otp: the stag and the rose

A few days ago, while I was exploring the Loras/Renly tag, I found this wonderful fanart. I don’t know who did it, but it’s the most beautiful Loras/Renly fanart I’ve ever seen. I’ve imagined this situation like an ending to Loras’ storyline in ADWD (even if I’m still hoping he’s still alive) and when I found this artwork I totally bursted into tears. It’s so beautiful. I’m looking for the person who created this. COME HERE, SWEETHEART! I WANNA HUG YOU! THIS IS WONDERFUL! Please, keep drawing them! I BEG YOUUUU

Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I listen to 18. I don’t always say it’s my favorite song, but it’s definitely a soothing song for me. The last refrain is probably one of my biggest “proofs” personally, though I don’t tout it because I can see how it wouldn’t be for other people.

I’m a vocalist and entertainer at heart, though I’ve chosen not to make a career out of it. I know what it takes to put passion and genuine emotion behind words and notes on paper. Ed Sheeran is a master lyricist and poet, but what brings the song 18, (and that last refrain in particular), to life is hearing the striking, soul-drenching emotion in Louis’ voice as he sings,

I have loved you since we were eighteen,

Long before we both thought the same thing.

It’s like a tidal wave as Harry joins in,

To be loved and to be in love.

Think about that. Think about the fact that parts are planned. Sometimes for vocal ability and range, that’s true, (Niall and Harry and Liam sing lower parts, though Niall has a smooth mid-register and Liam can belt some high notes, and Louis and Zayn sing higher parts), but I don’t think that’s what this is. To me, there’s no stronger way to make a statement than music, and this particular statement wrapped inside this particular song is the equivalent of ten exclamation points in bold.

How could you not fucking believe that these two love each other?