otp: the rose and the hook

My OTP’s

So I saw a post similar to this and I wanted to make my own, as much to share it as it is to see it all written down for myself, as it were.

1. Destiel (Supernatural) - Because giant balls of emotional constipation are the best, I guess?

2. Rose/Doc (Doctor Who) - They’re just so GOOD together! 

3. Hannigram (NBC Hannibal) - bloody and terrible but so, so satisfying

4. Anakin/Obi Wan (Star Wars) - though sometimes also as an OT3 with Padme, because she is a goddess. But also just… emotional constipation pairs. It’s a thing. Clone Wars the series really made this one for me.

5. Sterek (Teen Wolf) - Stiles is just an amazing character, and Derek has amazing potential that the fandom took and ran with. I love them.

6. Drarry (Harry Potter) - Yes, I know, Draco is terrible. But sometimes in fic, he isn’t.

7. Zutara (Avatar the Last Airbender) - JUST THINK OF WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN!

8. Spuffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Spike and Buffy are made for each other, Spike just needed his soul for it to get to the healthy point.

9. Delena (Vampire Diaries) - Though to be fair I’m not at all caught up with the series, come on. They’re just HOT.

10. Han and Leia (Star Wars) - My first OTP ever. So much nostalgia…

I don’t know what this really says about me. Lots of rogues paired with commanders. The ‘fight me!’ character that is actually a squishy muffin with too many emotions paired with the softer-seeming characters that will actually happily fight you. Psychoanalyze away!

Some honorable mentions:

- Blaine/Liv (iZombie)

- Tucker/Wash (RvB)

- Gavin/Michael/Jack/Geoff/Ryan/[Ray and/or Jeremy] (Achievement Hunter)

- Sookie/Eric (True Blood)

- Keladry/Dom (Protector of the Small)

- Buffy/Faith (Buffy)

- Dirk/Todd (Dirk Gently)

- Hook/Emma (Once Upon a Time)

- Steve/Bucky (Marvel EU)

- Clexa (The 100)

- Merthur (BBC Merlin)

- Tamaki/Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)

- Ichigo/Kisuke (Bleach)

- The Warden [mage]/Alistair (Dragon Age Origins)

  • hermione always makes sure to bake ron chocolate chip cookies sunday afternoon
  • hermione and ron always playing chess in front of the fireplace, hermione drinking earl grey tea, while ron drinks butterbeer
  • ron always leaves short love/motivational letters on the refridgerator; ‘i cleaned the dishes for you, you don’t have to do all the work alone,’ ‘i love you; you’ll do great today’ 'don’t let the purebloods bring you down’
  • ron always sleeps on the left side of the bed with one pillow, while hermione sleeps on the right side with two pillows
  • hermione is always awake by six o'clock, and has taken her shower and gotten dressed in her lounge clothes for the day, while ron doesn’t wake up until near nine, and stays in his boxers until 10:30 unless he has to be somewhere
  • hermione and ron always going on double dates with harry and ginny, rolf and luna, or neville and hannah at the leaky cauldron
  • ron and hermione /never/ go to sleep angry at each other. aggravated, maybe. exaspharated, definitely. angry? never.
  • for their tenth anniversary, ron got hermione an otter stuffy.
  • when rose was five, and hugo three, hermione surprised everyone by bringing home a jack russel terrior one day from work.
  • ron and hermione’s house has an entire floor that has been turned into a library; there is an entire section about chess and quidditch, per ron’s request (not that hermione minded; she found it quite adorable and had to refrain from pinching her husband’s cheek)
  • hermione still has ron’s dress robes from the triwizard tournament. they’re in a keepsake box up in the attic; ron doesn’t know.
  • ron proposed to hermione in front of the eiffel tower, because he knew that although she verbally bashed romance novels, she always secretly thought that being proposed to in front of the eiffel tower was the most romantic thing ever
  • hermione always making sure that ron knows how loved and valuable he is, and how much she appreciates him
  • ron always making sure to let her know that she is wanted and isn’t annoying and is lovable and valuable
  • hugo and rose being disgusted with how in love their parents are with each other
  • ron still wears that first s.p.e.w. badge from when they were in their fourth year, when he goes to her speeches about equality in the magical and muggle communities, for muggles, wizards, squibs, and magical creatures alike.
  • she hits him over the head with the nearest book whenever he wears it
  • she hits him again when he calls it 'spew’
  • hermione has 'who run the world? girls’ as her ringtone (yes she has a cellphone for when she is in the muggle world)
  • (rose is extremely embarrassed)
  • (hugo thinks it’s hilarious)
  • (ron doesn’t even know what the bloody hell a 'beyonce’ is)
  • (hermione hit him again with a book when he told her that)
  • (once again, rose was embarrassed - hugo thought it was hilarious)
  • hermione has an entire window filled with plants. her friendship with neville definitely inspired her to own some house plants, and she has named every one of them.
  • hermione loves painting - it’s one of the best ways for her to unwind and relax, when she has headaches and doesn’t want to take anything for it.
  • ron recently took up yoga, to help him 'get his figure back’
  • it’s not working, but hermione does have a lot of footage on her mobile of him trying to do poses
  • once again, rose is embarrassed, hugo thinks it’s hilarious
  • ron loves listening to indie music; surprising, really, but he does. rose got him hooked on alt-j, and he sings 'every other freckle’ to hermione when he wants her to smile (it always works)
  • ron and hermione who love each other unconditonally and /work/ and /are right for each other/ and are /happy/ and /loved/
After Cotillion (Huma) headcanons

A/N: this is my first one, go easy on me please ☺️

•Uma would definitely swim around the sea between Auradon and the Isle (to release some stress, and totally not because she doesn’t want to see the disappointment in her crew’s faces just yet, in case anyone asked)

•a few hours later she’d finally allow herself to be washed on a random shore in the Isle, exhausted. Her hair was nearly out of their braids and she was covered in muck from the Isle’s waters.

•Harry immediately started looking for Uma when she retreated.

•took him a few hours of running around, kicking stones and random things before he saw a lump of teal heaving.

•"Captain?“ no response. He sped walk towards her and found her stifling sobs because villains didn’t cry.

•he had to stop tears of his own. never had he ever seen a beautiful creature hold so much pain and anguish. Nevermind that she was dirty, her hair a bird’s nest, and her dress was battered, she was the most gorgeous goddess he has ever laid eyes on.

•"Leave me alone, Harry.” he heard once he got within her line of vision.

•and for the first time, he didn’t listen to Captain’s orders. He sat there beside her, waiting until she stopped trembling.

•"I’ll take you to the ship, yeah?“he held her arm as she stood up and started to walk.

•well, tried because she forgot how legs worked after having eight tentacles for a few hours.

•so Harry carried her to the ship. (with him shooting deadly glares at the few people on the streets that dared glanced at them.)

•Uma jumping down from Harry’s arms once they reach the vicinity of The Lost Revenge, scurrying and tripping over her own feet to the Captain’s quarters.


•"I don’t wanna hear it.“

•"hear what, Captain?”

•the door creaked opened ever so slightly and she pulled Harry inside before anyone else could see the mess that was she.

•Harry held her, because he didn’t know what to do, he’d never seen Uma cry before.

•he simply listened and stroked her tangled locks as she cried about letting everyone down and wasting the chance she had.

•every once in a while reminding her that no, she wasn’t a letdown, she wasn’t worthless like her mother had drilled into her head, and yes they’ll get another chance to get off the blasted island.

•he held her until she stopped crying

•he held her until the sun rose and she felt better.

•well, as good as you could feel in an island prison.

•and no, she won’t give up. one day she’ll get everyone off the wretched island.

•that’s a vow that she’ll do everything in her power to fulfill, someday.


thevikingwoman  asked:

for DWC (your prompt list is awesome) : Imagine person A of your otp is waiting at a restaurant for their date and is obviously being stood up and person B notices this, just before person A gets sick of waiting and gets up to leave person B sits with them, and even though they aren’t who person A was waiting for they end up having a lot of fun and hooking up.

Rose/Cullen. Some sort of modern AU. For @dadrunkwriting

This is incredibly embarrassing. Rose keeps unlocking her phone to see if she has any texts or missed calls; she doesn’t. She also keeps looking over at the cafe door to see if Eoin is walking in; he isn’t.

She tries not to be too impatient. She got here early, after all, so that makes it seem like Eoin is later than he is. When she checks her phone, he’s only 20 minutes late… maybe it’s traffic?

She chews on her lip and gives in to the impulse to call him. She taps his name on her phone and turns to stare at the door like the act of calling him might make him appear.

It doesn’t, and he doesn’t answer. It rings twice and goes right to his voicemail.

She gives him a silent ten more minutes to arrive, but her shoulders are already slumping, and she isn’t sure she even wants to see him now. She slumps deeper in her chair and props her chin on her fist, fighting the sadness pulling her down. She finally gave in to Aurora’s encouragement to go out on a date, and this is what she gets?

With the ten minutes almost up, she leaves her table to get more coffee to keep her warm on the cold drive home. When she comes back to gather her things, a tall blond man stands from one of the other tables farther back in the cafe, clutches his book in one hand and his coffee in the other, and crosses the room to her.

They meet at her table and both freeze. She puts one hand on her chair over her coat and blinks up at him, eyes drinking in the short scruff on his face, the little scar on his lip, and the honey color of his eyes. By the time her eyes reach the carefully tamed curls on his head, her cheeks are blazing.

He isn’t Eoin.


He takes a deep breath, the muscles straining under his shirt, and she has to pull her gaze away before he speaks.

“I’m sorry.”

“What?” Rose tilts her head to the side and wrinkles her forehead at him. 

He blushes. “I just… I saw you waiting.” He takes another deep breath. “I wanted to come over and, and,” he hesitates again, face growing redder, then he laughs. “I was going to offer to get you another drink, but by the time I worked up the courage, you’d already gotten one.”

Her mind stutters over the phrase by the time I worked up the courage. Why in Thedas would a man like him feel the need to work up courage to talk to a woman like her?

As she hesitates, his smile falters. “Oh, uhh…” This has never happened before, and she glances self-consciously around the cafe. Everyone is ignoring them, but she can see the barista unabashedly staring at them, grinning. “You can sit? If you want?”

He puts his book and cup down on the table and holds out his hand. She shakes it as he says, “I’m Cullen. Are you sure I can’t get you anything?”

Her mouth forms a little “o” of confusion before she finds her words again. “I’m Rose. A… a muffin? Would be nice?”

His little grin widens into a full smile, and she stares at his lips as his scar pulls the right side up a little higher than the left. Her body starts to warm as she stares at him, and she suddenly really needs to sit down.

“What kind? The blueberry ones are my favorite.”

She blinks once, trying to imagine this tall, broad man coming to a cafe often enough to have a favorite kind of muffin. The idea makes her relax, slightly, and she nods up at him. “Blueberry sounds lovely, thank you.”

His eyes light up. “Be right back.”

He turns and winds his way through the tables to the still-smirking barista, and Rose sits heavily in her chair and pulls her phone out of her pocket to send a quick text to Aurora.

Eoin bailed. Met the guy I’m gonna marry instead.

Here’s the thing.
I saw post about otp where one person with blonde hair and another with dark hair…
I thought about it…and i found out that i have many otps with these hair colours!

Doctor and Rose

Percy and Annabeth

Bellamy and Clarke

Oliver and Felicity

Captain Hook and Emma Swan

Hiccup and Astrid

Katniss and Peeta

  Continue the chain, if you know another couple who fit the description!

I just realized, as I am sitting here writing CaptainSwan fanfic and watching a montage of all their kisses, how far we have really come. We are the fans that have believed in CaptainSwan since they first met, we have rooted for them since the beginning.

This also really shows how far they have come, just over two years ago we were all squealing if they ever even talked to each other, or for that matter, if she even allowed herself to look him the eyes. (It was pretty hard to ignore those “yearning looks and doey eyes) 

We have seen Emma finally open herself up to love, and we have seen a vengeful pirate throw aside is search for revenge just to be with a single woman who he believed just two seasons ago that we was “done with.”

Their character development is astonishing, it’s wonderful! We are the fans that have stuck with them through all the tough times, through all of the opportunities we had to give up on them. We were the underdogs of the fandom that rose up.

People never believed that they could be together, but look at how wrong they were. We have gone from holding a knife at each others throats to openly hugging and kisses IN FRONT OF HER PARENTS. 

So congrats CaptainSwan, we’ve made it.


Special shooting angles for CS

I love how the production is giving CS the significance it deserves by giving us again and again these unique (and surly high cost) shooting angles. 

This couple is a legendary one and you can see the devotion and dedication of the people creating this show to make it the most epic love story also in the way their scenes are presented on scree.

I think that shoot with the roses was maybe the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life! I feel so emotional and proud to have it for my OTP.

Doctor Who Season 2

When nine regenerated to ten

External image

I swore that I was not going to like ten

I mean nine was fantastic

and adorable

But it turned out that so was ten

External image

And after finishing the season I was more in love with ten than with nine

Episode One: The Christmas Invasion

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External image

External image

External image

Episode Two: New Earth

I don’t ship it

External image

Ok they’re kinda cute


External image

Episode Three: Tooth and Claw

External image

You two are just begging to be my otp aren’t you?

External image

External image

Episode Four: School Reunion

Episode Five: The Girl in the Fireplace

Episode Six: Rise of the Cybermen

Are they copying the Daleks?

But still

External image

Episode Eight: The Idiot’s Lantern 

External image

External image

Episode Nine: The Impossible Planet

This defies a lot of laws of the universe

Episode Ten: The Satan Pit

but it still defies a lot of laws!!!

Episode Eleven: Love & Monsters

External image

External image
how do they do the do?

Episode Twelve: Fear Her

External image

Episode Thirteen: Army of Ghosts

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External image

External image

External image

External image

Episode Fourteen: Doomsday

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Officially hooked on Doctor Who

I can’t bear to part with Rose

The amount of feelings and emotions at the end of the season

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