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that feeling when your rival, Kenny Omega, blows you a kiss

This could be something real special and we should just trust in each other. So we went into this match with just complete, 100% trust, which, you know, is why I did a couple of the things that I did. Without even worrying about injury. It’s hard for me to ever suggest moonsaulting over a guardrail or doing the backdrop over the top ropes through a table, but I trusted Okada. I trusted that if I just give him a good jump then he’s going to place me where I need to go, because he’s The Man. If I do a moonsault, even if I’m undershooting or overshooting, I trust that he’s going to be there. You know? Sometimes it’s not just trusting in your own ability, but if you trust the people around you- and again, the Young Bucks were there too, and…I trust my life in these people’s hands.
—  Kenny Omega, on trusting Okada (and the bucks) at WK11 (x)
That match couldn’t have been done with anyone else other than Okada. So it’s a testament to how good he is. I needed Okada in that match to bring that out of me, out of him, out of the people. It was very important for that match to be with *him*. It couldn’t have been with um…it just couldn’t have been anyone else. It had to be The Man.

He brought his S+ tier game. He gave me everything that he had. He was there for everything. He understood- We just had a real great connection and I can’t give him enough credit for being the perfect opponent for that match. So you can give me all the credit your want or say that I sucked or whatever, but don’t- don’t say that Okada didn’t do his role, because he was perfect.
—  Kenny Omega, wrestling observer interview (x)

here i was thinking that Okada’s I’m So Tired Of Everything And You Especially face was my favorite Okada Looks At Kenny face, little did I know that Earnestly, Honestly Very Confused was in the cards

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Dare we say Kenny has found some to replace the Kota sized hole in his heart in Okada? Boy is mad crushing on him. Let's hope Marty doesn't find out. ;)

Right? It’s interesting because, while I haven’t seen much of Kota Ibushi in NJPW, I think he’s nothing like Okada.

Apart from their hair (which is kind of similar in length) and their talent, Kota is kind of Okada’s exact opposite. Okada is very strapped down emotion-wise. Kota is all about feelings.

Kota left. Okada is New Japan.

Marty’s also very different from both of them. He’s desperately loyal, and openly affectionate with Kenny (maybe similar to how kenny and kota used to be before The Betrayal). Their relationship is uncomplicated by history or antagonism (apart from a certain lie about a DM).

idk i love having all these fun relationships happening at once! God I’m so excited for Kota to come back! Hopefully they’ll interact during the G1 and that’ll lead to a proper feud between them. NJPW doesn’t seem to exert too much control over promos (apart from not letting Kenny speak Japanese) which means we’ll probably get the fucking epically dramatic and heartsick promos we’ve been getting in Kenny’s interviews. I hope they’re the final competitors for their blocks, but I’m still so completely new to njpw booking that I have no idea how likely that is!