5. Strings and Attractors| How to Destroy Angels//6. Just One Yesterday| Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes//7. Playing For Keeps| Elle King//8. Still Alive| Portal OST//9. Black Sheep| Metric//10. Castle| Halsey//11. I am not a Robot| Marina and the Diamonds//12. Soap| Melanie Martinez//13. Academia| Sia//14. Hope on Fire| Vienna Teng//15. Blindness| Metric

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Basically my experiences with Zero Escape can be expressed with a “do it for her” graphic starring Akane Kurashiki. I adore her in all her complex, morally ambiguous, well-intentioned extremist, Machiavellian glory. So here’s my mix tribute to her, complete with the usual obsessively detailed annotations under the cut. 

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You Watanabe :)

I got both my best girls on the first day I am blessed.

1. Sexuality headcanon:

2. OTP:
In Youriko hell

3. BrOTP:

4. NOTP:

5. First headcanon that pops into my mind:
Since You said summer is when her dad comes, the two of them go out to sea for a week or so and You gets to do some sweet captain stuff.

6. Favorite line:
Every single Yousoro spoken.

7. One way I relate to this character:
The feeling of being less significant than one of your friends.

8. Thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character:
Diving off two or more floors to catch an outfit in which two people are required to catch her calm down You you could have died.

9. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave:
Absolutely a cinnamon roll

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Cat/Ned anon. Thank you! I'm unsure because it makes me question them- when did she stop wishing it was Brandon and give Ned a chance? Was it ever truly love? I always read Catelyn’s line-‘enough for any woman’ as her trying to convince herself she loved Ned and her taking more pride in her duty than genuinely being happy with Ned. I think I have an issue because it leaves me with the impression that Catelyn’s pride outweighs any 'love' and she never thought about what he was going through.

Cat/Ned anon again. I just realized that my last ask might have come across negative or rude towards Catelyn and I’m sorry about that I didn’t mean to. I do think Catelyn loved Ned more than she knew, but I think she has disingenuous thoughts when it comes to it. I think she loved out of duty in a way, but also loved him in way she wasn’t willing to admit. Perhaps, Catelyn’s wishing for Brandon is more in line with loving Ned out of her duty. I’m sorry I’ll stop bothering you! Thanks!

You aren’t bothering me! I enjoy any chance to talk about my OTP! :) I feel like I get a lot fewer ASOIAF asks (or any fandom asks lol) anymore, as my blog is more kind of all over the place now, so I welcome the chance to talk about it! And don’t worry, you aren’t coming across negative or rude at all, although I do disagree with your interpretation (I don’t think it’s a negative/bashing interpretation, I just disagree with it). 

I don’t think Catelyn needed to convince herself that she loved Ned, her grief throughout ACoK and ASoS is pretty crippling. Her ‘love enough for any woman’ is snapping herself out of the thought path that she was taking - remember in that scene, Edmure is bemoaning his fate if Roslin Frey ends up being ugly. Catelyn criticizes him at first and then begins to think to herself well, is it so awful to want a pretty wife, and remembers her own initial disappointment at Ned’s appearance and demeanor. Then she kinda shakes herself, reminds herself that that initial disappointment became a loving, happy marriage (and ‘the good sweet heart beneath Ned’s solemn face’ is just such an affectionate term, there are many who probably would have said Ned was good-hearted but very very few who would have called him sweet-hearted, I think, based on how he projects himself). So it’s kind of like, ‘well, does Edmure have a point…oh, wait, no, he’s being a GIGANTIC EFFING BABY, that’s right.’ And while Catelyn is certainly a dutiful person, I think that line is actually supposed to be a direct contradiction to the idea that they had just a dutiful marriage - it comes as a contrast right after she thinks about how their wedding night was ‘more of duty than passion,’ the implication being that it changed. 

I’m a little confused where your thought process goes re: ‘Catelyn’s wishing for Brandon is more in line with loving Ned out of her duty’ because it’s conflating Catelyn as an eighteen year old wishing for Brandon and Catelyn as a woman in her mid-thirties thinking back on that time? Like…yes, young!Cat probably wished for Brandon on her wedding night, but I certainly don’t think she wished for him all those years later? She didn’t love Ned on her wedding night. All those years later, thinking back, she certainly loved Ned. As to when that happened and when she decided to give Ned a chance…there are plenty of fanfics out there examining exactly that! :) As to the question ‘was it ever truly love?’ I mean, in my opinion, yes. There are a lot of pre-canon years between their wedding night and the start of AGoT. 

I mean, you can dissect any bit of dialogue but I think the overwhelming evidence, based on their thoughts of one another, is that Catelyn loved Ned and Ned loved her in return. How Catelyn felt about Ned vs Brandon all those years ago doesn’t change how she feels now, or taint it. She loved (or at least, and more likely IMO, was enamored with) Brandon, she married Ned for duty, and at some point in the years post-Rebellion and prior to AGoT, she fell in love with Ned and he fell in love with her. 

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otp ask: lance and keith

How did I know this was gonna be the first one?

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy? 
    • Lance uses dirty but also terrible pick up lines and Keith doesn’t even want to respond anymore, like nope, you ruined it Lance nice going.
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    • Lance is a big crier, and Keith has no soul when it comes to movies.
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    • Keith didn’t know you weren’t supposed to put silverware in the microwave (don’t blame him no one was there to teach him anything) but thankfully Lance noticed and punched the door open just in time before the house exploded.
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    • Are you kidding?? Lance is the cheesiest dude to ever exist, this was like day 1 of dating.
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    • If Keith is cold he must subject Lance “the human furnace” McClain to his frozen fingers and toes.
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
    • They both did, together, that’s every Sunday night watching Drag Race or British Bake Off and roasting the people on it together and getting way too invested in the drama.
  • Who laughs more during sex?
    • They both do, sometimes someone falls off the bed, sometimes someone says something that sounded a lot sexier in their head but out loud it sounds really stupid, funny stuff just happens sometimes and when it does it’s hilarious.
    • Usually Keith cause he’s shorter so it makes sense, and he’s also touch starved BUT Keith will spoon Lance when he’s feeling down and homesick.
Fairy Tail GrayLu

Ok. I’ll start this post saying that my goal is NOT to start another fucking ship war, or even bashing ships of any kind. I’m here to explain how I feel about people saying that Gray/Lucy is an IMPOSSIBLE ship. It might be a bit long in the beginning because I’ll explain how I feel towards the Faory Tail Fandom in general, then it’ll be more graphic and fast (like, pictures and little comments on Graylu)

First of all, the main problem of the Fairy Tail Fandom is the kinda childish position most of fans have when talking about ships (and this is why that I am barely active in it despite being a great fan of FT since years). Ships War and Ships bashing are something omnipresent in this Fandom, knowing that the big 5 NaLu, Jerza, Gruvia and GaLevy are the dominant ships. When I say some fans are childish, I mean that people who ship the “Big Five” (I am mostly okay with these ships though -with a personal preference over GaLevy but whatever) are often the most intolerant of the fandom. None of these ships are canon (but they are largely hinted by Hiro Mashima, YES) but these shippers still think that they are the ONLY ships acceptable. To make their point, they’re doing photoset, posts collecting moments of their OTP (a bit like what ill be doing for graylu) finding theories, reading between the lines… WELL, you can say they’re kinda forcing their opinion on everyone. Yes, I do understand how it is to have an “OTP” because I, too, have some, but when I see posts bashing ‘minor ships’ or saying that ‘Character1xCharacter2 is impossible !!!!! Character2xCharacter3 wins!!!” it really bothers me.

So, yes, I’m finally coming to my Graylu point. I’m not usually really invested in this kind of things. I don’t consider myself as a hardcore GrayxLucy shipper, nor I don’t think I hate GrayxJuvia or NatsuxLucy. These are different ships. Characters are not “meant to be with only this one or that one other character”. They are fucking characters. You can ship both Nalu and Graylu for instance. That’s my case. (Even though I don’t ship Gruvia for waaaay others reasons than shipping Gray with Lucy, but that’s not my point by now)

What pushed me into writing this post while not being an ultra GrayLu shipper is when I came across some bashing posts, and particularly some of these anonymous confession posts, saying things like “I don’t really see reasons to ship GrayLu”

My point will be given 2 axises, the 1st one being a rhetorical question and 2nd one being the most important :

1) why the fuck do you need a reason to ship something

2) Gray and Lucy are undeniably friends. Like, good friends. I hear people from here “YOU CAN BE FRIENDS WITHOUT BEING HYPOTHETICALLY ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED” to which I’ll answer : hell yes my dear, you can. That’s the purpose of friendship, on of the main topics of Fairy Tail.

But you can also be friends with someone, and have a great complicity or even more : a great chemistry with them. That’s how I see Gray and Lucy ; as really good friends with a damn fucking good chemistry, which has been shown uncountable times since the beginning of the manga (450+ chapters you’ll forgive me for not searching through all of them, I’m not that dedicated)

SO how can you say GrayLu shippers it’s absurd of them to ship when you see this :

-a tacit and strong complicity (and fucking confidence from Lucy in Gray when you know how strong his powers can be!!!)

-a good understanding of each other (and a constant care/worry too)

-a closeness comfortable enough to be like that without doing any fuss over it

-understanding and complicity (act 2) that leads to quick forgiveness AND FUCKING INNUENDOS/JOKES MAN :

(so, well basically this whole page)

but mostly the two last panels ok

-you can’t deny that they are OFTEN standing next to each other, talking to each other, well they’re being close as friends (and more if you’re an hardcore one who wants to see it romantically, you do what you want!!!)

like I mean


these are sample. you can find 500 other panel of them just being there. standing together. for no actual reason. And that’s cool, because it reflects their dynamic : comfortable and just casual.

-do I have to talk about both their expressions on this panel? Like the relief of being friends again, after the tantrum act thrown by Gray when he was a so-called-antagonist?

i don’t think I have to. You don’t need my words to appreciate this.

-AND OBVIOUSLY THEIR UNISON RAID in the last chapter (chap 446) well not exactly a unison raid, but when they fought together like when Gray AKNOWLEDGED Lucy as a comrade, yes, but also a valuable FIGHTER :

(they were both awesome by the way, but finally seing Lucy getting more and more confidence in her fighting skill of the chapters just made me so happy -this is finally a fucking character development)

WELLl I could go on like this for years with pictures to prove my point, but I think it’s enough for now. You can see all of what I said like”friendship thing” and I’ll be totally okay with you : Gray and Lucy are friends, and their friendship is healthy, but don’t force people into thinking friendship is the ONLY relationship acceptable and possible between them.

Acknowledge the fact that due to all those small interactions, it’s LEGIT for some people to ship them and to hope to see them in a committed relationship.


and to you all the haters, the ones for whom “graylu is impossible and inexistant” well isn’t it sad to be the mono-shipper asshole?

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For the otp meme: Erumike 22 + 23 please? 😁

Thanks for the ask! : ) 

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Erwin cooks more often since he always helped and supported his mother to make her life easier after his father got killed. He knows a great variety of recipes and loves to cook. It reminds him of home and makes him smile.

But Mike definitely is better at cooking since he his nose helps him to create the most astonishing flavours with herbs. Erwin’s mother loves his self-made bread.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

Erwin, definitely. He’s the kind of man who’d look you in the face dead serious and say: “I’m new in the area, would you please show me how to get to your place?”. And when there is enough alcohol involved even: “Are you my pinky toe? Cause I’m gonna bang you against every piece of furniture I own.”

OTP question meme

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Matthew Crawley

@betweenpastandpresenttense sent a post give me…Love your blog! Can you do Matthew Crawley?

Prepare for a long rambly love letter to Matthew … :)

give me a character and i’ll answer

do I like them:  Since he’s my soul mate I guess I better say I like him. Yes I like him. I love him. I”m in love with a fictional character and I always will be. 

5 good qualities: I’ve said before Matthew’s face is a reflection of his soul. He’s an observant man. A good man. A kind man. Doesn’t mean he’s unaware or weak. I wish more people got this–you can be kind and strong. He truly knows Mary for though their outward personalities appear completely different (he appears sweet and soft hearted whereas she is cool and standoffish)–he knows she’s wearing a mask of indifference because she’s afraid to appear vulnerable. 

He knows she’d detest that. So he hides his awareness behind the mask of the diplomat. From that first meeting he was figuring Mary out. Unpeeling the layers of mask to see almost immediately that they were destined to be a true meeting of minds and hearts. Barb for barb they felt each other out and got under each other’s skins until they (finally!) realized they could not live without each other. 

Mary was put off her game by Matthew. He refused to be “played with” in the way she was used to… and at first that confused and angered her. Matthew can see beyond the surface to the truth of the person underneath.He drew Mary out of that mask with his kindness and his love without attempting to fundamentally change the person he loves. Because he loves that person just the way she is.. [and more than a bit turned on by her as well because of this battle of wits and smarts]… Once Mary too realized their intimate connection it made for a transcendent love story. A love story for the ages. 

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3 bad qualities: …his guilt is a tad too much indulgent and unfair (to a certain extent) on Mary. He made the first move on the kiss. He knew what he was doing. But men do that… blame others for their faults. Matthew couldn’t stand that he didn’t live up to own standards of conduct. So he threw around blame. But he came to his senses. He understood. He said he was wrong.

He’s kind almost to the point of hurting himself and denying him love. 

favourite episode:
Since this is solely on Matthew… 2 x 09 CS 2011. How can you not love this episode? Matthew’s decided to stoically move on and try to accept that Mary will never be his but that she’d also never marry Richard Carlisle. Slowly over the episode he draws closer and closer to her, earning back her trust and good opinion. And then …sigh..then… 

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otp: my hearts…esp when they’re being cheeky and subtextual with each other… 

brotp: Tom Branson. But I also love his friendship with Edith. 


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notp: anyone other than Mary…:)

best quote:I have so many favorite lines. Dan’s delivery of certain lines rise above the sometimes cliched, cringe worthy, creaky dialogue…“I will love you until the last breath leaves my body.” is the best example of that. 
I also love pissy Matthew… “Robert the last time you made an investment you nearly ruined the family…” “Then Harry Stoke is a fool…

Adorable dad: ”“Hello my dearest little chap.” 

 “Now come and kiss me.”

  But I truly love the obscure line right before as well: “Then I”ll get wet.”–it says everything about Matthew. He wants to stay with Mary. Be with her. 

But the best has to be . “Oh God Mary…I am so so sorry…” (click line for vocal seduction 101 proof  |My never to look back moment. Matthew owned me from that line. And the kiss sealed it all.

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head canon:

I’ve written this before but I still love it–  and they lived happily ever after with their three children. George served with distinction in Operation Market Garden. His sister Madeleine (who had been conceived while MM were in Paris) worked for the SOE. The baby, Freddie, was too young to serve in WWII but instead entered academia and became a classics professor at Cambridge.

Top 5 Shipping moments of 2014

OK, time for 2014 - this one’s a personal favorite with me, TBH. So many OTPs and ship wars to talk about! 


Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe didn’t get into the canon gay magic until 2015, but 2014 was nice enough to introduce us to the concept of ‘fusion’, in which people can unite into one singular being that represents their relationship. This feels like the greatest thing for shippers since now you  can actually turn your ship into a character! Think about it - every single pairing you’ve ever wanted to see together can be transformed into a fusion personality that represents the ship! Steven Universe is in many ways ‘Relationships The Show’, and there are a wide variety of relationships to choose from - romantic, familial, functional, dysfunctional - so naturally shippers are drawn to it, big time. 


The controversial HIMYM finale is one of the biggest Shipping fanatics of all time. The Swarkles outrage wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t a win, but it’s still incredibly notable; and we did get both Robin and Barney marrying, and Ted and the Mother FINALLY meeting. Then they had to go and tear it all apart. I mean, seriously, the ending of this show feels like the biggest ‘Eff you’ to the shipping fanbase/audience since One More Day. Take your pick, really. And of course not just the Swarkles fans were pissed off at this ending; anyone who loved The Mother, after finally getting to really know her, learning her name and seeing her and Ted get together, got a gigantic slap in the face too. Hope your happy, Ted/Robin shippers. 


The ‘Red Dinner’ as it’s dubbed by Fannibals acts as the culmination to an entire season dedicated to shipping Hannigram hardcore. Season 2 of Hannibal aired in its entirety throughout 2014, and it was the season that truly turned Hannigram into a cultural phenomenon, shipped all over the place with fanfic/fanart blowing up the internet. The storyline is pretty complicated, but suffice to say: the two have a hardcore effed-up bromance going through the second half of Season 2, where Hannibal wants Will to join him as his partner in killing and Will pretends to go along with it to catch him. Or does he? But in the season finale, it all comes to a head with Hannibal learning about the betrayal and brutalizing/nearly killing EVERYONE, Game of Thrones style. Bad breakup doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Ah, we get to it: My MCU OTP. Captain America the Winter Soldier launched the MCU’s new most popular ship when the mysterious Winter Soldier was unmasked as Steve Rogers’ childhood bestie Bucky Barnes. The tragic romance nature of Winter Soldier no doubt contributed to this ship’s popularity. The movie gave us tons to work with: From Steve saying of his dating life “It’s hard to find someone with shared life experience” (geez, who do we know who fits that description?), to the background music of the Winter Soldier’s attempt on Fury’s life (the first time Steve and Bucky are on screen again) being “It’s been a long, long time”; to the two of them recalling each other (’But I knew him”) and Steve’s rip-your-heart-out moment in the climax (”I’m with you to the end of the line”), there’s so much love to work with here. You can see why the hardcore shipping began. 


It’s hard to overstate the shipping significance of Korrasami becoming canon in the series finale of The Legend of Korra. Not just that a gay pairing got to be together, but a fan-preferred couple, one that tumblr fans fell in love with in 2014 (Seasons 3 and 4 aired 2014) got to win, got to be together, and walk off into the sunset. True, this was one that didn’t get to be certain until the creators confirmed what was going on, but the excitement this one generated was absolutely breathtaking. And it’s not like people hadn’t noticed the newformed chemistry either; the ship truly took off this year, and got to sail while the excitement was at fever pitch. Did this start something new? Oh, I don’t know, did Steven Universe take that ball and run off with it in a Stronger direction only a few months later? You bet it did.