otp: the wolf and the raven


It amazes me, and always will amaze me, how much passion is contained beneath the carefully constructed “Hobo Apostate” that he shows the world. He’s such an intensely powerful and regal person who cares so very deeply about so many things, and though her kiss was timid and uncertain, his is so very forward and unrestrained.

How long has he thought about her?

How long as he seen her as his equal?

When was it than he fell in love with her and how long as he been holding back?

It’s like he wants to breathe her in, like he’s kissing her with the sort of abandon of a man desperate for water or air. She gave him an in and he’s showing her exactly what he wants, who he is, for the first time since she’s known him.

This is such a defining moment in their relationship, the first moment he really loses his careful control and lets her in beyond his walls. He needs her, he’s been alone for so long that he needs her, wants her with every fiber of his being. He longs to let someone in, and for better or worse, he trusts her with a part of himself that he hasn’t been able to show anyone else in a very long time.

This relationship means a lot to me.