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stileshale  asked:

#6, #23, #30 and #50

6. List your OTP from each fandom you’ve been involved in.

  • Grey’s Anatomy - Meredith/Derek
  • Dawson’s Creek - Pacey/Joey
  • iCarly - Seddie
  • Teen Wolf - Sterek
  • Arrow - Olicity
  • Eyewitness - Philkas
  • The Walking Dead - Richonne
  • Yuri On Ice - Victuuri
  • The Raven Cycle - Pynch
  • The Captive Prince - Lamen
  • The Foxhole Court - Andreil
  • Omgcheckplease! - Zimbits

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.

I think the favorite one I’ve written is Never Underestimate Stiles Stilinski because I feel like this is the one I made the most interesting and the one I’ve written that is the easiest to get sucked into? At least when I reread it haha. I just feel like, for how short it is, it’s engaging and interesting and there isn’t any boring part? I loved writing it too, it was one of the easiest ones to write for me in that it felt like it just flowed for me. Idk I just love it, I feel proud of myself while reading it :D 

30. What inspires you to write?

I have to be interested in what I’m writing or I’m just bored, so generally it’s romantic couples who keep my interest, so if I’m writing that or at least working toward it, i’m inspired. Sterek inspires me to write, I just have so many ideas for them flowing in my head. If I tried to write a focused story about, say…crime or mystery and had no romance with it, or friendship or familial relationships, just relationships to it, like if I tried to write something like Law & Order, I wouldn’t be able to, it wouldn’t inspire me. Characters and their relationships is what I love most about stories, so take that away and I’m not all that inspired and I can get bored. Same goes for reading - if it’s very procedural or doesn’t seem to care about the characters I check out, ya know?

50. How did you get into reading and/or writing fanfiction?

Haha I remember it perfectly to this day. I was 14, and I watched Grey’s Anatomy, and I remember a commercial that was like “go to abc.com/blahblah” and I was like…oohhh and went to it and it was this grey’s anatomy forum type place, and then eventually someone linked to a fanfic forum for Grey’s Anatomy, and I was really into Meredith/Derek at the time and I think I just tired reading fanfic to satisfy my MerDer thirst and loved it. And I had already loved writing for quite awhile by then, and because I loved Meredith/Derek so much I tried writing it myself because I loved writing and I got inspired by my love for them (and my fics were HORRIBLE omg I’m so embarrassed about them now lol but i was 14 mmkayy) and then it was basically fanfic all the time for me, writing and reading. I’m so happy I found it <3333

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bellarke au fics that i need in my life: [2/?]

thg!au [1]: bellamy blake, aged 23, too old to participate in the reaping. octavia blake, aged 17, selected as the female tribute of district 12. bellamy blake absolutely furious and enraged that these people are taking his sister away from him to die and there is nothing he can do about it.

except bellamy blake is charisma. bellamy blake is independence and fighting and bravery and looking at clarke griffin like she’s his point north and rebellion, so he wages war against the capitol, bringing the world to its knees in front of the rebel king and his army of ragtag revolutionaries, these kids who are tired of gambling their lives for food, who are done with the capitol making an example of them, because they have been under the toe of the privileged for too long, and now they are ready to fight.

  • bellamy blake: leader of the revolution, their rebel king, sometimes called the young wolf or the wolf king because he is fierce and dangerous but also ferociously loyal to his pack. this is bellamy blake, olive-skinned and opressed worker from the coal-mining district, and he has come to bring the world to its knees; he would burn the world to save his sister, and he’s the kind of man who knows how to inspire those who want to burn the world too. this is bellamy blake, inspiration of revolutionaries everywhere, and he will lead his people to their victory.
  • clarke griffin: the golden-haired princess, born into privilege, but having lost her father to the capitol and president jaha, is ready to throw her lot in with the rebels. she is strong and brave and smart, always there to temper bellamy with her quick mind and her willingness to push back. he is her anchor, the inspiration of the people, and she is his point north, the only one he looks to for guidance. somewhere along the way they became co-leaders, because clarke has the ideas and the logic and bellamy has the passion and the ability to pull it off and they respect clarke but they follow bellamy; they are a team, because he is her anchor and her general, and she is his point north and his reassurance, and together, they will win this revolution.
  • finn collins: the former victor from district three, nicknamed spacewalker for his means of victory, because anybody reckless enough to act on a hunch and jump off a mountain to walk into “space” in order to avoid the avalanche is always going to be a beloved folk hero, and what kind of hero doesn’t have a nickname? finn joins the rebellion because he has a moral compass and because he knows it’ll get violent, which is something he hopes he can prevent if he joins—as a tribute, he saw enough violence and death to last a lifetime, and it haunts him every time he closes his eyes—and because he has people he loves and wants to protect. impulsive, unexpectedly understanding of people and charming, finn collins snakes his way into the hearts of many; his charisma is not bellamy’s, burning bright and inspiring people to fight and die for him, but the type that comes from a golden smile and undeniable good looks, that comes from charm and the kind of half-smile that causes the capitol to whore him out in the first place.
  • raven reyes: the youngest engineer in 52 years, the pride and joy of district three—well, the non-victor pride—for her mechanical skills, raven reyes is the first from her district to break out and join bellamy’s rebellion. she is fierce, spunky and ferocious, tough and loyal and ready to tear down the capitol brick by brick and never give an inch. she has someone to live for, to fight for, to sacrifice herself for, and it is in this that she and bellamy find understanding, because the ideals behind their revolution are important, but tearing down the capitol is important only because of their lost ones, and all pales in comparison to the crimes the capitol have committed against their loved ones. a fighter, impulsive, intelligent and brave, raven is a survivor and she will not go down without a fight, not without tearing apart the capitol, not without finding the only person she has left; and she will stop at nothing to save him and find him and ensure that the capitol can never do it again.
  • jasper jordan: the unexpected hero, the boy from district five, arrested for his use of dangerous chemicals in the district’s power station for the capitol, jasper joins up with bellamy and his rebels when they come crashing into the prison. quick-witted, sharp-eyed, willing to walk into hell to win this rebellion and save the pretty girl known as she-wolf from the arena, and unexpectedly good at shooting, jasper soon becomes one of the top lieutenants for the co-leaders of the revolution, and he is the first to manage to make contact with octavia, using some nifty tricks from the power district to divert control of the arena for a brief amount of time, in order to send the tributes the message that they were coming, and meet octavia for the first real time.
  • monty green: the herbalist, from district eleven, and the best mechanic they have until raven shows up. pleasant, loyal, and always knowing what to say, monty provides the balance that the revolution sorely needs, and jasper and monty work together to prevent the tensions from being too insurmountable, often found working together and it is they who create the moonshine that the rebels use for both medical purposes and celebratory purposes. monty is the best listener, and is always willing to give a friend a second chance, doing everything he can to help everyone, be it warning octavia against poisonous plants when jasper or raven hack into the arena’s control system or providing backup for jasper and clarke, be it in the field or in the medical bay.
  • octavia blake: the she-wolf, the girl who launched a revolution and was fought for by 100 rebels, named first for the sister of an emperor, and second as the sister of the wolf king, fierce and brave and sharp in her own right. famed from the second she was interviewed, straight up facing the camera and telling the capitol, the districts, the world, that “my crime is being born, and the capitol are playing executioner”, and for the dress she wears, first covered in luminescent blue butterflies, flying away to reveal the she-wolf: fierce, tough, and dressed to survive. she further achieves fame when she takes the samurai sword at the cornucopia, wielding it with a deadly fervour, unexpected from the lithe and underfed seventeen year old with eyes like the butterflies that she wore. octavia blake captures the hearts of panem with her fearlessness that is touched by fear, with her strength and bravery and willingness to protect her own and the way she beats against the chests of the men who take her away to the arena, screaming “bellamy” the whole time. the she-wolf tears down the arena, screaming for the wolf-king who tears down the capitol, screaming for his sister the entire time, with rebellion in their blood and revolution in their voices.
  • wells jaha: the son of the capitol, who entangles himself amongst the rebels to protect clarke. kept safe by the fact that they cannot release him, now that he knows of their rebellion and their details, but cannot kill him, due to clarke’s refusal to allow it, he does all he can to protect her and tell bellamy that this is not the way to save the world, that he is running down the road to anarchy; called everything from “president” to “son of the capitol”, wells tides it all out of love for clarke, and his unwavering determination to do what is right.
  • lincoln: the tribute from district seven, lincoln is known as the grounder due to his advanced knowledge of the ground and survival, garnered from living in the lumber district and spending his time in the forest. trained to be a healer, yet strong and brave with intimate knowledge of throwing axes, lincoln is drawn to octavia and does all he can to protect her, at first from a distance, but then from her side; he fights his own fellow tribute, anya, in order to protect octavia, and their story equally captivates and baffles panem; no-one more than bellamy, who can’t help but grind his teeth at the way lincoln looks at his sister, but is also grudgingly grateful that he is protecting her, because god knows her fellow tribute won’t.
  • john murphy: octavia’s fellow tribute, threatened by bellamy to protect her, he does for a length of time until he fully commits to the every man for himself philosophy. cruel, unpredictable, somewhat cowardly and indescribably dangerous, murphy is lethal in the arena and bellamy isn’t sure who he’s racing to save octavia from first: murphy or the capitol.
  • atom: the district twelve tribute from previously, insultingly remembered as “sting”; octavia had been somewhat involved with him prior to his reaping, and he had worked with bellamy—bellamy still remembers the horror of watching the young man succumb to the acid fog and his long, painful death on screen, but it was made all the worse by watching octavia break down in despair beside him. now, bellamy thinks forlornly, it is happening all again, except now octavia’s inside, and he can’t even try to shield her from the pain anymore.
  • thelonius jaha: president jaha, capitol king to bellamy’s rebel king, and the man controlling the fates of the districts; no more, shout the rebels as they tear down his domain, no more will you hold our lives in your hand. (“i am become death,” clarke whispers as they watch the first of their flares fly towards the capitol, to signal their presence, and bellamy shakes his head almost imperceptibly. “no,” he says through gritted teeth, gazing towards the arena, “they created the bringer of death.”)
  • ark council: the president’s council ft. head gamemaker, who is most likely marcus kane or abigail griffin, if not both.

i just!! god i need bellarke!au. if you write anything like this, please tag me or link me or something because god i need this like i need oxygen. ask marymorevnas or maytheymeetagain; i’ve been screaming about bellarke au fics all morning i wish i was joking

maybe i dreamt you → a playlist of 13 songs for a magician and a dreamer.

i. fall into your arms - bastille // ii. hey now - london grammar // iii. cold front - laura welsh // iv. do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys // v. spit the dark - empires // vi. no one’s here to sleep - naughty boy // vii. eden - ben khan // viii. hypnotise - polarheart // ix. come and get me - sleeping wolf // x. we were in love - ta-ku // xi. where have you been? - manchester orchestra // xii. turn away - beck // xiii. so close - ólafur arnalds

demios-itami asked: Maybe peter wants power and a dead kate cause coming back turned him into a delta and jaguars are a form of alpha - what if stiles kills kate cause he’s not as morally gifted as scott (who want to save everyone without death, you poor puppy/the world clearly hasn’t tainted him enough to be a successful alpha) causing stiles to become a human alpha/jaguar/raven/stiles/whatever and peter’s wolf is content to hand in the reigns and be a delta worthy of his alpha and their pup/fellow packmate(malia).

I hope you don’t mind me picking this up:)  This prompt somehow got my muse going so I figured I’d just write something short for it. I’m not a huge fan of Stalia, Steter will forever be my OTP (Hey look, it rhymed! …Yeah, you can tell I’m writing this after pulling a caffeinated all-nighter studying for a test.), but Stiles/Malia with a sibling-esque relationship is something I can get behind, especially with Stiles as Malia’s Alpha.

Also, Idk about the Delta thing, so let’s just say there’s a connection between Peter and Kate b/c of the way Kate was turned and then they both died and Peter lost his Alpha status while Kate turned into an Alpha werejaguar from her time in La Iglesia, and Peter basically has no choice but to obey her.

General Warnings: AU, Language, Violence, Preslash, Stiles Stilinski & Peter Hale, Stiles Stilinski & Malia Hale, Steter, Pack of Three

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no but can you imagine

  • the ark survivors finding the 100 and clarke suddenly being focussed on as the sole leader because it’s difficult for the civilised society that is the ark to understand the concept of co-leading or that a would-be killer would be the saviour of their children and that bellamy blake is clarke griffin's equal
  • bellamy being frustrated and suddenly concerned about his fate because oh shit jaha pardoned him where is jaha but resigned because damn it all to hell if the princess isn’t actually better than him and anyway the 100 are safe and that’s what matters
  • but clarke being overwhelmed by the ark and needing bellamy more than ever because the adults are back and she thought she was prepared to hand over the reins to the adults but they won a goddamn war like they’ve faced challenges that these people never knew about and she just can’t hand over the reins and become the child again; and it’s not like they haven’t arrested her for treason before, anyway, right?
  • and the slowly but surely developing tension between the two groups because hell yeah the 100 are glad to see their families again but they are also family, because when the ark locked them up, when the ark threatened them with nearly-inevitable floatation on their eighteenth birthday, when the ark sent them down to earth alone, they survived. they survived because of each other, and they have experienced things their parents never had to and they are strong and they take orders from bellamy blake and clarke griffin because they earned it; because bellamy blake inspired them and turned them into a cohesive unit and because they are willing to fight and die for him; because clarke griffin is a voice of reason and they respect her and she heals them; because bellamy and clarke protect and save them every day; what has the ark ever done except abandon them?
  • the 100 getting antsy with the ark’s inhabitants’ new “rules” and expectations bc yeah the ark experienced the culling and the dangers of the descent to earth and the unity day mutiny but they did not experience war; they did not experience grounders, and terror because earth is horrifying at times and they had no means to protect nor save themselves; they did not experience burying their friends, they did not experience a logbook that detailed how many of them died and how many of them were left, they didn’t experience what it was to be a part of the 100 and lose part of the 100; they didn’t experience the development of the rule system for the camp, nor the co-leaders learning to grow together for the camp, nor fighting for their lives; so how dare they try take charge now?
  • clarke snapping and having a go at her mother and the rest of the privileged from the ark because—“i need him and i trust him; we are CO-LEADERS,” clarke snaps, fixing each of the overbearing council-members with a hard glare, “and you don’t know what we’ve been through”—they’re still acting like bellamy can’t be trusted and clarke kind of can’t breathe because of how unfair it is, because of how many times bellamy proved himself, because he saved them and the ark wouldn’t even have anyone to come down to if it wasn’t for him
  • clarke noticing the tightness in bellamy’s jaw after someone gives him a shady look and gives him the cold shoulder and clarke simmering and coming up to him and giving him her glare and him giving her his unimpressed look he delivers when he thinks she’s being especially sanctimonious or exasperating and her frown deepens and he matches it and she sighs in exasperation and his lip twitches and she feels an overwhelming wave of relief because that’s her bellamy and then a little bit of nervousness like not my bellamy, just, you know, normal bellamy and just she shuts up internally because that is a road she doesn’t think she can go down quite yet
  • bellamy finally losing his shit when abby proposes a plan that is insanely stupid—"we have tried that,“ he says flatly, "and it did not work. you can keep making mistakes and bad choices because you won't listen to us, but you’ll damn well keep us out of it. feel free to risk your own life, but princess and i didn’t keep our camp alive just so you could risk us all because you're too fucking proud to listen to us. this isn’t the ark, and you are way out of your depth.” he’s breathing heavily as he shoots them all a terrifying glare that makes a few people shake in their boots, and turns on his heel, storming away from all of them. so stupid, he thinks bitingly, angrily tearing his way through the trees, so fucking stupid and entitled and god they’re worse than the princess was on the first day because at least she wasn’t a fucking idiot and—and telling them exactly what is what because he and clarke worked their asses off saving these kids and the kids worked their asses off staying alive, even burying their friends, and everybody in the 100 that are outside the makeshift council room cheer when they hear bellamy sticking it to the ark!council—"that’s our king,“ jasper says proudly, bumping fists with monty, and octavia bares her teeth in a grin, replying, "that’s my brother.”
  • the situation quickly turning into a standoff because the 100 may love their family but they follow bellamy and clarke and when it becomes clear that bellamy was 100% serious about not endangering any of the 100, clarke hears about it and backs him up—"he's right,“ she argues, when her mother stares at her incredulously—and the 100 stand by them because this is their family, these are the people who they follow, because these are the two who proved themselves to be worthy of leading them on the ground
  • the adults forced to grudgingly accept the fact that they have to rely on these children—"they’re just kids,” abby says a little despairingly, and marcus shakes his head; “no, abby. they were kids. now they’re soldiers… survivors,” he says, a thoughtful look in his eye as he observes bellamy and raven loading their guns—because as much as they may hate it, bellamy and clarke are right, and they need them

god i can’t wait for s2

KING AND LIONHEART: a mix for thorin and bilbo ( listen + listen)

i. brother - matt corby ii. the wolves & the ravens - rogue valley iii. the love we stole - bear’s den iv. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf v. without or without you - U2 vi. king and lionheart - of monsters and men vii. run - jasmine thompson viii. once - brad kaleb kane ix. asleep - emily browning x. demons - imagine dragons xi. sweet disposition - the temper trapt xii. stand here with me - creed xiii. if i lost you [orchestra mix] - shiny toy guns