otp: the spaces in between i tried to put my finger on it

prompt response to: andreil trapped in a small space scenario

As much as all these late night practices aided Neil in strengthening his form, some nights he felt so incredibly drained of energy that by the end of them he almost cursed his own resolve. 

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I’d like to think Sakura’s first birthday on their travels might have gone something like this:

It hasn’t been too long since they’ve started their travels—maybe a few months or so. The day before, they’d arrived in some moderately sized village whose name isn’t important to remember, and decided to stay there for a while; to take rest, stock up, explore, and help around.

Sakura wakes in the morning a little later than usual, which surprises her, since she remembers asking Sasuke to wake her up when he wanted to leave to buy some food. She gets out of bed, changes into day clothes, and makes her way to the kitchen only to find Sasuke there, setting up breakfast on the table, apparently just done cooking.

“Sasuke-kun,” Sakura greets, a bit startled. “Good morning.”

Sasuke only nods. “Morning. I made breakfast.”

Though not exactly a rare occurrence, this still makes her smile—because she’s quite sure she knows the reasoning behind this.

“So you did.” She pauses, and smiles wider, an edge of teasing to it. “And you let me sleep in, too. Didn’t I ask you to wake me?”

Taking a seat at the table, Sasuke merely shrugs like it is nothing, but the way he avoids her gaze makes her think maybe he’s a bit embarrassed. 

“There wasn’t much that we needed to buy, so I figured I might just go alone.”

Sakura simply hums at this, but there’s that knowing look in her eyes, and she thinks Sasuke sees it when he fleetingly glances at her. But, she says nothing, only murmurs an affectionate thanks and sits to eat her own breakfast (one she remembers telling Sasuke she quite favored, not too long ago). 

But his particular behavior doesn’t end there. They head off in town afterwards, and he accompanies her every step of the way, even when she heads out to shop for herself. At some point, she tries to tell him that he doesn’t need to feel like he needs to stay, that he can go to the stores he likes instead of tailing behind her into ones she knows he’s not interested in. But Sasuke stays, and he never complains, prompting another knowing smile to her lips. He even pays for her lunch when they head out to eat, later.

Then, he takes her to the Hanami festival. At this point, Sakura doesn’t question him anymore; she knows with certainty why he’s acting so especially nice. They stay there for hours, visiting food stands and trying out game platforms (well—Sakura did), watching the pretty pink trees blooming in full; and though it is crowded, with girls trying to pester him after his good looks, Sasuke never scowls, never looks surly. It ends up making one of the very best birthdays of her life.

When they retreat from the festival, they take the long way back to the inn. Sakura has an armful of prizes she’s won for herself, and in her free hand, she holds a stick of syrup coated dango (which he paid for, again), chewing on it thoughtfully. She’s happier than she’s been in a long while, and in the moment, she thinks it can’t really get better than this.

But Sasuke proves her wrong as they stop by a small wooden bridge overlooking a river surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees, pretty pink petals fluttering in the wind, as he says, “I do have a gift for you, you know.”

Sakura’s green, green eyes turn towards him and widen, and she swallows her bite of food with a blooming blush. “You do?”

Sasuke nods almost imperceptibly, and she thinks she sees him swallow, but she can’t be too sure.

She opens her mouth to ask what he’s gotten her, before he suddenly leans down and presses his mouth to hers with achingly gentle pressure, lone hand gripping her shoulder to anchor her in place. 

He pulls away before she can fully realize what’s happened, but doesn’t put much space back between them, the ghost of a smile tugging at his lips. His eyes soften when she reaches to touch her lips with her free hand (which has dropped the dango she’d been holding, she now realizes).

The tug of his lips becomes more insistent, and he taps her forehead with two fingers—the gesture heavy with affection. “Happy birthday, Sakura,” he says.




“S-Sasuke-kun! You made me drop my dango!”

“…I’ll get you a new one.”




Who am I kidding this is too fluffy to have really happened….

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Hey there! For the dictionary prompts – Shidge and "confide".

Confide, verb

  1. To trust (someone) enough to tell them of a secret or private matter.
  2. Dated - to entrust something to (someone) for safekeeping.

She finds him, as she often does, on the training deck.

Most nights that he can’t sleep, and those are most nights, he fights gladiator drone after gladiator drone until he’s almost too exhausted to stand. There’s a bit of a joke shared just between the two of them: who will find the other passed out in some unusual, non-bed place first, and who will drag the other back to their room to get a few scant hours of sleep.

It used to be her, mostly, sleep-delirious from working endless vargas in the lab, looking for any trace of Matt and her dad. But more and more often, it’s been him.


Shiro turns to look at her with the same dreamy slowness as a man half-drowned being pulled from a stream. He blinks. It’s not until he says her name that she’s sure he’s awake.

“Katie. What are you still doing up?”

Pidge leans against the entrance to the training deck and takes another moment to process the situation. For once, she’s not sure how to respond. Typically, it would be with some snarky joke - ‘Oh, you know, just trying to track down some space sheep,’ or ‘I decided I’d start my morning routine *really* early,’ - but she hesitates at the gaunt cast of Shiro’s expression.

“Is there something wrong?” she asks. Shiro was never coy with her when it mattered, and she was never one for tact anyway. Better to just be out with it.

“No, everything’s fine,” he says, too quickly, like the faster he can spit out the lie, the less she’ll notice it. She doesn’t try to hide the disbelief in her expression, and he catches on in an instant. He glances to the ground, face drawn.

“You were just standing here, not doing anything. Not activating the Gladiator, or fighting it, nothing. Just staring into space. Well, not space-space, but you get my drift.”

Shiro goes pale, or, well, paler than he’d already been. It brings out in stark contrast the dark circles under his eyes, all the bruises of sleeplessness. His “Was I?” is shaky, breathless.

She hastily deactivates the waiting training simulation and crosses over to Shiro. He watches her with wary eyes, as if unsure if she were about to strike. He may have been awake, but it’s clear to her that whatever fugue-like state he was in is yet to have faded.

“Let’s get you to bed,” she says, voice gentle. “You can tell me about it on the way back, if you want.”

With a nod, Shiro follows her off of the training deck. The lights flicker off behind them. She glances back, and for a split tick he’s nothing but shadow against darkness. Her stomach twists a bit, caught somewhere between worried and unnerved. It feels like she’s seen a glimpse of something forbidden, something no one else is allowed to see. But he’s showing her.

Before she can reconsider, she stretches her hand back towards him, seeking reassurance that he’s still real, still there. Shiro wraps her hand in his like it’s habit, and picks up the pace so that they walk side-by-side. They walk in silence all the way back to the paladin quarters. Shiro’s grip on her hand tightens the whole way there.

They stop in front of his door.

Pidge is mourning the nearing loss of Shiro’s hand in hers when he pulls her forward. She collides with his chest and feels his arms wrap around her back.

She has a tick to celebrate her closeness and worry at its cause before he starts speaking, voice low and strained.

“I haven’t been sleeping,” he starts, “because when I do, I can’t stop dreaming about all of the terrible things that could happen to you. All of the awful ways I could accidentally hurt you, or, or end up losing track of who I am, and where I am, and-”

Hesitantly, she places her hands on his back and runs them up and down, aiming for soothing. He trembles under her touch, shoulder blades and ribs rocking like fault lines.

“Shiro, you’re right here,” she says and then, realizing perhaps that isn’t the most helpful, follows with a, “You’d never hurt us, any of us. Allura would kick your ass if you tried.”

“But what if I hurt you?” His voice is sharp, and his fingers dig into her back. “Katie, I couldn’t live with myself if I messed up, if something happened to you because of it.”

She glances up and meets his stare. There’s a sort of desperation to his gaze that goes straight to her pulse. It’s like he’s stripping them both bare with the intensity of it.

“Come on, I’ll be fine,” she says, aiming for levity but falling flat. “Technically I’ve already beaten you in battle before, and I know you’d never let me get hurt.”

Shiro shakes his head. The white fringe of his hair plasters to his sweat-drenched forehead. She wants to run her fingers through it, set things right.

“Some nights, it still feels like they’re there, in my head. The Galra, the Druids. And if they can somehow still get to me, then it means that you’re not safe. If Haggar, or Lotor, or any of them knew…”

He lets loose a growl of frustration and pulls her even closer. His heart rattles out a loud, uneven tune against her ear. And so she holds him tighter, as if she could keep him grounded, keep him from drifting back into his nightmares.

“Knew what?”

She hopes she knows the answer before he gives it. Shiro tenses, features sharpening as he stares down.

“How much I want to be yours.”

There’s no keeping in the soft exhale, the “Oh,”; no keeping down the heat that spills into her cheeks. “I want that too.”

For the first time since she stumbled across him, Shiro looks wide awake. “Really?”

He’s given her something priceless, a gift she’d never refuse. There’s nothing more she wants to do than offer her own, and so she does, tipping up onto the balls of her feet and pulling him down until their lips meet. Their kiss is brief, more faithful exchange than uncontrolled flame, but she still feels dizzy for it. They break away long enough for Pidge to put Shiro’s hand up to the door scanner. The door to his room slides open.


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This one’s for you babe, because you put up with so much of my drama and still you answer when I call.

Special thanks for @smittenwithsugden for the quick beta.

Take All That I Am - AO3

Robert didn’t know what he should do, they’d been avoiding each other for weeks and now Aaron was heading straight for him.

Robert didn’t want to give in or give up but it hurt too much seeing Aaron around the village every day. Rebecca clearly wasn’t going anywhere and Robert couldn’t be responsible for Aaron self-harming again, so he’d rung his real estate agent and asked him to look for a cheap flat in Hotten.

The agent had tried to push him towards something fancier, ‘a more secure investment’ he’d said, but Robert didn’t care what the place looked like and he didn’t need a bunch of empty rooms mocking him. He just needed to get away because he was glad that Aaron was happier, he was. That it had happened because Robert was out of his life hurt like hell, but Robert knew he couldn’t hang around and watch Aaron move on with someone else. He wanted Aaron to have everything, he’d just clung to the thought that it might one day include him and it was long past time to let that fantasy go.

He’d given Rebecca a hundred thousand pounds for the baby. He’d kept a bit for the purchase of the new flat and some start-up capital for a new business, for when he finally pulled himself together, it might happen one day…maybe in like ten years or something. Robert had done all this and the rest with his solicitor shaking his head over what he called Robert’s ‘bone headed stupidity.’ In the grand scheme of things he’d been called a hell of a lot worse.

He’d signed all the paperwork and then gone back to Diane’s and sobbed with his head buried in her lap like he never ever remembered doing in the past. She was the only one who seemed to notice Robert withdrawing into himself, the only one who knew he was leaving.

“I understand, pet, but I wish you’d stay close where I can keep an eye on you,” she’d said running her fingers his hair.

“I…can’t. Liv will be home soon and it’s bad enough Aaron hates me, I couldn’t stand it from her too, we were meant to be a family. Her and Aaron, they were meant to be mine,” Robert had said, feeling more alone than ever.

And now here he was, standing outside in front of Jimmy and Nicola’s with Aaron heading for him with what looked like anger on his beautiful face. Robert didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what he’d done to upset Aaron this time, but it was the first bit of attention Aaron had shown him in weeks. Something other than blinding pain and emptiness swirled around in his belly and it hurt to breathe.

“What the fuck is this, Robert?” Aaron spat out when he got close enough to fling an envelope at Robert that he hadn’t even realised Aaron was holding.

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The Big Damn (Incomplete) Barisi Fic Rec List

There’s a lot of amazing Barisi fics out there and I wanted to compile some of my favorites for a friend to get them onboard, so I decided to share!

If you read any of these fics please, please, please comment/give kudos/thank the creator. Fandoms thrive when there’s active support for creators!

Ones with stars next to them (☆) are my absolute favorites. This is a completely subjective list. Fics here are aligned to my special interests. 

This list will be updated periodically as I read more fics, so feel free to bookmark and check back.

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Hi, everyone! This week’s interview is with @jacquelineshyde / PoetDameron, an author who’s been posting her That ‘70s Show fanfic and poetry since 2016. Her prose and poetry have a gracefulness to them, in both imagery and subtext. Shades of emotion blend into one another, giving us a deeply complex and satisfying exploration of the characters.

The interview has been split into two parts. This is part 1.

Those ‘70s Comics:  What first inspired you to write That ‘70s Show fanfic?

jacquelineshyde: The bad ending. After watching season 8, there were a lot of things I had to say about it and about how things went down between Hyde and Jackie. It made me sick how the writers let go of such [a] wonderful couple and great characters, so I first started having ideas of how to fix the season; then I started ignoring the hell out of it and [created] plots out of season 7’s mess.

After a while, the ideas started to [gel] and make me want to try writing [stories]. Inspiration came quickly; it stormed my brain, and the words came out one after the other until I had three one-shots and two chapters of what today is Heart Like Yours (HLY: FFnet / AO3). 

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KakuSaku Month 2017, First Week “He desperately needed to breathe/Smut Monday: Breathe/Whisper

Summary: Kakashi has social anxiety, and Sakura helps him through a bad panic attack.


Rated M for mature. Sex and swearing, folks. Read and enjoy!

Kakashi Hatake was widely considered a cool, level-headed guy. He could give orders during intense battles with highly skilled enemy ninja while keeping track of three highly emotional pre-teens, he was very good difficult political situations, and he could bear witness to one of Tsunade-kage’s full-blown tantrums and survive. Over his busy career as a shinobi, he’d been poisoned, lost his eye, burned, tortured, and was even dead for a little while. In his life, he had lost his best friends, his father, and countless friends and lovers, nearly all of which had died in front of him, or who he found dead later. Most people believed he was a man of ice and steel, cool and hard to break.

What most people did not realize was that Kakashi had horrible social anxiety. Not even his closest friends knew about it, as he was so good at emulating calm, cool, and collected. The reason why he had told Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura he hated them after Naruto’s prank on him at their first meeting was partially due to his social anxiety. He had temporarily forgotten his role and let his anger seep through. He hated having to make decisions, and that was part of the reason why he was always late, especially to meetings where he knew he was expected to lead or make some decision. It was also why his lies were so terrible when he was late, as he panicked when put on the spot, especially if the person questioning him was loud and obnoxious about bringing attention to his lateness. Social situations made him nervous to the point that he was often sick to the stomach and clammy-skinned afterwards, and sometimes he even had panic attacks where he felt like he couldn’t breathe, that his lungs had stopped working and seemed to be shriveling into useless, dead organs.

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Met at kissing booth AU (2.3k words)

Castiel has always been a huge advocate of all things charitable and generous. He signs up for all the local activist organisations and animal shelters, anything he can. Because he just cares.

His family is very wealthy and is funding the operation of the rides at the local fairground event, where the money for entry is going straight to several good causes. Castiel is obviously thrilled since the money raised will be going to three places; the animal shelter that Castiel volunteers at, the hospice, and the nursery.

Right now it’s 7 o’clock in the evening in September, and the lights of the fairground are beginning to flicker into life. Everything is an array of rainbow fairy lights and neon signs, laughter and excited screams and the smell of cheap food and cotton candy permeating the air and the soft grass under Castiel’s feet.

One of the fairground attractions is a kissing booth, and of course, Castiel’s big brother Gabriel is all for it. He’s there now on the rickety stage, kissing a black haired woman with gold bangles on her thin wrists who looks, in Castiel’s opinion, sincerely out of Gabriel’s league. Castiel knows that Gabriel is going well over his shift, and he makes his way past the queue and stands at the foot of the stairs, clearing his throat.

‘Gabriel since you’ve been at this stand for the past hour I think it’s only fair on yourself and others that you let someone else take a turn. I feel a little helpless, to tell you the truth. May I?’

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first kiss. second kiss. - Yoonkook Week Day 7

Hey y’all! I finally got time to post work for the last day of otp week and its a First Kiss fic! I honestly hope this came out good, I mean I think its pretty cute heh
fluff; 1.4k words

on AO3

- The first was impulsive, yes, but what was the second one? -

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The Exception- part 3

Part 1

Part 2

i think this is the end? Idk. I have a lot of shit I never finished lmaoooo

“So, how’d your test go?” Will asked as he met up with Nico while leaving the building their classes were at. They started for the café and Nico was tugging on his work shirt mid-walk.

“I think I passed. I’m not sure.” He grunted as he put the shirt he had been wearing into his bag. “Are you going up for Open Mic this time? You missed it last month.”

Will grimaced. “I’m not sure. I’ve written some songs, but…. I don’t know.”

“Heartbreak Taylor Swift songs?” Will rolled his eyes and nudged Nico. “Well, hey sing it. People can be all like ‘oh shit oh damn,’ especially if it’s just a big fuck you to that asshole.”

Will smiled. “I’ll consider it. Well, have fun working. I’ll see you later.” Nico nodded and gave Will a fist bump before going into the café.

It seemed a little easier now that he was used to the routine. It seemed better, easier to juggle the things he had to do.

Like the last time, people began to crowd the café, awaiting the start of the Open Mic Night. Nico saw Will come in and almost immediately, his blue eyes found him at the register. He smiled and Nico waved. He went up to the counter, though Nico doubted he was ordering anything.

“So? Do you have a great fuck you song to sing to embarrass him further?” Nico asked.

Will wrinkled his nose. “I think I’m done giving him the time of day. I’m done trying to embarrass him or call him names or… anything really. It’s just not worth it.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “Well that’s good. How long has it been? About two months?”

Will shrugged. “I stopped keeping count after I hit him.” He looked at Nico and smiled. “Why don’t you sing something?” Nico scoffed and shook his head. “Come on, I’ve heard you singing in the shower.”

Nico laughed and began to drum his fingers on the counter. “Well, everyone’s a Grammy winner in the shower. Doesn’t mean I’ll sing in front of a group of people.” Will frowned and nudged him across the counter.

He didn’t sing that night. He stayed near the counter, listening and watching the other performances. He stepped aside when people ordered their drinks, and kept his eyes on Nico throughout performances, smiling when Nico raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Will began to rub his arms and Nico tossed him his jacket.

Soon, the night was over and everyone began to leave. Nico cleaned up the counter and the utensils while Will waited patiently on the couch. Finally they left the café and Will followed Nico to his dorm, keeping his head down.

“Are you okay?” Nico asked him.

“Yeah. Yeah I am.” Nico arched an eyebrow. “Um, so….” He hesitated and began shrugging off the jacket to return it to Nico.

“Yeah?” Nico asked as he took the jacket.

“Do you… um… do you like me? Like… really like me?” he asked, his face tinging bright red.

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say i never mattered [2/4] | shawn mendes imagine


requested by @adancer24

word count: 1,286

author’s note: guess who put off studying to write this? lmao hope you enjoy. title is still from “young volcanoes” by fall out boy. if you haven’t read part i, you can read it here.

Your name: submit What is this?


Actually, when you thought about it, “break up” didn’t seem like the right term for it. A break invokes the image of a clean snap, from one piece into two, quick and concise. That wasn’t it at all, you thought.

No, it was more of a shatter. A crumble. The fraying of an old thread until every last fiber scattered apart. An explosion that refused to let the dust settle.

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sugar sweet.

1595 w || g

Ushijima is just about to put Kentarou down when Oikawa comes bounding up to him, trolley in tow, and tells him, “Put him here, Ushiwaka-chan.”

Tobio is already sitting down in the slot for toddlers provided in the trolley, and there’s another one next to him vacant and apparently reserved for the tot in Ushijima’s arms. He didn’t even know there were trolleys that came with slots for two children. He looks down at the downturned line Kentarou’s tiny mouth has turned into. Coincidentally enough, Tobio is mirroring the frown on his brother’s face. Ushijima imagines the trolley can’t be his kids’ favourite thing in the world.

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Until Dawn: Josh x Sam

University AU: A bit of smut is involved, nothing too serious… So buckle the heck up nerds. 

Word Count: 1,800

At Least We Closed The Door

     She sat on her bed with her back against the wall, legs crossed before her with a laptop resting on her shins. She focused hard on the blank Word Document on the screen, trying her best to conjure up some sort of profound sentence to start her essay, but nothing came. She was studying world literature and philosophy in a program that was extremely competitive. She often wondered how she had gotten in. She wasn’t wildly smart or good with words, but she did work hard. Never give up. That was her thing.
     A knock at her door made her look up from her laptop, and in walked the only thing that might relieve the stress of the overdue essay.
     Josh was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame in that usual I’m-too-cool kind of way that all twenty year old boy’s do, and the sight of him brought Sam nothing but happiness.
     “And what’s up with my little Desdemona today?” asked Josh, his eyes bright and his smile something almost mystifying. He could do a lot with that smile, and right now, he was making Sam feel like melting. But of course she couldn’t let him now that.  
     “I don’t think comparing ourselves to Desdemona and Othello is all that romantic,” replied Sam, shaking her head at him as she smiled.
     “Too brutal?” he said with a frown.
     “Okay then uh, how about… My sweet Juliet?”
     “She killed herself.”
     “My Shamhat?”
     “She was a prostitute!” Sam laughed, and Josh’s eyes widened. “And she had sex with a half beast half man thing you egg.
     “Alright alright! I’ll admit… I may or may not have read The Epic of Gilgamesh like I was supposed too yet, but jeez Sam, you’ve got to come up with a better insult than egg,” Josh sighed, and he let his shoulders slump forward as he walked into the room, pretending to be sad as he turned and fell backward hard onto Sam’s bed beside her. What kind of boyfriend was so dramatic? Joshua Washington. He was the kind, and Sam loved it. 
     “Ashley’s the one that got me saying it, the egg thing,” she said, not even trying anymore to suppress the bits of laughter she held inside from breathing life back into the room. She loved how Josh made her feel. All light and airy inside. “Just like his brain,” she thought to herself, and she bit her lip to stop from laughing out loud.
     “So seriously, what you up to in here?” asked Josh, looking to the blank screen of Sam’s laptop, and Sam closed it as she pushed it aside, moving herself to toward Josh as he lifted his head so that when he put it back down it was resting on Sam’s crossed legs.
     “Nothing,” she said, and she smiled down at him. His face looked funny when it was upside down, almost surreal, like he wanted to show her a million different emotions at once but had to settle on a single light-hearted smile.
     “So you’ve got time for me then? Cause, you know, I don’t wanna bother you or anything,” he said with a shrug, pretending to act as if he didn’t like Sam as much as she knew he did.
     “Oh please,” Sam said. “I’ve always got time for you.”
     She leaned forward and kissed him, her chin hitting his nose as their lips touched, making Josh giggle as if Sam had begun tickling him.
     “What?” she asked as she pulled away.
     “Nothing,” said Josh, his features one simple big ball of happiness. “I just like you a lot. You’re my MJ.”
     “Micheal Jackson?” asked Sam, and Josh lost it as he began laughing. “Who’s MJ!” She asked again, but Josh was in another world.  
     He sat up as he shook his head, and Sam pushed herself up to follow him, getting on her knees in order to look down at Josh. 
     “We kissed like MJ and Peter Parker do in Spiderman!” he yelled, and Sam laughed as she put a finger to her lips, signalling for him to be quiet since her door was still open.
     “You’re the MJ to my Peter Parker,” he said, quieter this time, his voice low and playful.
     “Aw, thats sweet Peter,” Sam sighed, and she nudged him in the shoulder with a fist. Josh fell backward dramatically, flailing his arms as he landed on his back with his head on Sam’s pillow, making Sam roll her eyes.
     “You’re crazy,” she laughed.
     “Crazy for-”
     “Oh don’t you dare say ‘crazy for you’ Josh that is so overused.”
     “Well I am aren’t I?” he said, and with one hand he grabbed Sam’s wrist and began to pull, making her move forward slowly toward him, and she smiled as she shifted her weight and threw one leg over his mid-section, straddling him as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed her fingers.
     “Sam,” he said.
     “Josh,” Sam whispered back.
     “I think you should close the door.”
     Sam didn’t say a word, only pursing her lips as she moved off of Josh and stood, making her way toward the door with purpose. What was going to happen? Well, it didn’t really matter, since she knew that if it involved Josh it was bound to be exciting.
     She grabbed the door by its frame with one hand, slowly drawing it to a close, and when it clicked into place she felt Josh’s hand on her shoulder. When had he stood up? She was so focused on closing the door in the least awkward way possible that she hadn’t heard him stand, and now he was touching her, and she loved it.
     She didn’t turn around, and Josh let his hand run down her arm, sending chills across the skin that his fingers trailed across.
     “What are you doing,” she whispered, but it wasn’t a question, she just hated the silence.
     “You’ll see,” he whispered back, and Sam smiled, her heartbeat quickening as she tried her best not to bite her lip.
     And then Josh moved closer, pressing his body against her back, and as he moved all her hair to one side of her shoulder, he kissed her neck.
     “Josh…” Sam sighed, and she didn’t want him to stop. His mouth was warm, and every few kisses he would open his mouth and let his tongue move against her skin lightly. It was a subtle motion, but it made her want to turn around and push him onto her bed.
     “Self control Sam… Self control.” She repeated the words in her head as she brought a hand up and let her fingers tangle in the mess of short hair that Josh had on the top of his head. Everything felt too good, too sweet, almost unreal as Josh’s hands moved to her hips and began to guide her, making her move so that she twisted around to face him. When she completed the turn, she stood quietly with Josh’s forehead pressed against hers, his breath mixing with her own, and the space between them slowly getting smaller and smaller.
     “I want to tell you something,” Josh whispered, his voice breaking Sam out of her overdosed daze.
     “Okay,” she said. “Shoot.”
     “I love you.”
     The world stopped.
     The door fell away. The entire dormitory disappeared. Essays. Anxiety. Homesickness. It all faded like words written in the sand during high tide, and there was nothing left for her to say.  
     “Okay… New plan Sam. Fuck self control.”
     She put both her hands on the either side of his face and pulled him close, kissing him deeply as she moved forward. He moved with her, not missing a step as they eventually reached the bed, and Josh fell backward gracefully and silently as he pulled Sam with him, wrapping her up in his arms as she realized just how badly she missed the feel of Josh against her like this. Everything about him, the way he tasted as they kissed, the way he held himself, even the way he held a damn pencil, it added up to the boy that she would go entire lectures without hearing a word of it for, all because she was too busy staring at him.  
     “Josh,” she whispered, her breath against his skin must have been making him melt, because his his words came out sounding unfocused.
     “Guess what.”
     “I love you too.”
     And she was on top of him, straddling his hips and feeling him press into her through his jeans. There was a rush of adrenaline as she looked down at him, his eyes focused solely on her. In that moment she was sure that she was his entire world, that with every beat of her heart he would feel his beat at the same pace. it was funny how romantic she felt in that moment, since what she really wanted was something much more than just kissing.
     She began lifting her shirt over her head, moving a bit too slowly as she finally came to her chest, and then she felt Josh sit up as he moved the shirt up with her, kissing her stomach and licking slowly up to the center of her ribcage.
     “Stop stop,” she giggled, surprised at the feminine tone of her small laugh, but Josh wasn’t about to slow down, and the shirt came over her head and was thrown to the floor.
     He put his hands on her hips again and moved to the left, tilting his body and making Sam fall on her side. He was still between her legs, and he leaned forward and kissed her as he ran a hand up the inside of her thigh, painfully slow, but pulled away before reaching too high up her thigh. He lifted his shirt above his head, and Sam bit her lip as she smiled. Josh was fit. His stomach could be used as a washboard and his arms were like… like… She couldn’t find a word to describe his arms, but they were definitely something note worthy.
     The shirt came off, and Josh was back to watching her, this time on top, and Sam was speechless as she took in the intense look in Josh’s eyes.
     “Sam,” he said, breathless as he threw the shirt aside. “I want to-”
     “Hey Sam!” someone shouted from just outside the door, and both Josh and Sam jumped, falling away from each other as they scrambled for their clothes.
     “Oh my god oh my go oh my god oh my god.” Sam couldn’t stop mouthing the words at Josh, and he looked just as worried as she did, but couldn’t help to smile awkwardly at the entire situation.
     “Uh, who is it!” Sam yelled. 
     “Sam you know its me, its 3:00pm, library study date, remember?”
     “Chris!” she shouted, a little to eagerly. “Sorry, I. Uh. Oh wow. Um, I forgot, sorry!”
     “Stop yelling.” Josh mouthed the words as a smile began to creep up on his face, and Sam smacked her forehead with her palm.
     “Just a second, okay?” Sam said, and she could hear Chris shuffling behind the door. All Sam could think about was Josh and how close they were to actually getting seriously intimate with each other, and the extremely unfortunate intrusion that Chris made nearly drove her insane. But as long as he didn’t find out what she had been doing, her sanity was safe, and eternal embarrassment at the ruthless hands of class-clown Chris would be evaded. But of course… She could never be that lucky.
     “Sam…” Chris said, and she already knew what he was going to say. “Wait a second… Is… Is Josh in there?”
     Sam and Josh exchanged a look of annoyance before smiling at one another.
     “Well,” said Josh, not caring to keep his voice down any longer. “At least we closed the door.”

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Hi, I absolutely adore your AU's!! And I was wondering if you could do a McKirk one where Bones is the owner of a café and Jim is this really cute but clumsy customer who loves Bones homemade peach pie but drops and runs into things constantly because of a recent accident that left him temporarily blind on one eye and he can't get the distance right and Bones doesn't know this but finds out somehow? Pretty please?

This is so cute!

  • So Bones owns Led Zeppole, which is like a small cafe which he started with his wife pre-divorce, but something he just kept on going even after they were no longer together. And it’s really just a small cafe, with some damn good coffee, fresh sandwiches and homemade pies. Chekov is his only other employee, and together they just kinda run the place. 
  • Uhura is one of his favorite customers. She comes in daily on her way to work, slaying it in high heels and the best outfits, always makes time for a little chat, especially when the whole divorce was still very fresh on his mind. 
  • Scotty and Keenser are regulars, too, often coming in for a morning coffee, a 10AM coffee, and an extra large one at 4PM. Chekov mostly already has the coffee waiting for them by the time they come in, and the three of them can get into heavy engineering discussions Bones really doesn’t want to get involved in. 
  • Sulu eats lunch with his daughter and husband every Wednesday and sometimes a Sunday brunch. Demora’s pretty much the only one who’s allowed to come behind the bar to make her own sandwiches together with Chekov, when it’s not too busy.
  • And Spock comes in frequently too, because Chekov makes a mean veggie wrap, and on Fridays he takes a slice of Bones’ vegan chocolate cakes. 
  • One day he brings in a college of his, who’s so different from Spock in literally every way. He talks loud, he wildly gestures, and he’s smiling near constantly. He spills his own coffee and eats three slices of pie for lunch instead of a sandwich, which just looks odd compared to Spock’s veggie wrap and a tea. 
  • “Hey, can I get another peach pie to go?” this customer - Jim - asks before they go, and Bones raises an eyebrow. He’s not one to deny customers his product, but four slices of pie is just excessive. “Really?” Bones asks. “Yeah, it was good. I want a lil treat for back in the office.” And so Bones nods and gives him a slice to go in a small white box, but Jim’s pretty much dropped it to the floor before he’s out of the cafe. Bones sighs. “I’ll get you a new one.” “Nah, you’re not throwing it out, right? That’d be a waste of pie!” Jim says, picking the box up, and Bones cringes at how messed up that pie must look inside the box, but Jim carries it out nonetheless.
  • He’s back a day later, chatting to Uhura because either they know each other or Jim’s that crazy social person who can start conversations with literally everybody, but then Uhura reminds him to hand in a project on time, and, yes okay, they work together. “Hey, can I get more peach pie?” Jim asks. “Sorry, I didn’t make any today,” Bones replies. “Aw what?” “You ate literally four slices yesterday, that was all I had left! I’m baking some more tomorrow.” and Jim groans loudly. “You know I could leave a bad Yelp review because of this,” Jim says, and Bones rolls his eyes. “I wouldn’t,” Jim says, “but I could.” He leaves with two sandwiches and a slice of strawberry cheesecake. “Bones,” Chekov says, leaning in closer, “do you think zat we should lecture him on calorie consumption?” “Have you seen his arms? I’m fairly sure he works out more than the two of us combined,” Bones replies. “Well aye, two times zero is still zero,” Chekov says.
  • When it’s quiet, Chekov likes to sit in a corner and make his homework. Bones lets him, because he wasn’t going to deny Chekov a proper education. And when Jim comes in more often, Jim sort of pries his way behind the counter to help a customer when Chekov’s so deep into studying for his exams. Bones is speechless, but Jim’s a charming guy who’s praising every single one of Bones’ pies. Great salesman. Terrible as staff, because he misplaces the coffee cup, he has no clue how to work the cash register, and he drops the last slice of peach pie - presumably on purpose, because he later boxes it in for himself. 
  • “I’m sorry, Jim, but I gotta inform you on how unhealthy my peach pies are,” Bones says when Jim comes in again. It’s been a few weeks of Jim being here like every day, and it’s great, because he’s pretty, he’s talkative, he’s interested in Bones’ day, he sometimes tries to help, but he’s literally the clumsiest person ever and the worst person to be helping Bones out. “What? It has peaches, how unhealthy can it be?” Jim counters, and Bones just doesn’t know how to reply to that other than “very”. He hesitates, then adds: “I’m baking them tonight. Why don’t you stay after closing time so I can show you?” “It’s a date,” Jim smiles, grabbing his coffee and one of Chekov’s Russian Tea Cakes, and he’s out the door. “It’s not a date!” Bones calls after him. 
  • But it’s totally a date. When Chekov’s gone, the sign on the door reads CLOSED, and Bones is done cleaning up, it’s just the lights of the kitchen that are still on, and Jim marches through the door like he owns the place. “Hey, so we’re making peach pies?” Jim asks, and he looks far too excited for something as mundane as a pie. “Yeah, unless you keep dropping all of them,” Bones replies, taking Jim to the kitchen with him. “Rude,” Jim replies, though with a grin, and Bones hands him an apron. Jim’s quickly to throw the apron on, but then holds the two straps out to Bones. “Can you?” “Are you serious?” Bones asks, and Jim nods. 100% serious. So Bones takes a step closer, way in Jim’s personal space, arms sliding around the man’s waist to tie them up behind his back. And Jim’s just giving him the smuggest grin when Bones is so close to him. Bones lets go of him quickly, attention turned to the pies they’re making. 
  • Jim is shocked over how much sugar goes into the pie. But only briefly, because he’s pretty much just eating the batter after Bones has enough to bake two pies. “I’m working on a sugar free version,” Bones says, “maybe I’ll let you taste it after I’ve perfected it.” “I’m happy to taste anything you put in my mouth, Bones.” Again, Bones just stares, because there’s no way Jim just actually said that. “You’re unbelievable,” Bones says, taking the bowl with batter away from him. “What? How am I unbelievable?” “You keep dropping things or run into things-” “- I have bad depth perception! -” “You’re just the worst flirt ever.” Bones sighs, but Jim doesn’t even look offended. “Am I? Or is it working and it’s annoying you how irresistible I am?” Bones snorts, just gently tossing some flour in Jim’s direction until it’s on his shirt and his face, and Jim makes an insulted noise. “My good suit!” “There’s literally a coffee stain from this afternoon on your “good suit”, I’m concerned what your bad suits look like.” Bones replies, and Jim reaches out for the bag of flour, and Bones ends up getting a load of white powder over him. Jim laughs, of course he does, and somehow they end up forgetting about pies for a while, mostly concerned with a battle of who can get the most flour on the other. Bones wins, but then he does reach out to ruffle it out of Jim’s hair. And he does notice how one of Jim’s eyes doesn’t respond to his hand close to Jim’s face at all, not even when Bones fingers wipe some of that flour off Jim’s cheek. “Is there something with your eye?” He asks, and Jim tilts his head just away lightly. “Yeah, uh, I had an accident a while ago.” “Not surprising.” “Hey,” Jim scolds him, reaching out to run his hand through Bones’ hair to get rid of some flour, too. “I got into a bar fight and some guy hit me on the eye pretty badly. Couldn’t see anything for weeks. I’m only slowly seeing a distinction between light and darkness again.” Jim continues. “Shit,” Bones replies, “I’m sorry.” “You couldn’t have known,” Jim shrugs, his hand still in Bones’ hair, just near the back of his neck. “I guess that’s where my clumsiness comes from. I wasn’t always so terrible at carrying a piece of pie to a table.” Bones chuckles. “Yeah? You saying you never drop them on purpose?” “Well, not always,” Jim replies, smile softening as Bones leans in to kiss him. His arms slide around Bones’ neck, and he’s happy to kiss him back. “What’s sweeter?” Jim asks after he pulls away, “me, or that peach pie?” “You are the worst.” “So me, then.”

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Omg i'm so glad you're accepting prompts bc you're literally my favorite <3 Okay so unilock Molly and Sherlock are bffs and they basically do everything together but they're both totally in love with each other and so fluffiness ensues (i know it's really cliche but i can't help it sorry D:)

*points in your direction* Hey, Nonny. You. Yeah, you. You’re cool. Way cool. This is kind of based off a headcanon I have about University!Sherlolly that they sometimes used one another to get out of awkward situations.

There’s the smell of extinguished cigarettes in the air, the ashtray filled with white and orange, tiny embers glowing. His mouth feels dry from alcohol (should’ve followed advice, but he’s damned if he admits it) and she falls into the green leather space beside him.

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Naruhina Fan Fic: Where the lights shine bright

Name: Where the lights shine bright

Pairing: NaruHina

Summary: First date


* * * *

He knew it was a bad idea. At least that’s what his mind kept telling him. With a person with zero dating experience, it was probably the worst choice he could’ve made. Who takes a girl on the mountain on the first date?

She wasn’t even here and he was already sweating, he should had taken some advice from Kakashi Sensie, after all he kept reading those books with romantic endeavors of the heroes. But he was the hokage now, Naruto was sure he didn’t have time for such silly things.

He leaned against an oak tree, his nerves jingling with anticipation and fear, blood rushed through his vein, adrenaline pumped - Naruto was sure he had never felt this nervous before.

“Calm down, it’s just a date,” he chanted to himself, mini pep talks like these always helped, “it’s just a date. It’s just a -” Naruto stopped. He stood straighter and let his arms hang on his sides as she stepped towards him.

Hinata…she was wearing a beautiful purple kimino, her hair were held up in a loose bun with a flower adorned on them, he noticed she had even put on some makeup. She looked beautiful, gorgeous, radiant…incandescent. Naruto gulped and tried to not to pay too much attention to his heart beat which was thundering against his ribs.

“Naruto-kun, you look nice.” She said shyly breaking his trance,

“Um ha ha! You look nicer dattebayo!!!” He felt like an utter fool. Heck, even Sasuke would have said a better line than him. He knew, one of these days he would die from embarrassment.

“Shall we go?” She nodded and they began to walk.

It took them less than thirty minutes to climb up the rock, Hinata slipped once and he grabbed her hand to pull her up. They stood on the top of the highest point of the village, side by side.

Naruto cleared his throat, “Is this okay? I mean this isn’t an ideal place for a date, I-”

She turned towards him, a smile shone on her face, “It’s beautiful” she whispered and looked at the village. The lights shone bright everywhere, they glittered like little stars suspended in space, dots scattered here and there making the view worth watching. Naruto realized they were part of the very space, they were part of the very magic, they too shone. They too were stars.

Suddenly all his fears were gone and he smiled, it really was beautiful, he looked back at her - she was staring down, admiring the bright places where they belonged.

She was beautiful.

Naruto realized he really was a fool. How could he think these things could matter to her. She was Hinata Hyuga, she was an embodiment of kindness and empathy. She would never hate him for such a small thing. He felt silly for being nervous for no reason. She was right, this place was perfect to start their relationship. The bright lights showed how much they mattered to each other, just like the village was magic right then, they were too. He decided there was no time to hesitate. This was a very special night and he was going to make her remember this moment forever.

“What’s wrong?” She asked him as they settled down on the rock, Naruto couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He scooted nearer so there was no distance between them and brought his face closer to hers. Her eyes were wide and she blushed as one of his hand circled the back of her neck and the other touched her hairs.

Naruto smiled and took out the pins that held her buns, her dark silky hair fell down on her shoulders effortlessly and he ran his fingers through them. He pulled her face closer towards his and brought down his lips to hers, “I like them better this way,” he whispered in a sensual voice that sent currents raging through her body and kissed her.

It turned out better than both of them had expected.

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Steve and Bucky are in a modern nightclub with the other Avengers. Steve is Horrified by the Goings On. Bucky is trying to subtly manouvre them so he can try that grinding thing on Steve. The Avengers are totally aware of what's going on and think it's hilarious.

The flashing lights and thudding bass were new, yet the feeling that was swelling within Steve’s chest as he looked around the room was not. It was the same feeling that had bloomed in skinny little Steve Roger’s chest in the 1930s when Bucky Barnes had dragged him out to the dance halls. The taste of fear was bitter and chalky on his tongue as he shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot where he was tucked into a corner near the bar, trying to will himself small and unremarkable again. He felt like an animal, trapped and desperate to escape. 

“Isn’t this great?” Bucky’s voice was loud in his ear, brimming with cheerfulness and excitement, just like it had been then. Steve didn’t bother turning his head to glare at his friend, instead staring out over the heads of the rolling crowd. It wouldn’t do any good anyways, post-recovery Bucky was just as immune to Steve’s angry looks as he had been when they’d been living in a run down tenement. Someone nudged against his other side, and he looked down to see a head of bright red hair and a blinding grin. Natasha looked up at him, obviously amused by his discomfort as she wound an arm through his. 

“Not dancing Rogers?” She asked, and Steve rolled his eyes at her. 

“It’s so different,” Bucky was either ignoring Natasha or couldn’t hear her over the din, staring at the crowd with a look of wonder that caused a fond smile to stretch across Steve’s face against his will. “You remember how it used to be Steve? Everyone doin’ the same dances, your partner always knowing how to move. Course,” he continued, looking up at Steve with a shit-eating grin, “you were never very good at that, were you?” Steve rolled his eyes. 

“Really?” Natasha popped her head around Steve’s torso to see Bucky, “Steve can’t dance? But he’s so graceful when he’s fighting…” Bucky was already shaking his head. 

“No, no Steve here was a goddamn terrible dancer. Didn’t matter how much we practiced, how many times I showed him the moves, by the time we were twenty every dame in Brooklyn knew better than to agree to a dance with little Stevie Rogers, not ‘less they wanted their toes stepped on.” Natasha looked delighted at this new knowledge, looking between Steve and Bucky. Steve groaned, putting his head in his hands. 

“You can’t remember your own mother’s name,” his words came out muffled against his palms, “why do you haveta remember that I’m a bad dancer.” Bucky reached up to pat Steve’s shoulder, a solemn expression on his face. 

“Pal, ain’t nobody who’s seen you dancing that ever forgot it. Sight like that stays with a  man until death. Past death,” he amended with a grin that Steve couldn’t help but return. 

“I wish I could have seen that,” Natasha said, a smirk pulling at the sides of her lips. Steve narrowed his eyes at her. He knew that look. That look never boded well for anyone, least of all him and his dignity. Sure enough Bucky’s eyes lit up. 

“Well hell, Steve, you can show her right now!” Steve was shaking his head before Bucky even finished the sentence. Natasha pouted. 

“C’mon Steve, you wouldn’t deny your friend something she wants, would you?” Natasha put extra stress on the word ‘friend’ and Steve knew when he was being manipulated but that didn’t stop him from sighing, allowing a delighted Bucky to pull him out onto the floor. He let Bucky lead him through the steps for the lindy hop, memories of doing this before, in the cleared out main room of a dusty Brooklyn flophouse. He was staring down at his feet, concentrating, when he suddenly realized that Bucky’s attention had wandered again, staring out at the crowd that swarmed around them.

“Buck?” Steve asked, knowing that Bucky still had trouble with crowds sometimes. The loud music and flashing lights couldn’t be helping either, and he started figuring out which exit would be the easiest to get to with Bucky in tow. Before he could implement his plan (which might have involved climbing the rails to the second floor and hopping over the bar), Bucky’s eyes snapped back to his, and he was relieved to see that his gaze was clear and focused. 

“It’s so different,” he said again, and Steve leaned in slightly to hear him better. Bucky looked back over the crowd. “It’s not… there’s less skill, less coordination but it’s more raw. More pure.” He grinned, sharp and wide, turning back to Steve. “Savage,” he said, and Steve swallowed hard. Suddenly Bucky was stepping up into his space. Steve tried to back away, but only encountered a wall of bodies that pushed him back against his friend. 

“Buck…” he started, but was stopped when Bucky’s metal arm snaked around his back, pulling him tightly against the other man as Bucky ground his hips in a slow circle. Steve’s mouth fell open in a shocked gasp, and Bucky grinned, and then did it again. Steve’s hands fluttered around, uncertain, before finally settling on Bucky’s hips. His hips were now grinding into Steve’s in time with the beat, and Steve thought distantly that this could get embarrassing fast. That thought also occurred to Bucky, judging by the heat that filled his gaze as he reached up, pulling Steve down into a filthy kiss that quite decisively ended any thoughts he’d been having to the fact that they were dancing like this in a crowd of people. Bucky pulled back from the kiss with a final nip to his lower lip, then turned, grinding his ass into Steve’s crotch and Steve gasped, fingers flexing on Bucky’s hips as he resigned himself to just settling in for the ride. 


“You owe me twenty bucks,” Natasha said, settling back into her seat at the table on the upper floor. Sam glanced down over the railing at the two super soldiers grinding against each other in the middle of the dance floor. 

“Huh,” he said, opening up his wallet and handing Natasha the money, “I really thought Steve would see through that.” 

“Steve’s got blinders on when it comes to Bucky,” Clint said from where he was sitting next to Natasha, craning his neck to get a better view of his teammates dancing. “That’s really hot,” he commented absently, and Natasha smacked his thigh, but smiled. Sam gave them a bemused look. They were so weird

“My eyes,” Tony complained to Bruce and Rhodey at the table behind them, “my eyes, guys, this is so wrong, I’m watching a national icon be defiled here. Think of the children!”

Everyone ignored him, too busy looking down at Steve and Bucky dancing. 

It really was a beautiful sight. 

in our hearts, we find our courage (the 100: bellarke, linctavia fic)

Summary: Four incidents at Octavia’s wedding that prove Bellamy Blake has trouble letting go.

Notes: Going with the fanon theory that Indra is Lincoln’s mom! Lots of fluff featuring Monty’s killer dance moves!

Rating: G
Word Count: 3.8k

@ ao3


She’s not sure she’d call the ceremony beautiful, but there’s something honest in its simplicity. Clarke sits at Octavia’s left side, the traditional spot for a second (she assumes that is something similar to the maid of honor—as Octavia explained it, it was ancient tradition for the bride to have a backup to avenge her in case a rival clan attacked during the ceremony), with her hands balled up on her thighs and wearing her best flight jacket (the one with only two knife cuts).

This fire is just for the family and seconds, and it’s the first part of a five part venture. As they sit, with Lincoln’s mother (Indra, and Clarke is sure she has never seen a more terrifying figure for a mother-in-law), the head of the clan clears her throat and sends Octavia a small, approving nod. Clarke watches as Octavia returns it, her husband to be smiling with quiet pride to her right.

Except he’s not technically going to be a husband. The Grounders call them something else, Kreig Ehn. Octavia had explained it translated roughly to “the sword guarding my back,” or “partner for all my battles.” It was an oath of fidelity and commitment that warriors and healers made to each other.

And Bellamy, to Clarke’s left (the position of head of Octavia’s house), is not happy about it.

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